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Our 'Bulleted detail' CV or Résumé template has a super-clean fresh layout that will easily adapt to your personal information. The Garamond font used is classic and timeless whilst being easy to read. We've split your information up into a number of headings as you might expect, using attractive bullets to help further present the details in a way that is easy to read. Note that the bullets are taken from the Wingdings font - if you don't have this installed on your computer, you can right-click on the bulleted lists and choose an alternative bullet style. This attractive CV or Résumé template is very easy to customise - just copy and paste additional sections as you need them. The education and experience sections are both created using tables so you just need to tab to the end of the table and beyond to create additional rows for your information.

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It's important to choose a clean and classic look for any professional job application. Our Bulleted detail CV template provides just that, with a clean, neat and simple layout that makes good use of the space. When you're filling in this template, try not to go past 2 pages if possible - and try to maintain the space that we've built into the design as this helps your would-be employer scan through the information to find what's important to them.

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How to customise our Bulleted detail Microsoft Word CV template

Our Bulleted detail Microsoft Word CV or Résumé template works well for a variety of job positions. Here are our top tips on customising this template to get the best use out of it:

Write a summary

You’ll see a very short section under your name for writing a summary. This really should be ‘you in a few words’. Take care to avoid fluffy vague statements. If you do write ‘proven results’ or something similar, your prospective employer will want to see evidence of this later in the CV. You can add evidence into your experience section underneath the relevant job roles.

Customisable sections

Don’t feel like the sections we have given you are the only sections you can have. Although you must include certain sections – contact info, experience and qualifications for example (as your would-be employers will be looking for them) – you can add additional sections to meet your needs. For example, a Marketing Manager might want to add a results section rather than include results information within individual role details. This can really help bring your best results to your prospective employer’s attention.

Change what you want

You can completely tailor the CV or Résumé to work for you, but do make sure you include the basics that employers want to see and make sure these are obvious so your employer doesn’t have to go hunting for them. If you make employers jump through hoops, they will simply move on to the next CV.

Stay positive

Never, ever speak badly of previous employers on your CV, in your covering letter or in an interview. Phrase any negatives as a positive. For example, if you want to leave your current role because your employer is making you work 60 hours a week, you could write “I am looking for another position where the hours are roughly 40 a week aside from any necessary overtime so that I can achieve a better work-life balance”.

If there are serious negatives within your current role – for example, your employer is breaking the law – it is better to focus on other positive aspects of a new role during the recruitment process, such as ‘a new challenge’ or ‘increased responsibility’.

How to create work experience

If you don’t have much experience to put down on your CV template, why not do some voluntary work? Check out our guide to see how effective voluntary work can be for your career. You can learn new skills, interact with customers, and build upon your existing work experience. Voluntary work is especially important for recent school leavers who are staring at a blank CV.

Write a cover letter

Make sure you write a carefully tailored cover letter to go with your CV. This should pick out the requirements of the job from the job advertisement and demonstrate how you meet those requirements. Find out more on writing a winning cover letter here.

We hope you are successful in your job hunt using our Bulleted Detail CV template – and we’d love to hear how you got on!

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