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In this alternative version of our two-page bordered CV template, we have created a more printer friendly version that swaps out the black title box for a grey header and changes the dividing lines, removing all orange colour. We think this version is just as lovely but works a little better if you don't have an amazing printer to use!

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We've updated this lovely template, breaking the content out of tables and adding helpful sample content for a digital marketer.

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JAMES SMITH | Digital Marketing Executive


25 Westside, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8DA | | 07984 123456 | Twitter: @jamesbsmith | LinkedIn: @jamesbsmith


Digital Marketing professional with 4 years’ experience

I am a Digital Marketing Executive with a solid portfolio of projects demonstrating skills across a wide range of digital marketing activities. I hold the CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing which incorporates the Digital Strategy elective. My strengths include developing social channels, growing audiences and increasing engagement; developing successful email campaigns end-to-end; setting up, managing and optimising PPC campaigns; and designing and implementing effective content strategies. I am highly competent at monitoring and reporting, providing actionable insights and optimising as needed. I am looking for a full time role.

Work history

Digital Marketing Executive (Part time – 25 hours/week)
Dora Tashley Home Furnishings Limited
January 2017 – date

Key responsibilities:

  • Overseeing all aspects of the company’s digital marketing including their contact database, website, CRM, email and social channels.
  • Designing and executing the website content strategy. The site had a magazine feel so our target audience – people with an interest in home design – would engage and share.
  • Coming up with the ideas for all content including features on choosing items of furniture and accessories, tips on styling areas of the home, seasonal colour features and trend reports, introducing new collections, ‘how tos’, seasonal features and a lot more besides.
  • Working with copywriters and photographers to produce these features and ensuring everything adheres to the company’s brand guidelines.
  • Creating the company’s fortnightly email campaigns which were based around the above features.
  • Updating social channels and running social campaigns to advertise promotions and new collections, plus seasonal campaigns.
  • Setting up and running PPC campaigns periodically (especially seasonal), reporting and optimising.
  • Running all PR including getting placements in magazines, newspapers and blogs, and handling press releases.

Key achievements:

  • My content strategy grew the website’s organic traffic by 34% from October 2017 – September 2018, and 67% from October 2018 – September 2019 compared to the previous year.
  • Sales from visitors landing on the new style content pages and going on to order products generated £200k in the first year (5% of overall turnover) and £375k in the second year (12% of overall turnover).
  • Social campaigns around the new content pages generated 100k of new follows / 50k sales in year 1 and 150k of new follows / 78k sales in year 2.

Digital Marketing Officer (Part time – 18 hours/week)
University of Nottingham
January 2015 – December 2016

I provided support to the University’s Communications Manager to deliver their student recruitment and marketing strategy.

Key responsibilities:

  • Gathering market insights
  • Implementing marketing plans
  • Analysing and adapting marketing tactics
  • Creating content for the website, email campaigns and social media
  • Ensuring all communications are consistent and adhere to brand guidelines.

Key achievements:

  • My weekly School of Pharmacy social campaigns attracted typically 400 – 600 leads through an 8 week period (an increase of over 50% on the previous campaigns that the University ran).
  • My ‘day in the life’ content strategy attracted 5,000 new monthly visitors with an average of 500 leads generated from those pages, increasing overall site leads by 12%.


CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6)
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Completed January 2017

Covering Customer Insights and Innovation, Digital Metrics and Analytics, the Digital User Experience, Digital Disruption, Digital Planning, Delivering Success, Strategy and Compliance, Managing Implementation and Conversion Optimisation and Growth.

A Level Graphic Design (A), Art (A), English (C)
New College Nottingham
Completed January 2015


  • Competent with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Use of Dreamweaver with basic HTML and CSS editing
  • Competent Microsoft Office 365 user (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Competent with Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Ad Manager
  • Able to use various web content management systems
  • Competent with social media tools


In my spare time, I love playing squash and badminton. I also have my own marketing blog where I share insights about current trends, ideas, software reviews and the results of experiments that I carry out on my test websites. I’m always testing out ideas and trying to prove or disprove marketing theories – I’m a big believer that too many people confuse correlation with causation.


References from my current and previous roles will be available on request.

Template details:

Here’s a full preview of page one of this digital marketing CV template:

Digital marketing Cv template - page 1

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Digital marketing Cv template - page 2

You can adjust the size of the grey rectangle if your name needs more or less space.

NB : This template was originally published 12th December 2018. We have since then completely refreshed the content and changed the layout so that your information is not contained in tables.

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Formatting your digital marketing CV:

It doesn’t matter how skilled, experienced and qualified you are for a digital marketing role if your CV layout doesn’t look professional. There are two main aspects an employer looks for when short-listing for interviews – presentation and content.

Your application has to not only look professional but also offer the employer the skills and qualifications they are looking for in a well written and well structured CV.

It can be very easy to focus so much upon what we write within our CV that sometimes the layout can take a back seat. No matter what role you’re applying for, here are some dos and don’ts for your CV layout

Stick to two pages

The standard amount of pages for a CV is two, and although there are some exceptions to this rule, they won’t typically apply to digital marketing roles.

To help keep the word count down, avoid irrelevant detail. You don’t have to list every single task for each of your past roles – instead only focus on the most relevant.

Use a professional font

You can’t go wrong with the standard Times New Roman (used in this digital marketing CV), but there are also some other fonts which look professional and are acceptable on a CV. Fonts like Garamond, Arial, Calibri, and Cambria are all recognised as acceptable fonts for a CV or resume.

The font and size you choose is designed to make your CV not only look professional but should be easy to navigate. Remember, the hiring manager will have lots of CVs to read through, so the right font is a must. The bulk of your text should be 11 – 12pt, depending on which font you’ve chosen (Garamond, for example, will definitely need to be 12pt, but Times New Roman looks just fine at 11pt).

Use reverse chronological order

Your employment history should be in reverse chronological order, with your most recent or current role at the start. Include all roles to show that you haven’t had any significant gaps in employment, but give more detail for those roles which are especially relevant to the job.

Use correct spacing

Each section of your CV should be adequately spaced apart allowing the reader to easily move from one to the next. Be careful not to distance your sections too much as this will use up a lot of valuable space, and when trying to stick to two pages this could make things much harder.

Highlight your best features

Always bring your strengths to the attention of the employer in your objective at the top of the CV. For example, if you are lacking in work experience, try to focus upon your best skills and education. This is especially important to recent school leavers (find out more about writing a school leaver’s CV here).

Take note of the skills required from the job advert and make sure that your layout makes them easy to find. If the job advert is thin on the ground as to what is required, check out Prospects for inspiration.

Use bullet points

Rather than lump everything into one lengthy paragraph you should use bullet points. Whilst this might be an obvious choice for lists of skills, it also works well to break up lengthy sentences. Ensure you are always concise and straight to the point – employers don’t have time to spend reading through long paragraphs!

Focus on achievements

For all digital marketing roles, prospective employers will want to know what results you’ve achieved. Sure, it’s important to list off your responsibilities – it helps employers see what kind of tasks you’ve done in the past. But results are everything in this profession, so let the numbers speak for themselves. Don’t be afraid to attach two or three examples of your work or a more comprehensive analysis of past results to the back of your CV for the employer to see.

List off your hard skills

Make sure you include relevant hard skills on your CV, even if the job advert doesn’t request them specifically. Hard skills that employers typically value in digital marketers include:

  • Ability to set up and use Google Analytics and Adwords to an advanced level
  • Skills with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator etc)
  • Some basic coding knowledge (HTML, CSS)
  • Ability to set up and analyse campaigns across social media channels
  • Ability to use email software e.g. MailChimp for email marketing
  • Ability to use a content management system
  • Use of MS Office – particularly Excel
  • Strong copywriting and editing skills

Not all of these will be relevant to every role, but skills of this type are desirable. For each, give your skill level (e.g. basic, intermediate, advanced).

Get certified if you need to

Unless you’ve got absolutely solid results that you can actually prove, we’d recommend getting some qualifications or certification under your belt. This can help you stand out from others and show that you really do know what you’re doing. Some examples of valuable qualifications include:

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