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Free Take a Leaf CV template

This delightful CV template features a subtle leaf background. A key distinct feature is the skills circles which CAN be adjusted - simply click and drag the yellow pointers to the desired position. This template has lots of other nice features for you to play with and as for our other templates, the background is fully customisable - and totally optional. Make sure you download the required fonts before you get started.

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This CV template uses quite a few fonts so you'll need to make sure you download and install those first before you start customising. Specifically, you'll need Futura Bk BT, Open Sans, Open Sans Semi Bold, Open Sans Light, Open Sans Extra Bold, Calibri and Century Gothic. Use the links we've provided for quick access.

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How to make your work experience stand out on your CV

Gone are the days when you could simply list all of your past roles and then forget about that section and move on to the next. Unfortunately that isn’t going to cut it anymore!

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, here’s how you can make that extra bit of information go a long way…

Why is the work experience section important to an employer?

Unless the position you are applying for is a lower lever entry job, most employers will often value work experience above everything else. This is assuming you also have the minimum qualifications required as stated in the job advert.

Someone who has already spent many years in a similar role is always going to head to the top of the interview pile over someone who has little to no experience. This is going to be attractive to the employer as it will mean that little training is required.

What can I add to my work experience?

One of the main things an employer is looking for when reading through your CV is how well you’ve performed in your previous roles, and if there is any information backing up these claims of fantastic performance and results.

Rather than simply listing all of your past job titles along with the tasks and responsibilities, what you should instead consider is adding actual results and achievements within this roles.

A great example of this would be a sales role, as this will allow you to give actual sales stats and targets that were met or exceeded. Another great example could relate to system or process changes that you implemented that increased profit or provided a better customer experience. Any internal processes that you improved should always be stated along with the positive outcome it achieved.

To summarise, don’t be afraid to provide an employer a short (certainly keep it short and to the point) story of something you did well at, as well as the numbers and stats to back it up. Not only will your CV stand out from the other applicants that didn’t do this, but you’ll also give the hiring manager much more to go on and give them more of a reason to haul you in for an interview.

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