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Neat and simple CV template

Our neat and simple CV template has centralised personal information and the rest of your details aligned to the left, using classic Times New Roman font and simple dividing lines. A very clean looking template without any graphical elements, perfect for keeping prospective employers focused on your details without distraction. The use of simple dividing lines helps to keep your information organised and allows your employer to scan through your CV and easily find what they are looking for. Unlike most of our other CV templates, we have included quite a few additional sections in this template, such as skills, languages and hobbies - these can be deleted or amended to meet your own needs.

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  • Fonts: Times New Roman
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About this CV template:

This CV template is very neat, simple and highly customisable to your exact information. We've put in quite a few headings for you to consider but you can add your own and delete what is there, based on your own circumstances. It's easy to change the font too - just choose "Select > Select All" in Microsoft Word and pick your new font from the drop down list in the Font panel. Overall this is a great CV template if you're looking for something basic, or something that is very easy to customise with no fuss at all.

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