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“Windows” Word CV template

Although this CV template makes clever use of the window panels to separate your information, there's few graphics or details that detract from your information, ensuring that your main message isn't missed by your prospective employers. Another huge benefit of this CV template is the two panels to the left, positioned underneath your name and contact information. These allow you to draw attention to your most important points - which might be past achievements, particular skills or what you are looking for. Sometimes people will add this type of information to their CV within the different information sections and it can easily be overlooked by would-be employers - but with this design, it's one of the first things your prospective employer will see.

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  • Fonts: Garamond
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About this CV template:

This original CV or Résumé template features a very eye catching 'windows' design which allows you to present your information in different sections. The theme only uses a single font - Garamond - but the font is used creatively through layout and alignment, to give the CV a really eye catching look. To the bottom right, there's an optional panel where we've used colours to really draw attention to a set of skills. You could if you wanted replace this with plain text or just choose a single colour for a more subtle look. You'll also notice that we've highlighted your surname in purple to match the coloured skills section. Again, you can keep this as a nice eye-catching touch, or you can change the colour back to black or grey if you prefer a more subtle look. Like all of our CV and Résumé templates, this template is really easy to customise and make your own - so have a play and switch the sections around to meet your needs.

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Bagus dan menarik

Don’t forget, when you’re filling out the ‘interests’ section of your CV template, don’t include interests that your employer might be less than happy to hear about. ‘Socialising’ ‘drinking’ or ‘partying’ for example, all suggest you might be crawling into work on a Monday morning with a hangover – and ‘drinking’ ‘wine’ ‘real ales’ ‘pizzas’ or ‘takeaways’ don’t exactly paint a picture of a health conscious employee who is likely to have the minimum possible sick days! DO include activities which are valued by your employer – for example, sports or outdoor activities such as walking and hiking show that you stay healthy and fit, and going to the gym also suggests you take an interest in your health. Think carefully before putting dangerous activities on the CV – these could be met with mixed reactions and may again cast into doubt your ability to show up for work on a Monday morning – at least, with all four limbs working!

Does an employer really care about hobbies on a CV?

You could say that to answer this question it all comes down to who’s reading it. Do they really care what you do in your spare time, or are they only interested in your experience and skills?

Hobbies and interests can make a positive impact 

If an employer decides to skip over this section then fair enough – it’s completely up to them. However, it doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t make an effort as you may come across someone who likes to see what you’re up to in your spare time.

Remember, a manager is not just interested in finding out how great you’d be in the role but also how you’d fit into their team and get along with everyone else. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone you work with, but getting along is an extremely important aspect when working as a team, and the more chemistry the better!

It’s obviously very hard to know how you would fit into any position and an interview is where that part of the process is better established, but it’s important to realise that the reader of your CV is consciously and subconsciously building up a picture of you in their mind.

Try to be creative 

You should never be afraid to be creative when filling out your hobbies and interests section. If you play in a band for example, why not post a link to your website or Youtube so the employer can see you play.

You might play for your local sports team, so another great example of how you can provide more information about this. For example, you’ve recently been promoted or have just won a competition.

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