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Modern centred Arial CV template

The majority of this clean and simple CV template is in black, with the exception of your personal details which are in dark grey. All of your information is displayed using the Arial font in varied sizes for easier reading. Your details are centred, giving this template a stylish, professional appearance that will keep your prospective employers focused on what you have to offer.

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  • Fonts: Arial
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About this CV template:

A neat, simple, centred CV template with a single font choice, used with different sizes to split your information up in a tidy way. No graphical elements or clutter, but the use of centering helps your CV to stand out from others without detracting from its contents.

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5 5 1
Simple effective. thank you

10 tricks to get your job application noticed

  1. Use quality paper – if you make the effort it suggests you care about getting the job.
  2. Stick to 2 pages and keep the CV focused on relevant experience, qualifications and achievements.
  3. Choose appropriate hobbies and interests, and include sports/fitness activities – prospective employers want to know you’ll fit in and you won’t have too many sick days.
  4. Never badmouth a past employer – recruiters will immediately wonder if you’ll give them the same treatment.
  5. If you include a photo, ensure it’s professional. See below for further guidance.
  6. Print using a good quality printer – if the words and details are crisp and clear, your CV will make a far better impression.
  7. Line up the staple at the top – it’s a simple detail that won’t be noticed if you get it right but stands out like a sore thumb when you do a sloppy job.
  8. Don’t put your CV in a wallet – the recruiter has little time to make their initial ‘cut’ so they definitely won’t bother taking it out and flicking to page 2.
  9. Don’t neglect your covering letter – it’s the first thing the recruiter sees (click here to read our cover letter guide).
  10. Put your application in a quality envelope – again, it shows you care.

Choosing a photo for your CV template

If you decide to include a photo on your CV, make sure you’re wearing smart clothes and your picture is isolated on a plain background. Smile and look positive and happy. Avoid selfie-style poses and pouts that make you look self-interested – not a good trait for an employee! Here are three great examples that would work well on a CV:


  1. Georgia tech (left)
  2. Photography by Gwen (centre)
  3. Katie Maynard Photography (right)

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