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Medical technologist CV/résumé example

A tidy résumé template filled out for a medical technologist to inspire you when creating your own résumé for a similar position. The two column layout uses Arial and Arial Black - two simple classic fonts that are perfect for presenting your information without fuss or clutter. The columns contain your personal information on the left for easy access by your employer, and your work experience, qualifications and other details on the right split into neat sections divided by clear section headings. A well laid out CV template that is perfect for a wide variety of roles.

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About this CV template:

Our medical technologist CV example contains dummy information to inspire you when filling in your CV or résumé for a similar role. Really, this template will work just fine for almost any role, having sections that are universally applicable across a wide range of sections. The template begins with an objectives section which is your chance to show your employer why you are ideally suited to the role you're applying for. After this, you'll find the usual work experience and education sections - don't forget to carefully highlight any particular experience, achievements or qualifications that are particularly relevant to the job vacancy. Finally there's a skills section where you can add in any certified skills or training you've received that is relevant to the job. If you have other types of skills or training that are indirectly relevant, you can split the skills section into two: relevant skills and other skills, allowing you to list for example evidence of computer literacy which may be desirable even if it is not a core part of the role.

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Why making a great first impression matters – how to write a CV 

Did you know that the average time the hiring manager takes over reading a CV is about 20-30 seconds? With so little time being spent reading a CV you can imagine how difficult it is to write a CV that provides that wow factor!

However all is not lost as we’re here to let you into a few secrets on how to make your CV stand out, and give a fantastic first impression.

Check for any spelling or grammatical errors 

The first thing a hiring manager will notice is a spelling mistake, and it only takes just one small slip to scupper your chances of gaining that all important interview. Grammatical errors also have the same effect, and if the employer has sixty two applications to sort through you can understand how easy it would be for them to put a CV with basic errors on the no pile.

It may not matter how qualified and experienced you are for the role, as such a simple mistake is typically more than enough to put you on the ‘no’ pile. Remember, you are very likely not the only person that is right for the job, and it makes complete sense for the employer to choose someone else over you if there CV is 100% free of mistakes.

Presentation and layout 

Your CV has to be easy on the eye, especially when so little time is spent reading it. Making it easy for the hiring manager is the key to success, as they will be more likely to choose you over a candidate that presents there information in a sloppy way.

Space each section out correctly ensuring you don’t tie too many sentences together. Long paragraphs will generally be ignored, so keep everything concise and to the point, only offering relevant information as well as highlighting the vital expectations of the employer.

Typically a CV should only be two pages long, however there are some professions that require three pages due to the extent of the experience and qualifications required. A medical CV for example will often easily take up three pages and would be expected in that particular industry.

One page is obviously too short and you’ll confuse the hiring manager into thinking they’ve lost the other page!

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