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Free marbled CV template

A lovely original grey and green CV template with a real focus on skills and lots of nice features. There's space at the top for a photo although this can quite easily be rejigged if you'd rather not put a picture on your CV. Download the fonts before you start editing.

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There's quite a lot going on with this CV template, but it's super easy to customise. Click on an area of the background to delete it if you'd like a cleaner, whiter and fresher design - but we recommend you change the colour of the heading text first, or you'll find it more difficult once the background has gone.

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How to utilise promotions on your CV

If you’ve ever been promoted then you know how good it feels. All your hard work and effort has been rewarded with a big fat juicy pay rise (not likely) and a new title – and some of you may have even got a new office with a big desk and a shiny name card on the door.

Well, no matter how awesome (or not) your experience of being promoted was, you should never forget how vital that could be to your CV…

How can I best showcase a promotion on my CV?

The mistake that most people make is to list the promotion within the tasks and responsibilities without giving any more information. If the hiring manager can see that you were promoted – that’s great! But why were you promoted?

An employer knows that promotion is not an easy thing to achieve, and explaining why is a good way to portray how that came to be and showcases the hard work that went into your career progression.

Detail why you were promoted

The hiring manager will of course be impressed that you’ve been promoted in the past, and seeing a good clear career progression is a great way to show the direction you are heading. However, don’t be afraid to detail why you were promoted as this is a vital piece of information the hiring manager’s looking for.

Were you promoted because you gained a qualification?

Were you promoted because of your experience and work ethic?

Did you attend an internal management training course?

Providing a short list of some of the things you did to achieve the promotion is a great idea. Having gained 3 years experience in customer service I actively began to help my manager train other team members and took on a supervisory role before being promoted – is a great way to explain how it came about.

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