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A two-paged simple, fresh CV template that has few graphics or distractions. Spacing, shading and borders are used to present the content in an attractive way.

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Claire Jones | RNA

123, Broadway, Lincoln LN1 234 | 01332 123456 |

Personal statement

I am an NMC registered nurse (adult nursing) with an excellent clinical track record. I am an exceptionally well organised individual with administration experience and excellent interpersonal and people management skills.

I understand the importance of taking a person-centred approach and in every aspect of my nursing, I ensure my patients are respected, involved and feel in control. I have previous experience with complex care, high dependency patients and spinal cord patients. I have been trained on CQC standards and I ensure the care I deliver is fully compliant.

Work history

Clinical Nurse, Care2U Limited | June 2014 – date

In my current role, I provide clinical advice, training and support to all levels of staff. Through monitoring and training I ensure staff are competent to carry out their role safely and effectively, possessing the necessary knowledge to be able to work efficiently and independently within the team.

As a member of the leadership team I am responsible for ensuring the entire facility operates effectively and that the business delivers the very best quality care. I regularly carry out risk assessments, care reviews and audits, and I verify MAR charts. This is a fast paced, professional and team-orientated working environment and therefore, taking a hands-on can-do attitude is key to my success in this role.

Regional Clinical Development Nurse, Care4Me Limited | Jan 2004 – May 2014

In this role I lead, supported and worked to continuously improve the clinical governance and quality of care for residents across eight care homes. I supported the performance of each home, ensuring it operated to the highest clinical standards. Each month, I reviewed the clinical governance database and KPIs of the individual homes, analysing the results and identifying appropriate strategies to make sure all regulations are met – whilst ensuring the organisation continually improved the care it delivered.

Nurse, Future Care Limited | Jan 1991 – Dec 2003

In this role I was responsible for ensuring the highest standards of person-centred care were delivered at all times by undertaking accurate assessment and planning of care, delivery and ongoing evaluation of the care plans. I carried out typical nursing tasks that included the distribution of medication, dressings, catheterisation, tube feeding and management of chronic medical conditions. In addition I provided support and guidance to all staff including training of new members. I also liaised with both health and social care professionals and family members involved in the well being of individual residents to maintain a holistic approach to their care.


Universities R US | Sept 1988 – June 1990

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (Upper Second Class Honours) specialising in Adult Nursing

College2U | Sept 1986 – June 1988

A Level Biology (A), Chemistry (B) and English Language (C)

Secondary2U | Sept 1980 – June 1986

Nine GCSEs (including mathematics, English language and Biology) at Grade C or above


When I am not at work, I enjoy going to the gym and hiking. I also take part in several half marathons each year for charity. I am involved with my local community group, ‘Nottingham Elderly’, where I lead a small team of volunteers in ensuring lone elderly people are visited regularly.


Available on request.

Template details:

Our nursing CV template is a clean two-page design with a few subtle style details to help your application stand out.

Here’s a preview of page two:

Nursing CV - page two

Fonts required for this nursing CV:

The fonts required for this CV template are:

Open Sans –

Wingdings –

It is likely that if you’re using Microsoft Word, you already have Wingdings installed – do check. Otherwise, install these fonts before you open up the template so that they are correctly applied to the different areas of the template.

Features of this nursing CV:

Optional photo

At the top of the CV is an optional photo. If you’d like to create a circular photo like the example, see our CV editing guide.

Page border

A subtle light grey border frames the CV. You can remove this if you want to – here’s how.

Heading borders

Each heading, plus the contact details, has a border at the top and bottom. You can edit or remove these in Microsoft Word:

Editing borders

Expanded headings

The contact info and headings use expanded text. You can edit this in Microsoft Word (for example, if it doesn’t give you enough space for your information, you could reduce the expansion from 2px to 1px):

Expanded text

Decorative squares

Each heading is flagged on each side by decorative squares. These are simply the Wingdings font. If they don’t look the same when you open up the template, it will be because you don’t have Wingdings installed. Install it using the link provided above, then open up the template again. You may have to highlight the placeholders and ‘apply’ the font again, if you’ve just installed it.

Other details

This CV template uses a range of other subtle style details including:

  • Half pipes to divide information in headers
  • Use of grey shading for all lines
  • Use of grey shading for the designatory letters

All of these details are easy to edit to suit your own needs.

How to write a nursing CV

Writing a CV for a nursing position has a very different focus to other professions. It should ooze passion and dedication to the role, and demonstrate a caring and hard working nature.

Here are some tips on how to write a nursing CV and what you should focus upon…

What to focus upon within your nursing CV

All your strengths and qualities as a nurse need to be highlighted on your CV. Your passions and interests within the nursing environment need to be detailed, along with your philosophies and views.

Try to represent yourself in the best possible light. You need to demonstrate your passion for caring for others, and how you approach this on a daily basis. Your dedication to caring for others and the compassion you show needs to shine through.

Make your nursing CV easy to navigate

With so many other CVs to read you want to make the hiring manager’s job as easy as possible. Separate each section clearly with headings and subheadings. Also use bullet points where possible to list important points – tasks and responsibilities, skills, and so on.

Do not write lengthy sentences that will bore the manager. They will be unable to find the most important aspects of your credentials. For instance, list off the skills which are relevant to the employer in an easy to read format. Make it prominent at the top of the page so they are instantly seen.

If the reader can quickly navigate your CV and find what they’re looking for, you stand a much better chance of getting an interview. So many fantastic candidates hide their abilities within paragraphs of text and lengthy sentences. With a clear divide between each section and the correct use of bullet points, you can’t go wrong!

Your personal statement is more important

We would always recommend writing a personal statement to sit at the top of your CV. However, for a nursing position we feel this is more important than most jobs. It creates a nice introduction and sets the tone for the rest of the CV.

Within your personal statement you should look to include information about your personal nature. For instance, talk about how passionate you are about caring for others. Make it clear that you have great empathy towards people, and that working as part of a team is important to you.

If you can write the perfect personal statement you will already have the reader hooked. Keep their attention and make them want to read more. Your personality needs to shine through on your personal statement, and this is a great way to win them over.

Here’s an awesome guide on what a personal statement is and how to write one – Writing your CV personal profile section.

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