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Manga free CV template

This absolutely stunning CV template features an optional manga image in the top left corner which can be replaced with anything you like. Photographers, illustrators, architects and designers will immediately see the potential for dropping in some of their own work as a mini showcase - while others may just wish to change the top left corner for a shaded rectangle. There are some key fonts to download before you get started with this unique template which ensure that the end result retains its manga feel - however, like all of our templates, you can switch around the fonts and really make this design your own - the skyscraper's the limit! (and of course, that's replaceable too!)

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A truly stunning original CV template that is just waiting to be customised with your choice of images and colours - or keep it the same if the manga look is job appropriate! Be sure to install the fonts needed before you get started.

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The top 3 CV mistakes and how to avoid them

Making just one mistake on your CV could prevent any chance you had of gaining an interview. The worst part about your CV containing mistakes is that you may never even realise, and could continue to plague your career chances time and time again.

Here’s our list of the top mistakes made on a CV…

Inappropriate e-mail address

If your e-mail address is something funny or silly like ‘’ this is going to come across as unprofessional and won’t look very good on your CV. Your email address is typically right at the top of the first page of your CV along with your other contact details, so will be one of the first things the hiring manager sees.

It can reflect negatively on the seriousness of your application, so we would always advise to use an e-mail address that contains your name – ‘’.

Spelling and grammatical errors

This is by far the most common mistake you’ll find on a CV, and will always continue to be present no matter how many times people use spell check. The best way to ensure your CV is completely error free is to have it checked by a professional.

Ideally your CV should be checked by someone who has experience with reading CVs and hiring – so a manager would be ideal. You should also ask them to check your CV for its quality as an added bonus!


Taking care over how your CV looks is essential when it comes to making that all important great first impression. There are no second chances when it comes to how you present your information on a CV, so don’t be careless when it comes to choosing the right font, the right spacing, the right sections, the right margins, and so on.

A well presented, professionally designed CV will often make up for a lack of qualifications, skills and experience in a particular role. So if you have any doubts or concerns as to whether or not this will hinder your chances, making sure your CV is well presented is an essential step to take.

If you do however have everything the employer requested on the job advert, then ensuring your CV looks great is just another reason why the employer should hire you.

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