Soft blue themed résumé template

The combination of two superb fonts and some simple soft blue touches creates a stylish and professional looking theme for your résumé. 'News of the World' is a striking font perfect to create bold headings that stand out, but combined with a soft shade of blue, the effect is not overwhelming. The remaining text is styled using Bookman Old Style font, a classic good-looking font that helps you to present your information clearly and attractively.

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  • File name: Resume-Template-Soft-Blue.docx
  • Fonts required: News of the World
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

Subtle details - small lilac diamonds, blue headings, lines to divide up the sections and central alignment - make this résumé template an attractive and professional choice suitable for most job applications.

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Quick template tips: downloading fonts

Do you need a free font for the CV template you’ve chosen?

Download and install it first – this way you’ll know that the layout looks as it should when you open it up. If you’ve never installed a free font before, it’s super easy! Just download the file (usually a TFF file) and double click on it. You’ll then see a preview window open which shows you what the font is going to look like.

All you have to do is click the install button and your PC will do the rest! You can then open your CV template which should appear correctly now that the required fonts are installed.

Whilst you’re here, why not read some of our super secret tips below on how to write a CV.

One important hidden factor the employer wants to see on your CV

Writing a CV is a difficult task, but knowing what the employer wants to see is probably the hardest part. You could write a perfect error free CV but still fail to get an interview, and one of the reasons why could be that your application lacks personality.

It’s easy to get so focused upon listing all the achievements, skills and qualifications that we forget the importance of personality and creativity. The employer sometimes wants to see some individuality, and a unique approach to CV writing to stand out from the crowd. Here’s how you can do that…

Don’t be afraid to add a joke to your C

When the hiring manager has to read hundreds of CV’s all day, one of the best ways to lighten their mood and become memorable is to add a little joke in your CV. You may think that this is risky and could come across as unprofessional, but if you keep it appropriate and subtle, you could win them over instantly.

Before you send off your CV you should have it checked by friends and family to make sure it works. If your joke offends or even confuses the hiring manager, your chances of getting an interview could be over.

Remember, you are taking a risk by dropping a one-liner into your CV or résumé. So ensure you keep it clean, appropriate, and non-offensive. Your aim is to make a memorable impression and to bring out your personality. Hopefully it will make for a great conversation starter at the interview!

Add an Easter egg

Having an Easter egg hidden within your CV is a great way to let your personality shine through, and could just land you an interview. An employer is not just looking for someone who ticks all the skills boxes, and bringing out your personality on your CV is a great way to add a little something extra to your application.

It could be just the one word or phrase that you change ever so slightly, but it will aim to grab the reader’s attention. So rather than opting for an obvious joke on your CV, you could instead drop a little Easter egg in there.

Your personality doesn’t just need to shine through on your CV, and the importance of this at the interview stage is immeasurable. Here are 3 ways to bring out your personality in a job interview.

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