Classic green résumé template (alternative)

Classic green alternative template CV

An alternative version of our classic green CV or résumé template using traditional Times New Roman, with a soft green border and large bold green headings. A simple, traditional CV layout suitable for most jobs.

Purple flair CV/résumé template (alternative)

Purple flair CV template

A soft purple border, large strong purple headings & a traditional font make this résumé or CV template a good choice for a wide variety of roles. A simple, basic layout that works as a good prompt for the core sections.

Headliner CV/résumé template

Headliner CV template in Word

Britannic Bold headers give this sharp black & white résumé template a touch of movie glamour, without distracting from your core strengths and skills. An otherwise simple layout that uses spacing to split up your details.

Handwritten CV/résumé template

Template CV with handwritten format

Using a very convincing handwriting font, this neat easy-to-read and clutter-free résumé or CV template is perfect for a multitude of job applications where an informal and friendly approach is required.

Grey Box CV/résumé template

Grey box resume template - free to download

A neat résumé template with a thick grey border, subtle grey headings aligned to the right & lines dividing up the sections. Attractive but simple in design, it helps ensure you include your information in the right order.

Classic green CV/résumé template

Classic green template CV

With large headings, a soft green border and bolder green titles, this is a classic résumé or CV template with enough colour to catch your recruiter’s attention. A single column is used throughout except in the header.

Broken border CV/résumé template

Broken border template CV

A stylish CV/résumé template with a eye catching purple broken border which uses a smart free font, Malgun Gothic, to help your application stand out. An otherwise very simple design that is easy to edit and customise.

Résumé example for a social worker or similar role

Social worker CV template

A clean two-column black & white CV template filled out for a social worker – a great example of how to prepare your CV if you are seeking a social worker position. Helpful sample content and a tidy, simple layout.

Example CV or résumé template for a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist resume

A well laid out résumé template that has been completed for a physiotherapist, as a great example of how you can fill in your own CV or résumé. The basic two column layout and fuss-free format is ideal for most roles.

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