10 gorgeous CV templates for your summer job search

Summer is right on our doorstep with the summer solstice falling on Friday 21 June. For thousands of students, that means hunting down a job to fill their time – and their pockets – over the summer season. For others, long summer evenings spent wrapping up work in a stuffy office rather than chilling with a glass of wine next to the BBQ can be the catalyst for a summer job hunt.

Whatever your reason for hunting down a new job during the happiest time of year, we’ve got a gorgeous collection of 10 free Word CV templates to help you on your way. So mix yourself a Strawberry Daiquiri, kick back and browse through our favourite CV templates, the perfect start for your summer job search.

1. Wave CV template

Free Wave CV template

Above: Our ‘Wave’ design is a very elegant CV template with two pages for you to fill with your content. Featuring a soft grey wave background and matching headers, with a classic font choice and optional space for your photo.  Download ‘Wave’.

2. Subtle CV template

Free subtle CV template

Above: Our ‘Subtle’ template is another two-page layout with a soft lilac design and content laid out using text boxes. Using crisp Open Sans for the font choice, this subtle template has great spacing and an understated design which helps you present your information beautifully. Download this template.

3. Paralegal

Free legal CV template

Above: Our ‘Paralegal’ template is a lovely one-page CV that has optional space for a photo and room for quotes from your references. Alternatively you could use the first column to showcase key achievements such as targets you’ve exceeded or initiatives you’ve successfully introduced. This great design has some lovely style features – a soft blue curved background, a great ‘handwriting’ font for the optional quotes and lots of white space for a fresh feel. Download it here.

4. ‘Cornered’

Free Cornered CV template

Above: Our ‘Cornered’ template is a really fresh, clean layout with some very subtle style details and the added benefit of being ATS-friendly. Your details are highlighted with shading, font-weight and italics, ensuring that your information is presented beautifully without confusing the machines. Download ‘Cornered’ here.

5. Connect Lite

Free Connect CV template

Above: Our ‘Connect’ CV template design has a lovely intro box at the top to help your application stand out. This is followed by a section for your objective (which can be renamed ‘personal statement’ if you prefer), two bold boxes for key achievements and a generous skills section. ‘Connect’ is a great choice for those wishing to place more emphasis on their skills and achievements than on education or lengthy work experience. Download Connect Lite here.

6. ‘Centre aligned’

Free Classic CV template
Above: Another of our super-popular ATS-friendly CV layouts, this fresh one-page CV template has subtle styling that’s easy to copy and edit. You’ll have no difficulty adapting the example content and making it your own in a few simple steps, giving you an eye-catching CV that is sure to attract the attention it deserves. Download Centre aligned here.

7. ‘Business Manager’

Free Business Manager CV template

Above: This super slick CV template has an original ‘cogs’ design, the perfect symbol to represent a business team environment. Switching between one column and two, it uses simple style details such as letter spacing, caps and shading to split up your information in an attractive way. Download here

8. ‘Smart’

Free smart CV template

Above: Well deserving of its name, our ‘Smart’ CV template is ATS-friendly, utilising subtle, machine-friendly layout techniques to present your information in a way that’s anything but boring. Download it here.

9. ‘Simple

Free simple CV template

Above: Not a complex design but packed with style. Our simple CV template has some great little details that provide the perfect layout for your information, without confusing ATS software. Download it here.

10. ‘Highlight

Free highlights CV template

Above: When you want to bring your skills to the attention of your prospective employer, our Highlight CV template is a top choice. With subtle details such as dividers, shading and a page border, it’s hard to believe this is one of our ATS-friendly designs. Download here.

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