Smart soft green themed résumé template

A gentle green chunky border and soft green headings using a bold choice of font make for a subtle well designed résumé template. The headings use the News of the World font which is bold, but not excessive combined with the subtle green colourway. The body of the template uses the classic Bookman Old Style font, a smart and professional choice that keeps the overall effect classy.

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  • Fonts required: News of the World | Bookman Old Style
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  • Smart soft green themed résumé template
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About this CV template:

Soft, subtle green, a chunky border and a great font combo make this résumé template the perfect way to showcase your information to prospective employers. The neat diamond bullets in the work experience and qualifications section are ideal for dividing up different roles, making your résumé easier to read.

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What do your CV mistakes say about you?

Your CV is essentially a representation of you and what you have achieved so far. The skills and qualifications you’ve acquired, and your career history. The hiring manager uses the CV to see what a prospective candidate can bring to the role and the company. But they also use it to create a picture of how you’d perform on a daily basis as part of their team.

If you make a mistake on your CV, even just the one – what does it say about you?

It shows a lack of care

Spelling or grammatical errors are very easy to make, but the hiring manager will be very unforgiving if they come across any in your CV. These types of trivial errors plant a seed of doubt in the readers mind because they will instantly assume that you lack attention to detail.

Your CV should be written with a lot of care and attention, and shouldn’t be something that’s rushed. That kind of approach is not what an employer is looking for. Instead, they always want to see a completely error free CV that shows you are someone who has great attention to detail.

If you are truly passionate and interested in the role, you would go to great lengths to remove any mistakes. You need to show the employer how much this means to you, and a mistake would put them off straight away. The hiring manager may only spend a few seconds reading each application, and a mistake could mean an instant rejection.

With so many great applications to go through, the employer is looking for any reason to put a CV into the ‘no’ pile. Don’t let it be yours!

It says you are not able to achieve accuracy

CV mistakes don’t just show a lack of care, they also show that you are not able to be accurate. Sloppiness could be what you’re all about, and this certainly isn’t what the employer is looking for.

Every role requires diligence and a keen eye, and a CV mistake shows that you have neither. Remember, with so many other applicants to choose from, why would they want to pick yours?

It will not matter how qualified you are for the role if you fail to write a professional error free CV. You may not even realise the error is there, and you could be on the receiving end of constant rejection. Not knowing that this is the problem could see you out of work for longer than necessary.

Your written communication is below average

When applying for a role which would require accurate written communication, your CV is the first test to pass. Not only is the employer checking your CV for the right skills, they are also screening it for errors.

If the role you’re applying for requires great written communication skills, you have already failed with just one CV mistake. This employer will be combing through each CV for that very reason –more so than any other recruiter.

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Jen Wiss-Carline has been a Senior Manager and Consultant for several sizeable companies which included dealing with all aspects of staff management and recruitment. She is also a Solicitor and Chartered Legal Executive, having been admitted as a Fellow in February 2006.

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