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A simple colour scheme works so well with this bold, beautiful three-page CV template. Navy blue headings, a single-side border and text give the CV a classic look, while the blue heading borders add a colour-pop that helps them to stand out.

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James Grey

Investment Banker

25 Shrewsbury Avenue, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8DY

Phone: 07984 111 222 | Email:

LinkedIn: jamesgrey56

Executive Summary

  • I am a top-performing, commercially astute and multilingual Investment Banker with impeccable research, quantitative and analytical capabilities.
  • I have exceptional communication, networking and relationship management skills adapted from my confident, engaging and outgoing personality.
  • Demonstrating a strong client orientation with the resilience and tenacity to exceed demanding business objectives and performance targets.
  • I am fluent in Spanish, German, English and Italian.

Career Summary

Trainee | Associate | Investment Banker

Lazard | October 2009-Present 

I originally joined Lazard on their graduate training programme which was an intensive three-year programme before progressing to associate level and I have since then quickly progressed through the ranks and became a fully fledged Investment Banker. During this time I have specialised in acquisitions, bonds and shares, lending, mergers and privatisations. I provide my specialist expertise in relation to buying and selling securities, bond and equity financing and profit forecasting and risk analysis.

Key Achievements

  • Instrumental in managing a range of financial services to a number of leading institutions and government bodies and providing direct insight into corporate, strategic and financial opportunities.
  • Cultivated strong working partnerships with lawyers, accountants and financial officers and taking full ownership for maintaining my knowledge of financial and legal regulations.
  • Utilised personal understanding and experience of investment banking products including M&A, capital markets and financing.

Investment Banking Analyst

JP Morgan Chase | June-September 2009

I secured a 9-week programme that covered accounting fundamentals, financial modelling, valuation and Excel. I also got to try my hand at developing my core investment banking skills to help me to develop my client acquisition skills and I was fortunate to be involved in deals and transactions and engage with clients and international teams.

Key Achievements

  • Undertook detailed financial modelling and presented a range of solutions to clients and received highly positive client feedback for conduct and professional approach.
  • Devised presentation materials for use in client meetings, which included strategic alternatives, capital markets activity and general corporate finance.
  • Supported with all stages of transaction executions, from the pitch phase through to closure.

Investment Banking Analyst

Goldman Sachs | June-September 2008

I completed a week internship as part of the Bank’s summer internship programme. I covered a number of business areas including Consumer and Investment Management, Corporate and Workplace Solutions and Global Compliance.

Key Achievements

  • Astutely identified a range of market development and emerging developments that were proposed to clients which enabled several clients to achieve significant returns on their investments.
  • Conducted sector and company research, advanced specialised sector themes; performed quantitative analysis, financial modelling, credit and valuation analysis and prepared for a range of client presentations.

James is a first-rate investment banker. I have worked with him on several transactions over the last few years, where he has demonstrated well-honed deal execution skills, gained from many years of experience. He is a strong team player and a great relationship person. He is ambitious, driven and very highly regarded. A quality guy.

Noel Greenson, Founder at Beta Advisory Partners



University of Oxford, Said Business Studies (Presently Undertaking)

BA Economics and Management (1st Class hons)

University of Oxford, Said Business School (2006-2009)

  • Received full scholarship to attend the prestigious University of Oxford in recognition of my impressive sporting achievements, including representing my school at county level in rowing, cricket and rugby
  • I achieved the highly coveted position of Head of Sports Societies within the Student Union whilst at University
  • Received University Dean Award for impressive academic performance throughout my degree

A Level English (A), Economics (A*), Mathematics (A*) and Business (A*)

Southampton Grammar School (2002-2006)

12 GCSEs A*-B Including English and Mathematics

Southampton Grammar School (2002-2004)


Hobbies & Interests

  • I enjoy competitive sports and I am an accomplished sportsman; having competed whilst at School at county level for Cricket, Rugby and Rowing which enabled me to secure a scholarship whilst at University. I rowed for my college whilst at University and I continued this passion ever since when time allows outside of my demanding job.
  • I enjoy international travel and enjoy the benefit of being raised in a multilingual family; my mother is Spanish and Father Italian so I have spent much of time residing in these countries during the holidays. I am fluent in Spanish, German, English and Italian.

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Tips for your investment banker CV

Key sections

Your investment banker CV should include the following as a minimum:

  • Name, address, phone and email – don’t include any other unnecessary personal information, such as religion, to reduce the risk of discrimination.
  • LinkedIn profile – use this to expand on your CV, and to showcase endorsements and recommendations. Find out how here.
  • Personal profile – alternatively called a personal statement or executive summary. Use this to explain exactly why you meet the requirements of the role, and any key ‘selling points’. Here’s how to develop a USP for your investment banker CV.
  • Work history – with your most recent or current role first. Focus on skills and experience that match those the employer is looking for. Include achievements for each role, using action verbs.
  • Education – typically listed with the highest qualification first.
  • Affiliations – as an investment banker, you will likely be affiliated with one or more professional organisations such as the CISI. Be sure to include details as these show an interest in professional standards and a passion for your industry.
  • Hobbies and interests – although these are not strictly necessary (and you may need to sacrifice them if you’re short on space), they do help prospective employers build a better picture of your character and how you might fit into their team. They can also be used to provide further evidence of valuable skills, and/or to show an interest in your health and wellbeing. Find out more here.

Printed copies

The smartest CV template in the world simply won’t look as good as it should unless you print on good quality paper and using a good printer. If you don’t have one, visit the local library or print shop. It’s worth paying more to get a good result.

A well-presented CV tells prospective employers that you care about the job application enough to make an effort. Although you may be applying online, it’s still a good idea to print off a few high quality copies. You can take extra copies with you to the interview, so you can hand them out. The manager may not always bring a copy of your CV into the interview and it’s not uncommon to have more than one interviewer, who may not have a copy – so take the initiative and make sure they have one. You can also have your own copy to refer to during the interview.

Click here for more information on what type of paper your CV or résumé should be printed on.

Cover letter

The hiring manager wants to know how you fit the job specification, what you have that sets you apart from other candidates and what value/benefits you’ll bring to their company. Although your CV will provide this information over various sections, the cover letter ties together this key information.

A cover letter is often first thing a prospective employer will read. Keep it focused and on point – they won’t have time to scan through pages of information for the details they need. Here’s a great guide to getting the cover letter right.

Covering letter for an investment banker role – key points:

  • Do your research on the company and the role before you write the covering letter (and CV)
  • Tailor the letter to the exact job and employer
  • Do summarise why you meet the key requirements but don’t simply regurgitate what your CV already says
  • Highlight your unique combination of skills, qualifications and experience, which together make up your USP
  • Pick out two or three relevant key achievements
  • Explain what attracted you to the role
  • Say why you want to work for the employer
  • Keep it to the point – respect the recruiter’s time

NB – this CV template was originally published 11th February 2016 and has been completely updated for 2021.

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