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A simple CV template with sample content for a Construction Site Manager. The basic layout lends itself to any career or job role.

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About this CV template:

A basic CV template with all the sections you need for the majority of job roles. Sample information for a Construction Site Manager.

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Construction Site Manager CV

Executive Summary

I am a vastly experienced, highly respected solution-focused Site Construction Manager with over twenty-five years’ expertise. I provide advanced technical abilities and a full knowledge of all stages of managing projects and a proven track record of delivering projects on time, within agreed client specifications and on budget. I am an engaging and confident communicator who effectively manages and develops teams and understands the need to support the individual and the team to reach objectives.  I have continually demonstrated a clear passion for high-quality workmanship and I am highly skilled in working to health and safety regulations, time constraints and project guidelines.

Key Skills

  • Advanced problem solving and decision making skills
  • Exceptional project management skills for large-scale construction activities
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledgeable about health and safety in the construction industry
  • Ability to be responsive to change and to multi-task in a demanding environment

Career Summary

Peter Langley Construction | Site Manager and Project Manager | May 1998-Present

Over 20 years ago, I founded my own construction firm and I provide the complete project management to residential customers for projects valued up to £500K. This has also included refurbishments, complete fit- out of hotels, schools, churches and offices. I maintain overall accountability for hiring, monitoring and supervising a team of onsite tradesman, including carpenters, electricians, painters and joiners and decorators. I also work with the most competitively priced suppliers. 

Key Achievements

  • Instrumental in managing relationships with customers whilst onsite to ensure the seamless delivery of projects within their expectations and budgets
  • Managed strong working relationships with local architects and building control to ensure the relevant drawings were of the highest standards and projects were signed off
  • Provided specialist input in relation to advising customers on project amendments and where the space could be better maximised
  • Invited as a guest speaker at the local college to talk to apprenticeship students on the benefits of gaining working experience
  • Overall accountability for all aspects of building and development including sourcing and securing private contracts
  • Served as the main designer for the internal fittings; including lighting, heating systems, interior design, fireplace and staircase design, joinery, alarm systems, audio and video systems, kitchen design, bathroom design and roof design
  • Took full responsibility for all groundwork and drainage, underpinning, concrete floors and structural work, oak truss renovations, cut roof and roof covering, first-floor construction, stud work, brick and stone laying, flagstone laying, kitchen fitting and wall tiling

Barnes Construction | Apprenticeship| 1995-1998

I successfully completed a multi-skilled apprenticeship in all aspects of general site construction whilst working for a local builder to develop skills and expertise. I also worked alongside the family building firm where we undertook a variety of projects including painting and decorating, tiling and carpentry.

Key Achievements

  • Regarded for the ability to develop strong working relationships with clients and instrumental in securing an additional 10 new customers
  • Worked as part of a productive and collaborative team ensuring the achievement of set targets
  • Utilised skills and passion for the industry which resulted in gradually taking on more complex projects including the complete renovation of three self-owned properties
  • Completed a wide range of projects including single and double story extensions, loft conversions, cellar conversions, complete house restorations and barn conversions
  • Coordinated, directed and monitored subcontractors’ on-site activities and ensured that all drawings, tools and materials were available in line with the planned activities


Construction Site Supervisor’s Safety Certificate and Gold CSCS Gold Card

General Constructing Apprenticeship, Southampton City College (1995-1998) 

Hobbies & Interests

  • Alongside managing my busy construction firm, I also oversee my own property portfolio, including completing a yearly refurbishment project. I also look after 30 self contained flats and all the necessary maintenance that goes with managing a property portfolio.
  • I play cricket and football at county level and I also dedicate my weekends to coaching under 14s rugby
  • I am also an avid traveller and enjoy spending my time abroad learning about new cultures and languages. My recent holidays have included South America, Canada, Thailand and India.

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How to give your construction CV the edge

Most job seekers create a CV for their very first position and then simply keep updating the work history as the years roll on. Unfortunately this will leave you with a tired old CV that just won’t make any impact in today’s competitive job market.

When applying for a new job you should always re-write your CV for each vacancy. Tailoring your application directly to the employer will allow you to address their specific requirements. If you keep the same CV for many years you are going to get left behind.

Revamp your work history

Go back over your list of previous roles and see how many of them are relevant to the new role you are applying for. A generic list of past jobs along with their tasks and responsibilities is not going to impress the hiring manager. However, what WILL stand out is how you detail and highlight the relevant roles.

It doesn’t mean to say you should leave any past roles out of your CV, as a gap would always look suspicious. Instead, you should not worry too much about listing the tasks and responsibilities if they don’t relate to the new job. A brief summary of the role is enough.


Include the £ value of the project and also the number of levels if it’s a multilevel project. Make sure you include critical information such as if you’ve worked on basements or have tower crane experience. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for employers to determine if you’re the right fit for the job.
~ Carlie Bradley, Director & Principal Consultant / Construction & Engineering Recruitment Specialist


“Allow the reader to understand specific facts and figures about the developments you have managed. Include details such as budget, timescales, number of units, size of construction team and description of the project itself. You want the reader to be able to visualise and picture the scale and complexity involved in managing it. So be specific, descriptive and showcase your 4 or 5 major developments as mini case studies.”

~ The Guardian

Support your roles with achievements, proving to employers that you can use the skills they are looking for.

“Give tangible examples of how your project was delivered, what part you played. List your achievements and be proud of what you have achieved. As a result of your achievements, were your put on a bigger job or more complex job? How did it affect your career?

Wherever possible, quantify your achievements. It is much better to say “increased margin on job by 2%” or “reduced claims by £100,000”, rather than making a more general claim. In the construction industry, this language will have most impact.”

~ Design and Build

Expand your construction CV with LinkedIn

Most hiring managers will be on LinkedIn, so having a strong LinkedIn profile means you’re more likely to be headhunted.

Further, your LinkedIn profile allows you to include a lot of extra information that won’t otherwise fit into your two-page CV.

If you’ve created a great LinkedIn profile, make sure you include your LinkedIn handle on your CV, e.g. “LinkedIn: @bobhope”

Here’s how to build a killer LinkedIn profile to complement your CV.

Update your cover letter

The importance of a cover letter can be underestimated. Ultimately you always want to plan to stay ahead of the competition, bearing in mind you could be up against a hundred other CV’s!

If there are twenty other applicants with the same skills and qualifications as you and they have attached a covering letter but you haven’t – who’s application is more likely to gain an interview?

Sometimes a CV alone won’t adequately represent what you can offer a company, and this is where the cover letter shines. It adds a nice touch and shows how much you care about the position, and allows you to explain in more detail how you meet the person specification.

Writing a cover letter for the very first time is very difficult. One of the best ways to do this is to work from some examples. Here are a few examples of cover letters to help inspire you – ‘How to write a winning cover letter – what to include‘.

In addition to the examples above, you can also find help from the University of Oxford’s website.  Click here to find out how to write a cover letter and much more.

Check out our best CV templates for more CV designs.

NB – this CV template was originally published 11th February 2016 and has been completely updated for 2021.

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