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Some roles require you to demonstrate a sense of fun in your application - especially those that involve working with children. Our nursery nurse CV template or résumé template is perfect for this type of role - it uses gorgeous bright colours to create just the right look and feel. The font is surprisingly Arial, with a little bit of spacing.

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A bright, playful résumé using a really excellent font that suggests warmth, a sense of humour and a love for working with children! Whether you're applying to be a nursery nurse or primary school teacher, this colourful, fun résumé template will leave exactly the right impression.

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Joe Bloggs – Nursery Nurse

Contact me

1234 High Street, Nottingham NG1 2DY

(0115) 9 123456 / 07984 111222



Twitter – joebloggs205274 / LinkedIn – joebloggs20


I am a Nursery Nurse currently working at a day nursery but looking to relocate due to moving house. I have 11+ years of experience across age groups 0 – 4 years. I hold a Level 3 Diploma.

Work History

April 2015 – date

In this role I have worked in the baby room toddler room and pre school room, each for approx. year. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing a safe, caring and stimulating educational environment, indoors and outdoors, for the children. Planning activities and delivering an appropriate play based EYFS curriculum enabling the children to make individual progress.
  • Ensuring the nursery meets Ofsted requirements and standards at all times.
  • Working to the nursery’s policies and procedures, understanding how to deal with child protection issues and how to handle accidents, incidents, emergencies and complaints.
  • Maintenance of appropriate records including attendance, accident and risk assessments.
  • Liaising closely with parents/carers, exchanging information about children’s progress and encouraging involvement.

July 2013 – March 2015

Working primarily in the toddler room and briefly in the pre school room, my role required me to promote each child’s development and contribute to their care and supervision.Typically I was involved with planning and running playtimes, meeting and greeting parents and carers, and ensuring all areas were safe and clean.


Level 3 Diploma for Children’s Care, Learning and Development

BTEC Level 1 Award in Caring for Children

9 GCSEs including English (B) / Maths (B)

Skills and knowledge

  • Excellent knowledge of child development through play.
  • Knowledge of learning skills and principles and promotes children’s positive behaviour.
  • Practical knowledge of health and safety.
  • Knowledge of language and literacy development and nutrition for children.
  • Positive attitude, good team worker, excellent communication and literacy skills.

Template details:

Here’s a full preview of page one of this nursery nurse CV template:

Nursery nurse CV template - page one

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Nursery nurse CV template - page 2

This template is a departure from our typical standard layouts, including a splash of colour with a purple border and yellow borders. This slightly less formal design would work for a play worker, nursery nurse, childcare position or similar role where an element of ‘fun’ is conveyed.

How to write a nursery nurse CV:

Tailor your CV template and credentials

It’s important to customise the CV template every time you apply for a role. You might be going for the same position at a number of different companies, but remember that each one will have their own requirements. Read the job specification and tailor both your CV and cover letter to what each employer is looking for.

Write a personal statement

Write a punchy summary/objective statement. This goes at the top of your CV and very concisely tells the employer who you are, what you’re looking for and how you meet the job specification. In other words, it tells them in about 3 lines why they should hire you. Prospective employers spend just a few seconds looking over each CV, so this is your best opportunity to grab their attention!

If you already have your Level 3 qualification, mention that here – this is important to many employers. Alternatively if you’re part way through attaining L3, mention how far you’ve got.

It goes without saying that you’ll need a full enhanced DBS check to work with children so you don’t necessarily need to mention this if you’re already working in a childcare role. However, if the job advert lists it as a requirement, do include it on your CV.

Include hobbies that add value

Don’t ignore the hobbies section – this is where your personality shines through. Mention any hobbies you have that are desirable from an employer’s perspective, such as fitness and sports. These type of hobbies show you take an interest in your health and suggest you’ll be less likely to phone in sick.

Leave off any hobbies that might worry an employer (such as drinking and socialising). It’s also a good idea to leave off anything particularly quirky (you can share these hobbies with your coworkers down the line, when you’ve got the job!). Your would-be employer wants to know that you’ll fit in with their current team – don’t give them any doubts!

Emphasise key skills

It’s best to demonstrate skills through your work history and/or education, but this isn’t always easy to do. You may therefore decide to include an extra skills section, emphasising that you have skills which are particularly valuable to the role. If the job advert doesn’t provide much detail, try reviewing some role descriptions to get a better idea of what the employer wants to see:

Make sure this is the right CV template for you

Consider carefully whether this template is suitable for the role you’re applying for. It’s a fun, lighthearted template and it might not be to every organisation’s taste. Look carefully at the job description and consider using a more professional template if you are in any doubt. Click here to view our full range of UK CV templates.

Originally published 11th February 2016.

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