Sage Green CV/résumé template

CV Template with sage green left titles

Smart sage green headings, lines and a simple border add interest to this clean and simple CV or résumé template that is ideal for a multitude of roles. A neat two-column design that presents your information effectively.

Retro orange CV/résumé template

Retro orange CV template

This CV or résumé template has just a touch of retro – its titles are in the Bauhaus 93 font & it uses a seventies orange for the headers and border. Smart dividers and a two-column header help present your details neatly.

Purple flair CV/résumé template

Free purple flair CV template

This template is a twist on our purple flair résumé template with the Lucida Console font for a typewriter finish. Soft purple borders, centred purple headings and italics are used to neatly divided up your details.

Pieced together CV/résumé template

Free pieced together CV template in MS Word

Using the MMa Textbook font, this intriguing résumé reminds us a little of a ransom note but with plenty of styling to keep it smart and professional. It’s a unique and eye-catching design with an optional photo.

Neat orange résumé template

Free Word CV template - neat orange design

Using Bookman Old Style font, this is a neat and tidy two page résumé template that uses orange for a splash of eye-catching colour. Two columns are used for the header, with the rest of the content in a single column.

Neatly Written résumé template

Free template CV - neatly writter

A black & grey ‘handwritten’ CV or résumé template that uses a writing font & a boxy grey border. The font choice is of course optional & you can use this template to simply prompt you to fill out the core sections.

Basic résumé template

Free basic resume template in Word format

Our most basic CV or résumé template with plenty of sections for all of your information. Having a simple template to start with prompts to help you fill everything in correctly, in the proper reverse chronological order.

Make an Impact CV/résumé template

Free Make an Impact Resume template in MS Word

Bold headings in the IMPACT font pack a punch with this clean, crisp & attractive CV or résumé template, free to download & customise. The template helps ensure you complete all the core sections in the right order.

Classic green résumé template (alternative)

Classic green alternative template CV

An alternative version of our classic green CV or résumé template using traditional Times New Roman, with a soft green border and large bold green headings. A simple, traditional CV layout suitable for most jobs.

Purple flair CV/résumé template (alternative)

Purple flair CV template

A soft purple border, large strong purple headings & a traditional font make this résumé or CV template a good choice for a wide variety of roles. A simple, basic layout that works as a good prompt for the core sections.

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