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Lush foliage free CV template

Our Lush Foliage CV template is made up of striking fonts and vivid greens, ensuring that your CV isn't missed on the pile! There's plenty of space for all your information, presented beautifully in this professional design. Do check out our alternative version which is lighter and easier to print - we've included it with a download link below and would love to know what you think. Remember, whichever version of this CV template you choose, you must download and install the required fonts before you start editing - otherwise your CV won't look quite right!

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A graphic heavy CV that works best professionally printed. Don't miss our alternative version below.

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5 5 1
Both very nice. Thank you for your work. I used the alternative one as my printer isn't up to the original.

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Yes, alternative better

Why you should have your CV proofread

Using only the one pair of eyes to check over your CV is a bad idea, and one which could lead to a poor quality CV with many mistakes. Rather than relying on just your own judgment and checking skills, it makes much more sense to get someone else involved with the process.

Here’s why you should have your CV proofread and who should do it…

Don’t let pride get in the way

It’s very easy to assume that your abilities to write a great CV and to have it completely free of mistakes are unquestionable. However, even the most experienced CV writer and checker would always have their own re-checked by a third party to ensure everything has been covered and is free of mistakes.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of what is the most important step of gaining an interview. Just one tiny error in your CV could be enough to put you on the ‘no pile’ – so why risk it!

Who should I get to proofread my CV?

Ideally your first point of contact is with a manager who has extensive experience and knowledge in reading CVs and hiring. This could be a friend or previous work colleague, or even a dedicated website that offers a CV proofreading service.

What should I ask them to check?

First and foremost you should be asking them to check your spelling and grammar. Any errors here are likely to get you a rejection email as it’s probably one of the biggest issues the hiring manager has when reading lots of CVs.

But the proofread shouldn’t just end there, and it would be great if you could also ask them to check the quality of what you’ve wrote, along with the overall presentation.

Does the font look professional and does it suit my CV template?

Are the sections neatly presented along with the right amount of spacing?

Do the margins look correct?

Is there anything else I should add or remove?

Provide the job description

It’s very important not to forget to provide the job description to your chosen proof-reader, so they can see what the employer is looking for. Hopefully that will allow them to offer some great advice on what you could include ensuring it stays relevant and focuses on what the employer is looking for.

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