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Our free doctor CV template uses a two-page expandable ATS-friendly layout in Microsoft Word. It is a helpful example of the correct CV format for doctors. The suggested sections in this template are: Contact Information, Professional Profile, Career Summary, Qualifications, Accreditation and Hobbies & Interests. However, these can very easily be edited, added to or deleted to suit your exact needs.

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Styled using two shades of green with a soft green border, capitalised headings and dark green sub-headings, this free CV template is a good choice for doctors, GPs, locums and medical roles. The choice of green is deliberate as this has a long-standing association with medicine. Surgeons first added “spinach-leaf green” to their clothing in 1914 to reduce glare from traditional hospital whites. In the 1930s, hospital decorators used green to influence patient moods. It carried associations with nature, growth and recovery. Tiled surgical suites, patient rooms, clothing and instruments all went green in the post World War Two era. ~ Medical Museum

* Every effort has been made to design this CV template according to best practice so that your information can be read by ATS software correctly. However, all Applicant Tracking Systems are different and no guarantees can be offered.

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Frank Buffay

Principal General Practitioner

77, Home Avenue, Arnold, NG5 2DX | 0771 5111222 |


  • I am a highly personable and patient-focused Principal General Practitioner who is committed to improving the access and quality of medical provision within the community.
  • An engaging trainer of medical students and passionately committed to developing and advancing the careers of others within a team.
  • Methodical, detail-orientated and exceptionally organised with a talent for utilising emerging technology to streamline administrative processes thereby improving the patient experience whilst improving practice revenues.

Career Summary

General Principal Practitioner

Denwell Medical Facility | 2015 – Present

Upon the completion of my Foundation Training, I secured a permanent post as GP within the practice and have since taken on a number of new patients following the retirement of the other practice GPs. I work as a Principal GP with an expansive urban- rural mix of 4000 patients, conducted night and weekend visits, educated patients about good medical care and healthy lifestyles and I currently manage approximately 10 medical students.

  • Instrumental in enabling the practice to go from a Good to Outstanding at the recent Care Quality Commission Inspection in August 2020.
  • Treating patients with acute and chronic diseases, deployed key skills and resources in pre-hospital medical care.
  • Expertly utilising teaching skills and a passionate interest in medical education; orchestrating and facilitating the training and mentoring of a number of medical students who have since gone onto qualify and secure regional posts.
  • Recruiting, managing and developing a team of medical and support staff within the practice, all of whom have been employed in the practice for the last ten years.
  • Assuming a leadership role on a number of local health committees most notably as the Secretary of the local medical college and medical board.

General Practitioner Training

Cardiff City Hospital Trust | 2012-2015

Upon the completion of my Foundation Training, I secured a post as a General Practitioner working across a number of GP practices in Cardiff and the wider area. I developed a particular interest in adolescent and respiratory medicine where I dedicated my time to providing additional clinics and designed and delivered a health awareness session to those targeted at needing to improve their lifestyle and general wellbeing.

  • Served as a key interface for the practice, proactively initiated out of hours care in our area and chaired the Out Of Hours Clinic.
  • Initiated the patient feedback facility which consequently reduced appointment wait times from 2 weeks to 3 working days and introduced the online booking facility to further streamline waiting times and booking procedures.
  • Charged with coordinating and managing the on-call rota and surgery appointment provision.

Foundation Training

Cardiff City Hospital | 2009-2011

Following the completion of my medical degree, I secured my 2-year Foundation Training, which provided me with the opportunity to undertake 6 rotations including Paediatrics, Accident and Emergency, Cardiology, General Practice, Anaesthetics and Gastroenterology.

During my time in General Practice, I performed a wide range of duties alongside an experienced GP in the practice where I was responsible for caring for patients with varying medical conditions and general medicine was an area I enjoyed the most and decided to dedicate my future training to.

  • Performed exceptionally well in an extremely busy City Centre Hospital and fundamentally responsible for executing key medical obligations.

Education & Qualifications

Medicine (MBBCh)

Cardiff University, University School of Medicine | 2004-2009

4 A Levels in Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), Physics (A*) and Mathematics (A*)

Cardiff Grammar School | 2002-2004

11 GCSEs Including English (A*), Mathematics (A*) and Triple Science (A*)

Cardiff Grammar School | 2000-2002


  • (General Medical Council), GMC (2011-Present)

Hobbies & Interests

  • In my spare time, I enjoy a number of pursuits and personal interests including chair of the local medical board to improve access to medical provision from marginalised groups and I regularly deliver talks in local Schools to promote medicine to students considering their GCSE and A level options.
  • I also dedicate my time to continuing my passion for music and I play in the local orchestra having achieved Grade 8 in flute and have continued this passion since I was at school and throughout my education and career
  • I run marathons to raise money for a number of local charities, including the local hospice, and successfully raised over £10K in the last 3 years.

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How to write a doctor CV

Your doctor CV should always contain the following sections:

  • Name, address, phone and email
  • Professional profile (sometimes called a personal statement or professional summary) setting out why you are a strong candidate for the job vacancy, with reference to the job specification (find out more).
  • Career summary (or work history) setting out your medical career in reverse chronological order, with key achievements. If the recruiter has mentioned any specific requirements in their advert (such as the ability to supervise or train), ensure any instances of these responsibilities in your work experience are highlighted.
  • Qualifications / education, including any additional formal training.
  • Accreditations (your GMC reference and year of registration as a minimum)

It may optionally include other sections where you have other information which adds value to your application, such as:

Use bullet points wherever possible to break up large chunks of text.


Unlike most standard job adverts, doctor’s job adverts tend to be fairly sparse on requirements – perhaps because a GP’s role is already well defined! In fact, most GP job adverts tend to sell the practice and working conditions, rather than setting out in great detail what they expect.

It can be helpful to let your target Practice know how many sessions you are willing to undertake. Although this could be achieved in the covering letter, it’s advisable to mention this specifically on your CV as well since covering letters sometimes become detached/lost in the recruitment process.

As a practising doctor, you will also know that surgeries like to rota their doctors on weekend shifts – indeed, there is also a move to require GPs to provide a service seven days a week – so willingness to take some of these shifts can be an advantage. Some doctors also prefer a minimum amount of home visits but if you don’t mind these, mention this on your CV.

We’ve included an ‘availability’ section at the bottom of this medical CV to incorporate these details.

NB: This CV template was originally published 11th February 2016 and has now been updated for 2021.

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