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Physiotherapist résumé template example

If you're applying for a role as a physiotherapist or a related role, this CV example will be really helpful to you. We have filled out all of the sections with dummy information so you can see the sort of thing you need to be writing in your own physiotherapist-tailored CV. The template has a neat layout in two columns with your contact information to the left for easy access, and uses classic fonts - Arial and Arial Black - for easy readability.

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About this CV template:

For physiotherapists, this CV example has all the sections you will need - including an objective at the top, work experience, qualifications, affiliations, skills and additional accreditation. You can of course easily add further sections to meet your needs by copying and pasting what is there already, such as references and availability. You'll find the dummy information that we have included really helpful in planning out your own CV - just read it over and then delete and fill in the sections with your own similar information for a CV that's sure to land you plenty of job interviews.

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How to create work experience for your CV – help for school leavers 

Writing your very first CV can be an extremely daunting task, and also a worrying one when you get to the ’employment history’ section and wonder how you’re going to fill it. But don’t fear as we’re here to tell you everything’s going to be fine… oh and offer some awesome tips on how to fill that gap!

Use school projects 

A big misconception about school, college or university is that it isn’t actually ‘work’ as we see it in the traditional sense. All of the above is classed as being in ‘education’, however it’s important to recognise that this is still work.

A clever way to fill out the ‘work experience’ or ’employment history’ section is to call it something else. For example – ‘Educational projects’, or anything else you can come up with that will allow you to showcase your work in education. This could include presentations, assignments, dissertations, or anything else you feel could go into this section.

Try to focus on a project that relates as closely as possible to the role you are applying for. If good communication skills are required according to the job advert, then use any past presentations you conducted as evidence that you are a good public speaker and have the communication skills they require.

Don’t be afraid to show actual evidence of the great work you achieved whilst in education, whether this is a website you created (provide the link), a dissertation or assignment (provide a copy with your CV, or a link to a copy).

Voluntary work, activities and hobbies 

Voluntary work is a fantastic way to create work experience for your CV, and it’s never too late to get started. There are many benefits to working either part time or even full time for a charity or local country park whilst you are searching for work – and it will look great on your CV.

You can list the tasks and responsibilities on your CV like you would for any other job, and give yourself a great chance of proving to a prospective employer that you are ready for work after leaving education.

For further information on how voluntary work can help you and your CV – click here.

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