Elite CV template with a gold first column and marble background

This CV template stands out thanks to its gold and marble backdrop - and an absolutely amazing font! A real eyecatching design that can easily be customised to suit. Make sure you grab the free font before you start tailoring this CV to meet your needs.

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    Elite CV template with a gold first column and marble background
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Why you should custom write your CV to the role

Writing a CV seems relatively straight forward. All you need to do is complete all the sections by listing your skills, experience and achievements. But is it really that simple?

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. Which CV would you pick from out of the many hundreds that land in your inbox? Would you choose the application that lists a while bunch of skills and experience? Or would you go for something else?

To answer that question we need to look at what other approaches the method of CV writing can take. Do you write just the one CV for every employer? Or should you customise it for every single job you apply too?

We are huge believers in the approach of tailoring your CV to each role you apply for. To help you decide upon the same approach, here’s why you should custom write your CV to the role…

It demonstrates your passion

When it comes to relying on your CV to get you an interview, everything needs to be perfect. But nowadays it doesn’t just take the right skills and experience to get an interview. The employer wants to see your passionate side too.

The only way you can show your passion is to write a CV based on the job description. Use the job advert to your advantage, and try and read between the lines. Is communication important to the role? Should I demonstrate my awesome problem solving skills?

An important aspect of creating the perfect CV comes down to how much research, time and effort you’ve spent in trying to recognise what the employer is looking for. If you are going to be stubborn enough to assume that your ‘one size fits all’ CV will impress anyone, then this is where you could be failing each time.

Do you really care about the role and your career? If the answer is yes, then why not demonstrate that passion on your CV. An employer will easily spot the uniquely written and customised applications from the generic CVs. With so much choice on offer it makes sense to go with the applications which take extra care and consideration.
If you are truly passionate, dedicated and committed to your career and would like the employer to know that, then you must tailor your CV to their specific needs. This will clearly demonstrate your passion and create a far greater chance of getting an interview.

There are many advantages

A custom written CV is going to show the employer that you are willing to go the extra mile, and that you are well informed of what they require. It shows that you care and are now knowledgeable as to the role and what the company’s goals are for the future.

A custom written CV will also make the reader’s job far easier as they will be able to quickly identify all the key aspects of the role. If you make their life difficult by hiding the important information within your CV, you are potentially risking the employer losing patience and throwing you onto the ‘no’ pile.

The advantages are clear for all to see. You are more likely to get called in for a job interview, and then more likely to get the job. If you are constantly applying for numerous roles with the one CV and struggling to get an interview, this could be the reason.

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