Free Connect CV template (skills and achievements focus)

A two-page CV template with a bold header and a large focus on skills / achievements. This suits a photo well, although you could remove it and centralise the header instead. Plenty of space is provided to showcase what you have achieved previously, making it ideal for sales or marketing roles. Check out a preview of page two of this template below, together with an example of the template that uses a text box rather than a photo at the top.

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #167
  • File size: 49kb
  • File format: .docx (MS Word)
  • File name: Connect-CV-template.docx
  • Fonts required: Jenna Sue, Open Sans (see below for links)
  • Price: Free download
  • Free Connect CV template (skills and achievements focus) Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

About this CV template:

Make sure you download the two required fonts before you start - both are free (see links below).

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Stunning template.

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Wow, wow, wow - this is free? There are so many places on the web selling these for 10 pounds or more... this is unbelievably good, thank you so much

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Second page template preview

Here’s page two of this beautiful CV template:

Free Connect CV template

Required fonts

These are the two required fonts (free) for this CV template – you should install these first, before opening up and editing the template.

  • Jenna Sue – this provides the gorgeous title and prompt to connect at the bottom.
  • Open Sans – everything else is in Open Sans (regular)

Easy editing

Turning on text boundaries in Word will make it easier to edit this CV template, as it has been created using tables. See our article: 8 easy ways to customise your CV template in Word 2010 to find out how.

Note that the black rectangle is a shape that can be resized if required (for example, if you don’t need to include quite so much contact information). Just click on the shape and then drag the boundaries to the required size.

CV photo

Wondering how to create a circular photo for your CV? See the same article linked above on customising your CV template to find out how.

Note that the blue highlights intentionally pick out a colour in the photo. You could change the colour to match something in your own photo, assuming you use one. See our article ‘Should I include a CV photo?‘ if you’re not sure whether or not a photo is right for your CV.

If you don’t want a photo, there are a number of ways you could fill the gap. For example:

  • Delete the photo and centre the header.
  • Simply delete the photo (keeping the name and contact information flush to the left)
  • Add a text box with a quotation from one of your referees, or a key achievement (see below)


We have two different alternative versions of this CV template. The first, ‘Connect Quotes CV template‘, replaces the photo with a text box:
Connect CV with text box

If you want to print off a hard copy of the CV template and you don’t have a high quality printer, you could adjust the colour of the rectangle – since printing a large block of black will be what low quality printers struggle most with. For example, you could change this to a soft grey colour with black text. Double click on the rectangle and the Drawing Tools/Format tab will appear. The colour is adjusted under ‘SHAPE FILL’. 

The second alternative version, ‘Connect Lite CV template‘, changes the top header to soft grey with black text and subs in a black-and-white photo:

Connect CV template with light grey header

Saving your template as a PDF

This CV looks fantastic saved as a PDF and in that format, it’s ready to email to would-be employers – but what’s the best way to do that? The number one way to get a great result is to save it directly from Adobe Acrobat. That way, you can ensure you save it as print quality. If you can’t do that, try ‘printing’ to PDF from Word. If you’re using a photo and struggling with the quality of the picture, try going to FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED and underneath ‘IMAGE SIZE AND QUALITY’ select ‘DO NOT COMPRESS IMAGES IN FILE’.

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