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Free bridges CV template

A very fresh, clean CV template with subtle colours. The header background image in the header is very easily replaced and you can add in an image that says something about you. Roboto is a great, simple choice for the fonts and you'll notice some lovely underlined headers that really help set this CV template apart. Make sure you have the free fonts installed before you edit this template.

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Free bridges CV template Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 4 based on 3 reviews
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This fresh template uses very subtle yet eye catching design details to stand out from the pile. Soft colours, a great choice of font and very little clutter make it a great choice for any profession. All you have to decide on is whether to stick with the bridge picture or include a photo that says something specific about you. Make sure you download the required fonts before you start.

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4 5 1
Gorgeous design, love the bridge but as someone else has said, it needs replacing for a higher quality image. I have replaced it myself with a cloud background and it looks really nice.

4 5 1
Wow wow wow how are these templates free? insane

4 5 1
I'm only giving this 4 stars because the bridge doesn't print too clearly. However I replaced it with another practically identical image and it looks awesome. A very neat, professional design.

Make contact with the hiring manager before you send your CV

It may seem like a very direct approach, but speaking with or e-mailing the hiring manager can have its rewards. A job advert doesn’t always show everything the company requires, so if you have some more questions then contacting the hiring manager can provide a better understanding.

Here are some of the benefits of contacting the hiring manager before you write or send your CV…

Gain some insider info

Although the job advert describes the tasks and responsibilities, you never truly know what is required until you do the job. However, by speaking directly to the hiring manager you can gain some valuable inside knowledge and tips on what they are specifically looking for.

Make sure you’re remembered

With the vast amount of CVs being e-mailed to the hiring manager, if you have already spoken to them and given them your name, there is a good chance they will remember you. If you made a great impression, they may even ask you to send your CV directly to them after the call!

Decide if this is someone you’d want to work with

Applying for a job is often looked at from the perspective of ‘will this person be a good fit for our company?’ But what a lot of people forget is that it’s equally as important to ask the question ‘is this company a good fit for me?’

You can learn a lot from a phone conversation, and you may be able to build up a good picture of whether or not you’d get a long with the manager. Do they sound passionate about the role and the company they work for? Do they sound uninterested and lacking in enthusiasm?

Ultimately you will never really know if the manager is going to be someone you enjoy working with, so don’t be completely put off from sending in your CV if the phone call or e-mail doesn’t go very well. However, it will at least give you some more perspective if you have other options.

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