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This UK sales assistant CV template is a good example for those looking to refresh their CV. The combination of two superb fonts and some simple soft blue touches creates a stylish and professional looking theme for your résumé. 'News of the World' is a striking font perfect to create bold headings that stand out, but combined with a soft shade of blue, the effect is not overwhelming. The remaining text is styled using Bookman Old Style font, a classic good-looking font that helps you to present your information clearly and attractively.

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Subtle details - small lilac diamonds, blue headings, lines to divide up the sections and central alignment - make this résumé template an attractive and professional choice suitable for most job applications.

* Every effort has been made to design this CV template according to best practice so that your information can be read by ATS software correctly. However, all Applicant Tracking Systems are different and no guarantees can be offered.

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I am a well-presented articulate Sales Assistant with experience in providing excellent customer service in a prompt and friendly way. My current role is a really fast-paced environment where teamwork, good communication and organisation is essential. I’m highly motivated, target driven & always happy to pitch in to ensure the team’s success. I’m currently part time and therefore looking for a full time role.


Sales Assistant
May 2018 – Date | Zara, 1 Oxford St, Soho, London

As a Sales Assistant for Zara, my role is to help customers to feel great! I work as part of an amazing team, in an environment where a love for fashion is essential! My responsibilities include customer service, replenishing the shop floor, making health & safety checks and following policies, and supporting other teams as and when needed.

  • I have won the fortnightly ‘dress a mannequin’ competition 6 times in the past year.
  • My Units Per Transaction (UPT) monthly average was highest of the team 3 times in the past year.
  • Our team beat our daily, weekly & monthly targets 94% of the time in the past year.

Sales Assistant
June 2016 – April 2018 | Top Shop, Meadowhall, Sheffield

Working in Meadowhall is a very fastpaced and busy environment, where great teamwork is essential for success! As a Sales Assistant for Top Shop I was responsible fo handling deliveries, putting out stock and maintaining the shop floor and back of house, delivering amazing customer service to customers and driving sales. We had high team targets to meet and great communication with the manager and team as to what was working brand/style wise was fundamental to hitting these.

My UPT was highest of the team 12 times during my time at the store.


C&G NVQ in Distribution, Warehousing and Storage Operations
August 2019 | Soho College

This valuable course taught me a wide range of important skills for retail, including customer service, employee rights and responsibilities, logistics, order picking, packaging, general retail skills, supply chain management and a lot more.

A Levels
September 2014 – June 2016 | Toot Hill Comprehensive, Bingham
English (B), Maths (C), Biology (C)

September 2008 – June 2014 | Toot Hill Comprehensive, Bingham
9 GCSEs grade C and above, including English (C) and Maths (C)


  • Target driven, highly motivated and capable of motivating other team members
  • Capable trainer, having trained up numerous members of staff
  • Able to supervise, having supervised junior members in my current role
  • Used to working in a very busy environment under pressure
  • Great organisational and time management skills
  • Capable of problem solving and working on my own initiative
  • Well presented with a great eye for fashion and a passion for the industry


I love sewing and designing my own clothes which make up most of my wardrobe. I regularly attend fashion shows and screenings for both high street and designer fashion. I also post about fashion regularly on Instagram and have 25,000 followers.


Available from my current and previous employer on request.

Template details:

NB: This sales assistant CV template was originally published on 11th February 2016 and has been completely refreshed for 2019. Here’s a full preview of page one:

Sales assistant CV example - page 1

And here’s page two:

Sales assistant CV example - page 2

Quick sales assistant CV template tips: downloading fonts

Do you need a free font for the CV template you’ve chosen?

Download and install it first – this way you’ll know that the layout looks as it should when you open it up. If you’ve never installed a free font before, it’s super easy! Just download the file (usually a TFF file) and double click on it. You’ll then see a preview window open which shows you what the font is going to look like.

All you have to do is click the install button and your PC will do the rest! You can then open your CV template which should appear correctly now that the required fonts are installed.

Whilst you’re here, why not read some of our top tips below on how to write a sales assistant CV?

7 tips on how to write a stunning sales assistant CV

The one thing that stands in your way of getting an interview is your CV. Fail at this stage and you will be stuck behind your computer never to see the inside of an interview room.

We want you to have the opportunity to sit in front of a manager and state your case. That’s why we’ve created 7 amazing tips on how to write a stunning CV, so you get the chance to polish your shoes and iron your shirt.

Correct contact details

Let’s start with something really easy to do, but is just as important as the other tips. Your contact details need to be accurate, and it would only take a minute to check them before you apply.

You may be thinking this one is rather obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many employers struggle to get in touch with candidates because of a letter or number missing from the email and mobile details. An employer may have a preferred method of communication, so if your email bounces back they may just forget all about you and move on.

Make it easy to follow

The format of your CV and how you structure each section makes a huge difference to the hiring manager. They want to be able to quickly search for key pieces of information before making a decision. If they are unable to easily navigate your CV and extract what they need, this will lead to frustration and a rejection.

One of the best ways to list certain pieces of information is to use bullet points. This ensures you don’t waffle on too much and create lengthy sentences of paragraphs. Your CV shouldn’t be too sparse on sentences, but the hiring manager doesn’t want to read a novel either.

Keep your CV brief and to the point, whilst utilising bullet points, headings and sub headings so the reader can easily move from one section to the next.

Don’t lie

We all want to make our credentials look good – that’s the whole idea! But some people like to take that one step further and delve into the realms of half truths, embellishments, and even lies.

The employer will have a lot of experience in reading and reviewing applications, and will likely spot anything that seems a little fishy. It is in yours and the employer’s interest to provide accurate and honest information. Sure, you want to look good and impress the manager, but you should focus upon doing that with your current skills.

Did you know that the employer can fire you on the spot if they find out you lied on your CV? Whilst this is true, you will probably get caught out in the interview anyway. So don’t waste yours and the company’s time, and stick to the facts.

Custom write your sales assistant CV

The employer is mainly looking for relevant skills and experience – anything else fades into the background. So if you choose to write just the one generic CV which you can use to apply for any position, you are not going to stand out.

To write a stunning CV you need to take into consideration what the employer is looking for. Will they really be interested in reading about your job as a waiter 15 years ago, or could that information be kept to a minimum?

The key to writing a stunning CV is simple – customise and tailor it to the role and the company. Read and digest the job interview and make a note of every single important keyword that you can use in your CV. For instance, the advert may list all the necessary skills. You can match those skills word for word on your CV – assuming you have them of course!

Your knowledge of the company needs to be high, which leads us onto…

Swot up

Research the role and the company before you write your CV. You will often come across this tip when discussing strategies for a job interview, but we firmly believe that this research should be carried out even before a CV is written.

Shape everything you write around the company and try to provide as much relevant information as possible. Remember, the hiring manager is only interested in searching for what will benefit them. Anything else isn’t relevant and just pads out the CV.

The only way you can truly understand what the company wants is not just from the job advert, but also by reading online. Check out the company website and anything else that could help you. Social media pages also offer a lot of information, as well as review sites so you can hear what the customer says.

It’s also worth swotting up on the role, especially if the advert is a little thin on the ground when it comes to detail. See what’s involved in these job profiles:

Show the end result

A huge mistake most job seekers make when writing a CV is to forget about their achievements and results. It would be an error to assume that the employer will believe every word on your CV when you explain how great you are. Think back over your career and try to remember how many people you worked with who weren’t great at their jobs but were highly qualified? Yes, it’s quite frightening isn’t it!

Someone who has a huge range or relevant skills and qualifications isn’t always as good as they should be. This could be down to a number of factors, most likely relating to a lack of important soft skills – communication, problem solving, and team working. So in order to make your CV more believable you need to provide results, performance and achievements.

Find out more: How to show soft skills on your CV

Try to provide either outstanding results or relevant results. You can make an allowance for something which isn’t relevant to the employer if it was an exceptional achievement. This is because you are demonstrating what you are capable of and could do for the company.

How can I present my achievements and results?

Don’t hold back on the numbers, or anything which you feel would adequately explain your results. It really does depend on the industry you are in, as in some cases you may benefit from sending in a portfolio. Certain careers demand that a portfolio be presented, like an acting or modelling role. But you may find that you could impress by creating one when it’s not expected.

In any case, however you decide to present your achievements you should remember that there is nothing wrong with getting a little creative. Don’t be afraid to throw in some pie charts, graphs, revenue, sales, etc. This evidence is difficult to ignore, and although you may just be making it up, the employer could very easily find this information out from your reference.

Dial back the tasks

Remember what we said about writing a CV that’s tailored and relevant? This applies to every aspect of your CV, and not just your skills or qualifications.

Dial back on the tasks and focus upon the most recent and relevant roles. If you have a long and extensive career history, this approach applies even more. For older jobs you should look to simply state the company name, your job title, and the dates of employment. You can also provide a short description of what the company does and what you did – that’s it! This will allow you more space on your two page CV to expand upon your most recent roles. This is what the employer will be most interested in.

See our full CV template collection here.

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