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Elite free CV template

This CV template stands out thanks to its gold and marble backdrop - and an absolutely amazing font! A real eyecatching design that can easily be customised to suit. Make sure you grab the free font before you start tailoring this CV to meet your needs.

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Take a look at our alternative version below to see what else you can do with this CV template. Be sure to download the required fonts before you start editing.

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4 5 1
very helpful

3 5 1
Good design but the spots for skills took me a while to get right, although the tip to use gridlines in MS Word was a good one, thank you.

4 5 1
Great design, like the alternative. I just deleted the dots as they were driving me crazy and inserted a text box to write my skills in.

Why should I custom write my CV to the role?

A generic CV in today’s competitive job market is not going to do you any favours, and when faced with potentially hundreds of other candidates who have all taken the time and the effort to custom write their CV to the role, you could find yourself struggling to get an interview.

Don’t be lazy

When it comes to relying on your CV to get you an interview, everything needs to be perfect. If you write a CV without reading the job description, you are missing out on vital information that the hiring manager will be looking for.

An important aspect of creating the perfect CV comes down to how much research, time and effort you’ve spent in trying to recognise what the employer is looking for. If you are going to be stubborn enough to assume that your generic CV will impress anyone, then this is where you could be failing each time.

What are the advantages to custom writing my CV?

A custom written CV is going to show the employer that you are willing to go the extra mile, and that you are well informed of what they require. It shows that you care and are now knowledgeable as to the role and what the company’s goals are for the future.

A custom written CV will also make the reader’s job far easier as they will be able to quickly identify all the key points they are looking for. If you make their life difficult by hiding the important information within your CV, or at the very least not making it stand out, you are potentially risking the employer losing patience and throwing you onto the ‘no’ pile.

Should I custom write my CV for each role I’m applying to?

Yes, you certainly should. It doesn’t matter how similar the roles are, and even if they have the exact same job title you should recognise how different each employer’s job adverts are. Every company and manager, no matter what industry they are in will expect different things from an employer, and hence why it’s really important to thoroughly read the job advert so you can identify what’s particular to them.

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