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A simple CV template for a content writer. Whether you are a freelance writer or looking for an in-house content writing position, the example content in this CV template will help you to write your own effective CV.

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Clean, neat and tidy, there's nothing cluttered at all about this smart CV template that uses simple headings to break up your information.

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Content Writer CV

Professional Profile

I am an accomplished, creative and Analytical Content Writer, Marketer and Published Author demonstrating a proven track recording in creating engaging content that engages with consumers. I adopt a pragmatic, methodical and detailed approach to project managing content delivery, taking into account cultural differences across global audiences. I have acquired a reputation for developing excellent marketing collateral, my copy-writing and proofreading skills and the ability to engage with multiple audiences.

Key Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Marketo & Mailchimp
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Management
  • HTML & CSS
  • Content Management Systems
  • Hootsuite & Google Analytics
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Project Management

Career Summary

Withering Marketing | Lead Content Writer | January 2019-Present

I was headhunted to lead the content and creative writing function within an emerging marketing division for a marketing company. As an experienced marketer, I am keen to bring my creative and analytical skills whilst also directing campaigns and testing ideas. I generate campaigns concepts, straplines, key messages, features and case studies. Utilising my interest in fashion we worked mostly with a number of new accounts within the fashion and beauty industry.

  • Instrumental in creatively writing content for the launch of a number of successful campaigns that resulted in securing over £8M in new business accounts and drove traffic to the site
  • Crafted the successful bid that resulted in the company expansion and significant growth plans and enabled the company to secure a range of new contracts

Dandy Media and PR | Content and PR Executive | September 2016-December 2017

After graduating I secured my first role within PR and marketing where I was responsible for crafting content, growing traffic and developing smart campaigns. I reported directly into the Marketing and Community Manager and the wider marketing and editorial team to identify content opportunities. A large part of my role included writing content for videos, podcasts and blogs.

  • Directly responsible for increasing online engagement by 1.5M across social media channels and securing a further 2M followers and returned a business revenue of £3M from additional orders
  • Devised a series of new case studies that featured on the company website

Education & Qualifications

2.1 First BA (Hons) Journalism, Media and English Literature | Cardiff University (2013-2016)

  • During my degree, I was a member of the English Literature and Journalism society where I was responsible for reporting on and writing a series of blogs and articles for the University Union
  • During my degree I set up my own online writing blog which focused on my passion for beauty products and blogging and bringing to the interest of others the wide selection of beauty products

3 A Levels Media (B), English Literature (A) and Business (A) | Cardiff Comprehensive School | 2011-2013

8 GCSEs Including English (A*)| Cardiff Comprehensive School | 2007-2009


Grazia | Marketing and Social Media Intern | June-September 2014

During my summer, I secured a placement with a leading fashion magazine to gain exposure within the fashion and beauty industry. During this time I researched a number of emerging topics and generated research ideas that were later featured in the September publication. I wrote a series of blogs posts and copy across social media channels including Instagram, We Chat, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Demonstrating an exceptional eye for detail when proofing a range of articles and advanced knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Drafted a series of press releases and feature-style articles that were approved by the Chief Editor and successfully published in later publications

Hobbies & Interests

  • I have a real passion for the beauty industry and during my degree I established my own online blog (The Beauty Spot), where I showcase a wide range of beauty products, including cosmetics and anti-ageing products. My blog has been recognised by industry leading experts and I have written articles for Elle, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire and Glamour
  • I am also an aspiring Author and I successfully published my first Children’s book at age 18, I have since gone onto publish a further 4 children’s books and I am currently working on another 2 versions


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How to write a CV for a content writer role

This CV template contains useful sample content for someone seeking either a freelance or in-house content / copywriting role.

Examine the job specification closely and pick out the skills that are most important to the employer. There are of course many types of copywriting, so it’s important to tailor each application you make to the exact role.

Highlight any specific experience you’ve had in the area that the employer is recruiting (for example, technical copywriter, advertising copywriter etc).

Ensure that your application highlights the key skills that employers look for, when hiring for content writer positions. For example:

Skills for a content writer

Avoid simply listing off these skills but provide evidence where appropriate. For example, if you claim to be able to write in different styles and tones, you can demonstrate this by:

  • Providing samples that you’ve written for print with your CV
  • Providing links within your CV to content that you’ve written
  • Providing a link to your website which in turn describes projects you’ve worked on, with links
  • Ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is fully completed and includes a portfolio of your written work

Find out how to write a great LinkedIn profile here.

We would suggest you use more than one of the above methods, as all are great ways of getting your work in front of the prospective employer.

If the job advert is thin on detail, look at some sample job descriptions for inspiration as to what skills might be required, such as Digital copywriter job profile.

Use any specific keywords that the recruiter has used in their advert. For example, in the above list, the recruiter asks for knowledge of both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Ensure you use these exact terms on your CV. This makes it easier for the recruiter to see that you match the job description. It also makes it more likely that your application will proceed to the next stage, if the recruiter is using automated ATS software.

NB: This CV template was originally published 10th February 2016 and has been completely updated for 2021.

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