Microsoft Word format ‘peach marble’ free CV template

This eye catching CV template has a lot going on and if printed as-is, really needs good quality paper and a quality printer. However, remove the background and you'll find yourself with a cleaner, fresher design that has some very attractive features. For starters, the skills levels in this CV are measured by coloured dots - a lovely unique feature that is easy to adjust. There's also some great fonts in use, giving the CV an eye-catching look that's hard to miss. The photo is of course optional too, and can simply be deleted if not required. Be sure to download and install the fonts first before you start making this attractive CV your own.

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #146
  • File size: 388kb
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: Doc24.docx
  • Fonts required: Aller, Open Sans Light, Open Sans
  • Price: Free download
  • Microsoft Word format 'peach marble' free CV template Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

About this CV template:

A one-page CV with a marble swirl background that can be removed if desired. Some attractive fonts make this a striking design.

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5 5 1
The alternative version is SOOOO nice!

4 5 1
Love the white version. Really nice fresh design. The dots are a great way to show skill levels. Just love it.

5 5 1
The pink one looks nice but doesn't print great (I guess my printer is not very good). The white one looks absolutely FAB printed out! So happy with mine.

Alternative version

Our alternative version removes the peach background. We change the fill colour of the orange box and its border to white, and expand it to take a photo. We also remove the borders from the top and bottom, and change the lower headings to white. The end result is a very fresh and clean template that retain the dots and icons, whilst having modern appeal. When rating this template, please do let us know what you think of each version – and we’d always love to hear how we can improve!

CV alternative version

Download the alternative version.

Will a cover letter get my CV noticed?

Whether an employer receives a covering letter with a CV application is hit or miss, and not everyone really cares to write one or read one. What everyone wants to ultimately know is whether or not attaching a cover letter to your CV is going to give you an advantage of disadvantage.

Here’s a little bit of advice to help you decide…

Does an employer want to read a cover letter?

Every hiring manager is different, and for every employer that loves to see a cover letter you will find another that doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean to say you should worry about writing one, as it’s extremely unlikely that it will go against you – unless you write a bad one of course!

So whether or not an employer wants to read one is something you are probably not going to know, however you could consider contacting them directly to find out. A quick phone call is all it will take to see if they value the covering letter or not. If however you don’t want to contact them or don’t manage to get in touch, then our advice would be to write one anyway.

Will a cover letter give me an advantage?

Again, this really does depend on how important the employer sees the cover letter to be. However, when done correctly and professionally, your cover letter will more often than not add a lot of value to your CV and overall application as it shows you are willing to put in the extra effort that’s required to gain an interview and showcase your skills.

Don’t forget, a cover letter can also directly address the manager and allow you the chance to explain in more detail why you feel you’re the best person for the job, and to also show how passionate you are about the company and the role.

A well written covering letter could just be the icing on the cake you need to gain that all important interview!

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Jen Wiss-Carline has been a Senior Manager and Consultant for several sizeable companies which included dealing with all aspects of staff management and recruitment. She is also a Chartered Legal Executive, and was admitted as a Fellow in February 2006.

Jen's qualifications include:
LL.B (Hons) (1st)
Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx)
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LL.M (Master of Laws) (Distinction)

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