Free Colour blocks template

CV ref #92: This template features colourful strips down each side which expand as you enter your information. The colours of the headings match the side stripes. Download colour blocks template

Free Neatly divided CV template

CV ref #102: On this fairly simple CV layout, your name and contact information is presented on one side while your work history and education appears on the other. A great basic design that looks clean and professional. Download the neatly divided CV template

Free Centred headings CV template

CV ref #101: A simple yet highly professional CV template where the headings are centred and the individual columns make use of columns to neatly present your information. Download centred headings CV template

Free Windows Word template

CV ref #100: A highly original CV template that uses a three-column grid layout to present your information. A variety of fonts and colours give this template a creative feel. Download Windows Word CV template

Free Simple purple résumé template

CV ref #99: A very elegant CV template that presents your information in one column under purple headers and grey sub headers. It's super-simple to edit and make your own. Download simple purple resume template

Free Indented template

CV ref #98: A smart template where your information is indented and sundry information such as dates presented to one side. With a top and bottom bar and space for an objective, this basic template has everything you need to make a good first impression. Download indented resume template

Behind every no entry sign there's a door.
~ Peter Jones, 'How to do everything and be happy'

Free Smart green lines template

CV ref #97: This simple CV template uses attractive green dividers to split up your information. Individual sections make use of columns to further divide up details in an easy-to-read way. Download soft green lines CV template

Free Banded template

CV ref #96: A soft grey bar frames the top and right hand side of this template, while the gradient background adds interest. This one-page template has lots of nice features, including icons and a great choice of fonts. Download Banded Word template

Free Highlight template

CV ref #95: This very attractive one page template with a splash of colour has lots of fantastic features, including skills spots to indicate proficiency, smart icons for contact information and space for a photo. Download highlight template (MS Word)

Free Helvetica Word templateFeatured CV template!

CV ref #94: Simple in design but with enough detail to catch the eye, our Helvetica CV template presents your information in smart boxes over two pages in a easy-to-edit layout. Download Helvetica template (MS Word)

Free Helvetica blue layout Word template

CV ref #93: An original one page template that can easily be expanded to two: with a strong blue first column and matching headers. Download helvetica blue layout CV template

Free Tables CV template (alternative)Featured CV template!

CV ref #112: Easily one of our favourite basic templates, this is a simple layout that divides up your information effectively using a visible table design. Download tables (alternative) cv template

Life is too fragile and valuable to be spent doing something you hate.
~ Duncan Bannatyne, 'Anyone Can Do It'

Free Sections template

CV ref #110: Unstated yet highly effective, this template splits your details into boxes with muted grey borders, using a contrasting bold navy blue for the headers. Download sections cv template

Free Accredited template

CV ref #109: Show employers that you've got the credentials they're looking for with this simple, highly effective template that allows you to showcase your awards and endorsements. Download accredited CV template

Should I include a photo on my CV?

There is no right answer to this question but some things you might want to consider are: A photo shows that you are well presented; photos put a 'face to a name'; your employer is likely to find a pic of you online anyway; you could be judged on appearance rather than ability; and photos give recruiters the opportunity to discriminate. If you are still not sure, read our article 'Should I include a CV photo?' for a discussion of the pros and cons. Want to insert a photo? Click here to watch our 'how to' video on YouTube.

Free Triple bar template

CV ref #108: This simple CV layout uses a triple bar to the left of each section to indent your information. This makes each section easier to read, whilst adding a little creative flair to your CV. Download our triple bar CV template

Free Header template

CV ref #107: This is a very classic CV template with a smart header, sub headings in a soft green colour and indented information. Simple in design but effective in presenting your information clearly and in an attractive format. Download our free header template

Free Box detail CV formatFeatured CV template!

CV ref #106: This bold CV template uses simple black and white to divide up your information in a truly eye-catching way. Other features include an impressive header and dots to indicate your skill proficiency. Download our box detail CV template

Free Blue stripes templateFeatured CV template!

CV ref #105: This one-page CV template will easily expand into two if more space is required. It uses soft blue shading to create simple headers that divide up your information and make the CV easy to read. This is a good choice if a fuss-free, professional look with no graphics is required.Download our blue stripes Word template

It’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re heading.
~ Deborah Meaden

Free B & W Contact icons templateFeatured CV template!

CV ref #104: There are so many great features to this template, it's hard to know where to begin! First, there's the super bold header (with room for a photo if you'd prefer it to using your initials). Then, there are some neat icons for your contact info, followed by an adjustable skills section. Your info is contained on one page with most of the detail in the right hand column. Headings are eye catching and the font choice is crisp and easy to read. This is a great choice for a one-page template. Download our b & w contact icons template

Free Bulleted detail Cv sample

CV ref #103: This is a simple, one-page template that can easily be edited to work over two or more pages (although no more than two is usually recommended). The template centres your content under capitalised headers and bulleted lists are used to ensure the details are easy-to-read. Download our bulleted detail template

Free Contact icons CV template (colour)

CV ref #119: This one-page template packs a lot of detail into a small space without feeling cluttered. Recognising the role of social accounts in finding a job, there's space for you to include your Twitter, Skype and LinkedIn accounts if you want to. Download our free colour contact icons template

Free Timeline CV template in Microsoft Word

CV ref #118: This highly original CV template presents your work history and education in a timeline format, allowing prospective employers to see a visual representation of your career progression. Download our timeline word cv template

Free Divided Word template

CV ref #117: A neat and simple design, this template splits your information through the use of three columns, carefully separating your core details from sundry headers and contact details. Download our divided word cv template

Free Statement piece CV format

CV ref #116: Our 'Statement Piece' template is simple in concept - spread over two pages, it uses centred headings and dividers to present your details clearly. The classc font and basic layout is a great fuss-free choice for most job roles. Download our free statement piece template

Set goals for yourself and put actionable steps in place to ensure that you achieve them. Whether you aim to get a promotion at work or set up your very own business, these ideas will only remain dreams until you write plan out how you are going to reach them by writing down realistic steps towards hitting your targets.
~ Kelly Hoppen

Free Basic CV template 2016

CV ref #115: This is a very basic CV template with all the sections you need for a standard job application. Fuss-free, it offers the simplicity that many other CV template downloads lack. Download our basic cv template

Free Functional résumé template (alternative)

CV ref #114: For those looking for a basic design that doesn't have any graphics or clutter, this could be a good choice. A larger font size is used for your name, while soft grey headers divide up your information in a logical way. Download our functional cv template

Free Creative black and white CV formatFeatured CV template!

CV ref #113: Since we launched, our creative black and white CV has attracted some of the highest download numbers. It's a one page design that uses a really good font to make an impact. Make sure you download and install the font before you start editing the file. Download our creative B & w cv template

Free Arrows CV template in MS Word

CV ref #121: Our hugely popular arrows CV template has lots of great features that make it stand out from the pile. These include a two-column layout, space for software logos, room for a photo and social accounts, together with an arrow motif and a great font. Download our arrows free cv template

Free Peach Marble CV template

CV ref #146: There are some great features in this one page CV or resume template: spots to indicate your proficiency in skills, icons, neat bullets and a creative background (which optionally can be removed). Download our peach marble template

Free Lush foliage template

CV ref #145: It's not difficult to see why we chose to name this template 'lush foliage' - it has a beautiful rich background with an inner transparent panel, coupled with an absolutely beautiful font. Bold headers and proficiency sliders finish off this super-stylish one page CV or resume format. Download our lush foliage cv template

Free Elite CV template

CV ref #144: This stunning template has the feel of a real marble tablet with gold edging, inspiring us to name to 'Elite'! It's a one page CV or resume template with lots of great features including proficiency spots. It's easy to remove the background if you'd prefer a simpler layout. Download our free elite cv template

Be inspired: Simon Woodroffe

Simon Woodroffe OBE is an renowned entrepreneur. He started YO! Sushi in 1997 and was one of ITV's 'Dragons' on the first UK series of Dragons' Den.

Making it happen

Simon WoodroffeSimon says:

'I remember telling everybody I'd be a millionaire by the time I was 20. Then I got to 20 and it was the hippy, dippy 60s and we were having a good time, so I thought I'd put it off 'til 30. Then I got to 30 and there was all the drama of being in your 30s.'

'Then I got to 40 and I'd completely forgotten to be a millionaire. It was a tear your hair out moment.'

'When you're in the deep end, you have to swim. That's when you can make things happen.'


Simon takes inspiration from his favourite poem, aptly entitled 'How to get rich': 'To win it you've got to be in it, but never be late to cut and quit bait',' he quotes. 'It's an instinct born of 40 years of earning my own living on my own wits, and believing there's no shame in an about turn.'

Lessons for success

Simon's lessons for success are:

  • Go with your gut and don't be afraid to change your mind.
  • Don't lose touch with real people and what's happening out there.
  • Listen to criticism and learn from it.
  • Remember that business is all about people at the end of the day.
  • Dig deep – in the depths of despair you'll find inspiration.
  • Do your best every day – but relax, let it play out.
  • Believe the best is yet to come.

The above is part of an interview that originally appeared on the Bank of Scotland website. Image credit: estatesgazette.

Free Feminine free template CVFeatured CV template!

CV ref #143: This beautiful one page CV or resume template has a distinctly feminine feel, with a soft pink column and floral background. The manga motif can be replaced with your own photo - or alternatively, you could 'manga yourself'! Download our free feminine word cv template

Free Cursive template

CV ref #142: This elegant one-page CV template uses a lovely cursive font together with a leaf background for a very smart layout. There are some fantastic sliders included to demonstrate skill proficiency, together with smart icons highlighting your contact information. Download our free cursive cv template

Free Manga CV template in WordFeatured CV template!

CV ref #141: Our manga CV template has a real creative feel, making it ideally suited to graphic design and other similar roles. The picture can be replaced with a photo or alternatively, you could 'manga yourself'! This template has lots of other great features besides its awesome design, including some smart icons and neat proficiency sliders. Download our free manga cv template

Green bar CV template

CV ref #140: This lovely fresh one-page CV template has distinctive green bar headers, reflected in the green bar at the edge of the page and green proficiency sliders. The optional leaf background can be removed for a simpler layout. Download our free green bar cv template

Bridges CV template

CV ref #139: A very simple but highly professional looking template, this one-page two-column layout has an awesome hobbies section and room for a large photo at the top. Why not use a service like Place it to make an original photo using a project or design you've created? Download our bridges cv template

Marbled CV template

CV ref #138: Look closely at our one page 'marbled' template and you'll see that the design is, in fact, flowing water. It makes for a lovely (optional) background to this very smart template which uses two columns and coordinating headers and icons to create a superb CV or resume design. Download our marbled cv template

Fresh CV template

CV ref #137: This one page CV template has a fresh, interesting design with a half-page background, space for a photo and icons for both contact details and hobbies. Download our fresh cv template

Take a leaf CV template

CV ref #136: A stunning one-page CV or resume template wwtih adjustable skills indicators, a lovely (optional) leaf background and an attractive leaf motif in the header. Download our take-a-leaf template

City style CV template

CV ref #135: A super two-column resume layout that works perfectly when not too much detail is required. Split into two columns, there are some great features to this template, including the optional graphic header, matching colour scheme and lovely hobbies icons. Download our city-style word resume template

Journey CV template

CV ref #134: Take a journey with us towards your dream job! This stylish one page CV or resume template has an optional 'journey' themed background, optional space for a photo and two columns for your information. The second column presents your work history and education in an innovative 'timeline' format, and allows you to showcase your skills with adjustable proficiency sliders. Download our 'journey' cv template

Featured CV template: 'Coasting'Featured CV template!

Coasting CV template

CV ref #133: Our 'coasting' CV template has a simple two column design with lots of space to keep the look and feel clean. The crisp font, attractive headers and smart icons are all visual aids that present your information in an attractive way; while the proficiency slider and document 'binder' corner add further originality to the design. The coastal background is removable if desired.

Download our 'coasting' cv template

Free Typeface template

CV ref #79 Typeface : Yet another version of our popular typeface résumé template, this CV format makes use of the Courier New font throughout for a quirky 'typed up' appearance. Download Typeface CV template (version 3)

Free Typeface alternative template

CV ref #78 Typeface alternative : Retaining the drawn border effect but making use of an easy-to-read font choice, this is an alternative to our ever popular Typeface résumé template for you to customise. Download Typeface CV (alternative)

Free High school graduate template

CV ref #77 High School Graduate : Our high school graduate résumé template format is a very simple affair with just the basics for you to fill out. Download High school graduate CV template

Free School leavers CV template

CV ref #76 School leavers curriculum vitae template : This simple school leavers' template offers the sections you need in a clean, clear layout.Download School leavers curriculum vitae template

Free College graduate template

CV ref #75 College Graduate : This simple CV template is the ideal starting point to creating an impressive graduate CV when you don't have a lot of experience to include. Download College graduate CV template

Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!
~ Andrew Carnegie

Free Bold black template (alternative)Featured CV template!

CV ref #74 Bold black (alternative) : Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching CV format that is sure to help set you apart from other candidates. Download Alternative bold black template

Free Functional grey CV template

CV ref #73 Functional grey curriculum vitae template : The simple grey boxes on this CV template help to catch the eye, without obscuring your important information. Download Functional grey curriculum vitae template

Free Written headers CV template

CV ref #72 Written headers CV template : A touch of handwriting using the Bradley Hand ITC font gives this résumé template a more informal feel Download Written headers CV template

Free Well drawn CV template

CV ref #71 Well drawn CV template : There's a slightly hand drawn feel to this neat résumé template with its boxy border and use of the Chaparrel Pro Light font. Download Well drawn CV template

Free Typeface CV template

CV ref #70 Typeface résumé template : Using the Kaiti font, this résumé template format looks like it's straight off the printing press. Download Typeface résumé template

Free soft blue résumé

CV ref #69 : The combination of two superb fonts and some simple soft blue touches creates a stylish and professional looking format for your résumé.Download free soft blue résumé

Smart soft green résumé template

CV ref #68 : A light green chunky border and soft green headings using a bold choice of font make for a subtle well designed résumé template. Download Smart soft green résumé template

Simple Sage template

CV ref #67 : The choice of the Segoe UI font, neat double sage green border and attractive green headings add subtle detail to this attractive résumé.Download Simple Sage template

Featured CV template: Grey headersFeatured CV template!

CV template with grey headers

CV ref #27: A great basic CV template with a small design detail. The grey centralised headings of this clean CV template use courier font to give it a quirky modern feel. Download CV template with grey headers

Secretary CV template

CV ref #66 : A fabulous typewriter key heading gives this brilliant résumé template a quirky feel, perfect for secretarial or administrative job applications. Download Secretary CV template

Sage green template

CV ref #65 : Smart sage green headings, lines and a simple border add interest to this clean and simple résumé template that is ideal for a multitude of roles. Download Sage green template

Retro orange template

CV ref #64 : This résumé template has just a touch of retro - its titles are in the Bauhaus 93 font and it uses a 70s orange colour for the headers and border. Download Retro orange template

Purple flair résumé template (alt)

CV ref #63 : A twist on our popular purple flair résumé template which makes use of the Lucida Console font for a typewritten finish. Download Purple flair résumé template

Pieced together template

CV ref #62 : This intriguing résumé reminds us a little of a ransom note but with plenty of styling to keep it smart and professional. Download Pieced together template

Neat orange résumé template

CV ref #61 : This well designed résumé template features a subtle orange border, orange headings and sub headings, and chunky circle bullets to organise your information. Download Neat orange résumé template

Neatly written curriculum vitae template

CV ref #60 : A neat black and grey handwritten résumé template that makes use of an adorable font. Download Neatly written curriculum vitae template

Narrow lilac templateFeatured CV template!

CV ref #59 : A neat template that is professional, thoughtful and well organised, reflecting yuor best qualities. Download Narrow lilac template

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better.
~ Jim Rohn

Basic resume template

CV ref #58 : This is our most basic résumé template with plenty of sections for all of your information and prompts to help you fill everything in correctly. Download Basic resume template

Make an impact CV/resume template

CV ref #57 : Using the bold, brash impact font for your name and the headings, coupled with neat lines to section off your information, this crisp résumé allows your application to stand out. Download Make an impact CV/resume template

Classic green résumé template (alternative)

CV ref #56 : An alternative version of our classic green résumé template using traditional Times New Roman, with a soft green border and large bolder green headings. Download Classic green résumé template (alternative)

Purple flair résumé templateFeatured CV template!

CV ref #55 : A soft purple border, large strong purple headings and a traditional font make this résumé template a fantastic choice for a wide variety of roles. Download Purple flair résumé template

Lilac bullets Simple Resume template

CV ref #54 : Clean, fresh and attractive, this résumé template is very subtle in design but doesn't want for anything more. Download Lilac bullets Simple Resume template

Headliner CV template

CV ref #53 : All black and white, the résumé template has a crisp, clean feel to it and like all of our templates, it is easy to customise to meet your needs. If you're looking for a template in the best resume format (clutter and fuss free), this could be for you. Download Headliner CV template

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
~ Michael John Bobak

Handwritten curriculum vitae template

CV ref #52 : This smart, clean template has a slightly informal twist. Download Handwritten curriculum vitae template

Grey box templateFeatured CV template!

CV ref #51 : Our grey box résumé template has a thick grey border around the outside to create a bold impression. Download Grey box template

Grey black split template

CV ref #50 : This smart grey and black résumé template features a soft thick grey border around the edge of the page and eye catching headings in an awesome font. Download Grey black split template

Classic green template

CV ref #49 : With large headings in the Cambria font, a soft green border and stronger green titles, this is a really classic résumé template with enough colour to catch your recruiter's attention. Download Classic green template

Burgundy shadows templateFeatured CV template!

CV ref #48 : An elegant CV template that uses the classic Garamond font for a professional finish. Incorportating Burgundy accents in the subtle details. Download Burgundy shadows template

Broken border curriculum vitae template

CV ref #47 : This attractive résumé template features an eye catching broken border in dark purple, and matching dark purple headers. Download Broken border curriculum vitae template

Bright crayons template

CV ref #46 : Our Bright Crayons résumé template is perfect for roles where a sense of fun is required - it uses a creative font combined with bright primary colours and a 'hand drawn' border. Download Bright crayons template

Blue college graduate CV template

CV ref #45 : This alternative version of our college blue CV template has just a splash of blue colour in the headings. Download Blue college graduate CV template

Bold black template

CV ref #44 : A distinctive résumé template that uses large headings in the smart Garamond font and a thick grey border to make a strong impact. Download Bold black template

Guide to resume formats:

Whilst CVs follow a fairly standard layout (see how to write a CV below), resumes come in different formats. These include:

  • Chronological resume format: Work history is listed in order, most recent first. If you’re not sure which resume type to provide, choose this one – it’s what most employers prefer.
  • Functional resume format: This type of resume focuses on skills and experience, with less emphasis on work history. You’ll notice that we have quite a few templates of this type available in the collection. This format works well for roles where skills are more important than work history to the role. It’s also a great choice for candidates with gaps in their employment history or little formal work experience (remember: you can include other types sagof experience such as volunteering, community projects and freelance work).
  • Combination resume format: This resume format combines the best of the chronological and functional resume. You’ll highlight skills, but also provide the chronological work history (most recent position first). It’s a flexible format that allows you to showcase your best selling points.
  • Targeted resume format: This is not really a format but more of an approach. It means that you adapt your resume to the specific job position you’re applying for. Having studied the job description, you will match the format of your resume to showcase the particular specifications that the recruiter is looking for. For example, if academic qualifications are really important to the position, these should be emphasised on the resume; but if experience is more important, the work history will be the focal point. In our view (and that of many other recruitment experts), a CV or resume should always be targeted, unless the recruiter asks for something else specifically.

Beige retro template

CV ref #43 : The bulk of text on this very smart résumé is in simple Arial font - clear, crisp and unmistakable. However, the headings add a little retro twist. Download Beige retro template

Beige press template

CV ref #42 : A smart template that's hot off the press! This beige themed template features an attractive double border and taupe-coloured headings to divide up the sections for your information. Download Beige press template

Apple accents template

CV ref #41 : A smart fresh résumé template with apple green accents that makes use of an attractive classic font. Download Apple accents template

Keyword template

CV ref #40 : Keyword CVs have seen an increase in popularity and this CV template is just perfect for creating your own. The top blue bands allow you to add relevant keywords such as particular skills you have that the employer is look for. These are valuable for searching through CVs online - and also for ensuring the employer quickly spots what they want to see without having to delve too far into the detail. Download Keyword template

Basic CV template (alt)Featured CV template!

CV ref #39 : A different version of our most basic CV template, this clean template uses a different style of alignment to help make your CV stand out from the pile. Download Basic CV template (alt)

Basic resume template

CV ref #38 : Our basic CV template has the simplest layout of our collection, with sections for your personal information, education, career and skills divided up by simple horizontal lines. Download Basic resume template

Two column narrow template

CV ref #37 : A neat CV template that uses Arial Narrow, with Burgundy headers and a matching Burgundy border. Some smart alignment at the top adds interesting detail to this professional CV template. Download Two column narrow template

Verdana template

CV ref #36 : If you've been looking around for a very simple understated but well laid out CV template, then this CV format which uses the Verdana font throughout could be perfect for you. Download Verdana template

Typewriter template

CV ref #35 : A clean and simple CV template with a twist - the text is all aligned in the centre of the page and the CV makes use of the Courier New font for a quirky 'typewriter' feel. Download Typewriter template

Featured CV template: IconsFeatured CV template!

Icon CV template

CV ref #34: This super-smart one page CV or resume template has lots of incredible features that help it to stand out from the crowd. The eye-catching header has a lovely subtle gradient background, with icons for your contact information. At the top, there's a stylish timeline to show your career progression, followed by a neat personal statement section presented as your 'life philosophy'. Underneath there's space to write more about yourself and to the right, there are adjustable skills boxes to show proficiency in your skill areas. Finally, the hobbies section is iillustrated with stylish icons. This is a great one-page template that works well where the focus is on skills rather than the detail of your work history. Download Icon template

Two column blue template

CV ref #33 : This CV template uses the font style ‘Impact’ for the heading. Such a bold font style will catch the attention of the employer. The template also uses a small injection of blue to add a dash of colour. The simple and logical layout will make it easy to navigate. Download Two column blue template

Stylish template

CV ref #32 : This is a great example of a clean and simple template. Your CV should always make it easy for the reader to quickly move from one section to the next. This template does exactly that, with no frills and no fuss. Your contact details are neatly sectioned off to the top left. Download Stylish template

Modern centred Arial template

CV ref #31 : This template focuses around the theme of centralising your information. Using the font Arial, the colour scheme is mainly black but with grey colour for your contact details. With a larger font for the headings along with lines underneath each section, this makes it much easier to navigate from one to the next. The template aims to be as simple and professional as possible. Download Modern centred Arial template

Classic border CV template

CV ref #30 : Using the Times New Roman font, this CV template is a stylish choice for a traditional CV format. The template also features a simple 1 pixel border running around the edge. All the expected sections are present, but you can add more if you wish. Each section is clearly labelled with a header in a larger font. The use of green for your name adds a little creativity to the template, but can be changed to any colour if desired. Download Classic border CV template

Centred Modern CV template

CV ref #29 : Making great use of the font style Impact for the headings, this bold CV template focuses on a centred theme. Each heading uses a larger and bolder font to make each section stand out. This style of CV template will assist those that have a lot of information to add, and will make it easier to present your details in a clear and neat format. Download Centred Modern CV template

CV template with bold headings

CV ref #28 : A well crafted design which uses the font Montserrat for the main heading. There are lots of sections available for you to add all of your information. Each section can also be renamed if you wish, and you can also simply copy and paste to add more. The main feature of this template is the large, bold font for your name right at the top. Download CV template with bold headings

Two column Arial narrow template

CV ref #26 : A smart and professionally presented CV template which uses the Arial Narrow font. This font is the perfect choice if you have a lot of information to add and don’t want to take up too much space. The title of each section sits to the left of the page allowing your information to sit on the right. Short, thin lines divide each section helping the employer to easily move from one section to the next. Download Two column Arial narrow template

Black and white two column template

CV ref #25 : With neat and organised sections, this CV template uses the classic Arial font – a straight forward professional choice. Capitalised headings for each section make it easier for the employer to search through your information. Your name, in a large size and bold, sits at the top left of the page along with your contact details. This will help to make your name memorable and invite the employer to contact you. Download Black and white two column template

Orange and blue creative template

CV ref #24 : A fresh and modern design describes this CV template, using orange and blue effectively to bring colour to your application. Icons are used to highlight each section, and to bring a unique and creative feel to this template. Moving away from the more common and traditional fonts, this template uses the font style called Aparajita. Not only will this eye catching and creative template grab the attention of the employer, it’s also very easy to edit to suit your needs perfectly. Download Orange and blue creative template

Burgundy creative CV template

CV ref #23 : With the increasing number of CV templates making use of colour, our team of experts have created a professionally styled template using burgundy. A subtle but effective use of colour to highlight your name right at the top of the page and as a border at the bottom. Straying away from the common fonts usually associated with a CV, this template uses the Aparajita font. Your personal profile is invited to be written on the left hand side of the page, leaving ample space for your main content. Download Burgundy creative CV template

Featured CV template: Light purple creative

Light purple creative CV template

CV ref #22: This eye-catching CV template in light purple features your personal information highlighted in the 'face' of the background design. Download Light purple creative template

Light blue creative template

CV ref #21 : Using light blue as the main theme, this CV template incorporates both your name and a short personal profile at the top of the first page. The template also uses light blue colour for the title of each section, making it much easier for the employer to navigate between sections. The photo at the top right of the page is completely your choice as it can be easily removed. A blue line also separates each section creating a simple but effective professional layout. Download Light blue creative template

Orange creative template

CV ref #20 : Our professionally designed CV template has a stylish and modern orange theme. Boxes have been included for any section you’d like to add – achievements, core skills, work experience, and more. Your name sits vertically down the left hand side of the template in large colourful letters, making a memorable impression and setting up your details nicely. Our CV template uses the Bebas Neue font which you can download easily from our website. Download Orange creative template

Red creative template

CV ref #18 : This smart and stylish red themed CV is the perfect choice for a wide range of jobs. Your name is highlighted in a large grey font at the top, along with your professional title underneath in red. The photo adds a nice touch to the top of the page, but can be changed to any graphic you like, or even removed altogether. Your personal profile can be written at the top of the page above your contact details, which adds a nice touch to this modern design. Download Red creative template

Apple green creative template

CV ref #17 : Our experts have created a professional CV template with an apple green theme. This template moves your contact details to the bottom of the page so the employer is instantly drawn to your objective and career history section at the start of the CV. Apple green icons create stunning titles to each section, and segregated boxes allow for easy navigation. Download Apple green creative template

Blue creative template

CV ref #16 : When you want to demonstrate your creative flair, this template is the perfect choice. Our blue themed CV template has a very neat and organised layout. A professionally presented template which uses the font called Impact, which can be easily downloaded from our page. The theme of light blue continues throughout the template and is used for the headings of each section. Your professional title sits nicely at the top of the best in a large font. A very eye catching CV template which will instantly grab the attention of the hiring manager. Download Blue creative template

Featured CV template: purple creative

Purple creative CV template

CV ref #19: Our dark purple CV template contains many different elements to help your CV to stand out from the rest. Download Purple creative CV template

Creative sage green template

CV ref #15 : Our creative and eye catching sage green themed CV template may just be what you need to stand out from the rest of your competition. Making use of a fantastic font called Masterplan (which you can download from our page), this CV template also uses graphical icons to make each section stand out. Straying from the traditional layout, our sage themed CV template has your professional title down the left hand side of the page. Like all of our CV templates, this can be edited in Microsoft Word to suit your needs. Download Creative sage green template

Smart boxes template

CV ref #14 : #14 – One of the main features of this template is the graphic which sits at the top of the page and behind the main sections. Each section has been separated into its own box to make it easier to navigate the page. Your objective or personal statement also has its own box with a green background. This will create an eye catching introduction to your CV. Download Smart boxes template

Two column template

CV ref #13 : The idea behind the design of this template is to keep it simple but with a little touch of colour. This professional looking CV template uses a blue font for your name so it stands out. Your professional title sits neatly underneath your name with your personal contact details on the opposite side. Having the sub headings for each section placed to the left of your details creates an easy to read and navigate CV template. Download Two column template

Stylish Garamond template

CV ref #12 : With a thin line straight down the left hand side of the page, this CV template looks to split your name and contact details from the rest of your information. Using the font Garamond, our CV template is a no frills design that can be edited and adjusted to fit your needs. Garamond is fast becoming one of the most popular fonts to use for a CV, as it looks professional and sits neatly on the page. Download Stylish Garamond template

Clinical template

CV ref #11 : If you prefer the traditional black and white professional CV template – then look no further. This straight forward CV template makes it very quick and easy to add your information. Your name and contact details sit neatly right at the top of the page, and has been centred. Each subheading is in bold with a larger font, which makes it simple to read. All of the sections are laid out in an expected logical order, but you are able to edit and change anything you wish. Our template is free to download and can be amended to fit any information on you like. Download Clinical template

Garamond CV template with border

CV ref #10 : If you are after a CV template that gets the job done whilst providing a professional structure, this is the template for you. Using the very popular Garamond font, each section has been separated by a think black line to create a simple but effective presentation. Each subheading has been capitalised, but this can be changed if you prefer. This classic CV template style makes for a quick and easy way to present your information. Download Garamond CV template with border

Garamond CV template with grey headers

CV ref #9 : Taking the standard CV structure and adding a little style to it with grey headers creates a stylish template. Each subheading is in a larger bold font, and has also been capitalised for a greater impact. The subheadings are also centred to make each section stand out. Those of you that don’t want to have bold colours may prefer this more subtle approach with our light grey theme. Download Garamond CV template with grey headers

Neat and simple template

CV ref #8 : If you’re after a more simple CV template design – then this could be the one for you. Our designers have used the classic Times New Roman font to create a professional design. One of the most popular fonts for the CV, you are choosing a very safe option for your presentation. Changing the font however is very simple, and all you have to do is select anything you want to change, edit, cut or copy. Simple lines going across the page separate each section nicely, and with adequate spacing you are going to make the employer’s job very easy. Download Neat and simple template

Featured CV template: 'Jet trail'Featured CV template!

Jet trail CV template

CV ref #7 : This super smart CV template has a grey background and lots of nice details.

Download Jet trail CV template with grey border

Simple Tahoma template

CV ref #6 : The Tahoma font is the main theme of this CV template, creating a very different look from the more popular fonts. Another major factor in the design of this template is the centralisation of all the information. With each subheading in a bold and larger font floating above each section, the employer will have an easy task of finding what they want. This modern and neat design aims to present your information in a subtle but meaningful way, drawing the reader into the centre of your page. Download Simple Tahoma template

Georgia template

CV ref #5 : This CV template uses a font called Georgia to great effect. A very tidy and well spaced out presentation makes it very easy to navigate from one section to the next. The name and contact details sit neatly at the top and have been centred for more of an impact. Each section can be edited accordingly, and you can also add or remove any of the sections as required. Download Georgia template

Simple Garamond template

CV ref #4 : The Garamond font is a fantastic professional font to use for your CV. It fits neatly on the page and is easy to read quickly. A soft and neat grey line runs smoothly down the left hand side of the page, with breaks in between each section. This creates a subtle way of dividing each section without having to use boxes. The lines will expand as you add more information, so don’t worry about running out of space. As with all of our free CV templates you can edit, add or remove anything as desired to make it your own. Download Simple Garamond template

Simple Word template

CV ref #3 : If you’re looking for a CV template that gets straight to the point with no fuss – this is the template for you. Not all employers look for colourful creative CV templates, and with this design we wanted to keep it fairly simple. With just a light grey line down the left hand side and also splitting the contact details at the top; we’ve created a no frills template to keep things straight forward. This third version of our simple CV template is the perfect example of how to stick with a traditional design. Download Simple Word template

Simple CV template (alternative)

CV ref #2 : This CV template has been designed to keep things simple and have no distractions from the main content. The name and contact details have been centred at the top of the page and separated using a thin grey line. This clean and simple design remains professional throughout and uses a standard classic font. Using a universal design and layout, you can also edit and change anything you like. Free to download and completely customisable, this template gets straight to the heart of your information. Download Simple CV template (alternative)

Simple template

CV ref #1 : If you or the employer are not into fancy fonts or creative graphics, then this CV template is the perfect choice. Whilst remaining professional with an easy to read and navigate font, our CV template is completely free to download and is easy to edit. A thin grey line separates the centralised name and contact details from the main information, creating a nice introduction. Certain careers require a no nonsense simple approach to CV creation, which is why we’ve designed this CV template to keep things as professional as possible. Download Simple template

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How to write the perfect CV

There are lots of people that write a great CV but still don’t make it to the interview stage. There could be many reasons for this – poor formatting, spelling mistakes, and much more.

Making a few errors is a sure fire way of getting your CV rejected, but even if you have a well written CV there are still lots of reasons why the hiring manager may turn you down.

To give you the very best possible opportunity of making it to the interview stage, here are 10 secrets to writing the perfect CV and making a great first impression:

Choose a CV template

No longer do you have to suffer for hours in front of your computer trying to adjust and align your CV template to fit on all the sections. Instead, why not simply search through the hundreds of ready made CV templates and insert your details within a matter of minutes?

There are even templates which have specifically been designed for your career, so finding the right one for you should be easy. Even if you don’t want to use a pre-made CV template, it could inspire your own design and they are easily adjustable.

Customise your CV to the role

An employer can easily spot a generic CV, and although it may seem like an arduous task re-writing your CV for each role you apply to, this will make a huge difference to the hiring manager who is looking for a candidate that is dedicated to the role.

A well tailored CV shows the company that you care, and have taken note of what they are looking for in a candidate. Also look to align your CV with the company’s culture, and use industry jargon where possible to showcase your expertise.

Size matters

Try to stick within the standard two pages for your CV, and cut out anything that’s irrelevant and doesn’t add value to your application. Anything longer then two pages runs the risk of boring the reader, and whether you’re the right person or not could get lost within your lengthy sentences.

Check, double check, and triple check

Don’t send out your CV until you’ve checked it numerous times for any spelling or grammatical errors. Just the one small error could be enough to decrease your chances of an interview, and spending a few minutes re-reading your CV could prevent any silly mistakes.

Consider having your CV proofread by a professional to ensure it’s up to scratch. It’s always sensible to have another pair of eyes check your CV, not only for errors, but to also offer some advice on how you could improve your application.

Be positive

The hiring manager wants to read a CV that oozes confidence, and doesn’t want to have any doubt in your abilities. Don’t worry about what you can’t do and always focus upon your achievements and what you have to offer the company.

Even if you don’t fully match all of the requirements, you can still be the right person for the job. Don’t be discouraged by a lack of a couple of skills if you still have what it takes to perform well. Highlight all the relevant strengths and forget about your weaknesses.

Write a personal statement

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add some personality to your CV, and to help push the employer in the right direction. A personal statement can have a great impact on your chances of success, and make your CV more personable.

Give a brief summary of your achievements, what you are looking to achieve in the future, and what you can bring to the role. This reaffirms your dedication to the industry and the role that’s on offer.

Provide evidence

Your CV is not worth the paper it’s written on if you make bold claims that you can’t back up. How is the hiring manager meant to trust what you have to say if you don’t provide any examples or evidence of your past performances and achievements?

Stay clear of having too many cliché statements, and instead look to add credibility to your CV by providing examples of how you performed well. This could be an explanation of an idea that generated revenue or cut down the time for a process, or it could be actual sales figures showing how many targets you’ve hit over the years.

Cut out the waffle

Your CV should get straight to the point and only contain information which is relevant to the role. With literally hundreds of other applicants all requesting an interview, the employer has to make a quick decision on who they want to see. Don’t overcomplicate your CV, and highlight all the main points in an easy to read and navigate CV.

Give clear headings to each section so there is no misunderstanding, and use bullet points wherever possible so the manager can quickly skim through your details and see that you have what they’re looking for.

Have an online profile and portfolio

Having an online profile is like having an extended CV, and you can sneakily add extra information by providing links to websites like LinkedIn to showcase your work history, skills, qualifications and achievements.

Most employers now expect a candidate to have an online profile, so without one you could be already at a disadvantage to other applications. Using links on your CV could also be a great way for you to showcase your work, whether it’s a website or video creation, you can easily provide the employer access to your online portfolio for extra brownie points.

Don’t forget Facebook

Although Facebook isn’t a platform for job seekers to use as a professional work profile, this doesn’t mean that an employer won’t Google you to see what the internet has to say about you. Take care when adding photos from crazy drunken nights out, and make sure they are kept private so an employer can’t find them online.

A curious employer will sometimes want to get a better understanding of who you are, and they can’t always do that with your CV. Do you fit into the company’s culture? Are you a family man, or do you like to party all the time?

It won’t matter how qualified you are for the role if the employer doesn’t take you seriously or think you are committed to your career. Facebook or other social media sites can sometimes paint a picture of someone in a bad light, no matter how inaccurate it may be. Be careful not to give off the wrong impression and double check what your profiles have to say about you.

If you get a call back for an interview – fantastic news!

We also offer some great advice on interview techniques and much more. Visit our job interviewing section for more info.

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