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A free very well organised Warehouse Operative CV template with grey band headers dividing up each section and the professional-looking Garamond font used throughout. Perfect if you're looking for a fuss-free template with great organisation of information and only a hint of styled elements.

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Sometimes choosing a CV template is about achieving a careful balance. You want your CV to stand out, but you don't want it to look unprofessional. This simple CV template with its grey headers and use of one font throughout is exactly the right balance you've been looking for. It is interesting enough to catch the eye without having too much in the way of fancy fonts or design elements that can make a CV look a bit like a school art project.

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1234 The Street, Nottingham NG1 2DY | 0115 9123456 | joebloggs@gmail.com


I am an experienced Warehouse Operative and Reach/Counterbalance FLT Driver. I am comfortable working in a fast paced warehouse environment and I am able to use my strong communication skills and attention to detail to minimise picking and repacking errors. I have excellent knowledge of health and safety regulations and best practice; together with a very good understanding of packaging to reduce waste and environmental impact.
I am looking for a new role that offers 40+ hours a week.


Warehouse Operative/FLT
Robinsons, Nottingham (Part Time)
May 2017 – date

  • I receive deliveries from suppliers and check the goods with the delivery note
  • I use Reach and Counterbalance FLT to process the deliveries when necessary
  • Where there are discrepancies, I deal with the Purchasing or Quality departments
  • I book goods in and out using the Company’s computer system
  • I check the physical location and labelling of materials and update the system
  • I pick and pack items for dispatch, using a schedule
  • I ensure all proper documentation is completed and distributed
  • I maintain the work area and ensure it is clean and tidy

Warehouse Operative
Desborough’s, Nottingham (Full time)
March 2014 – April 2017

  • I picked and packed orders to a schedule
  • I assisted with manual lifting
  • I sometimes assisted with deliveries to clients which means driving the Company vehicle
  • I generally supported the team at the site within the warehouse
  • I was made redundant from this role.

Warehouse Operative
Carlos Packing, Nottingham (Part time)
March 2011 – February 2014

  • This role involved handling mobiles, tablets and smart watches.
  • I tested the screens of devices for damage and made minor repairs where necessary.
  • I picked and packed orders to a schedule.
  • I wrapped and stacked pallets, and put them away.
  • I carried out other general warehouse duties as required.
  • This role was 20 hours per week and I left for a full time position.

Warehouse Operative
Various, Nottingham (Full time, temporary)
March 2010 – February 2011

  • I temped for Blue Horizon Recruitment whilst looking for a permanent role.
  • All opportunities were basically picking and packing orders.


RTITB Counterbalance Lift Truck (forklift) operator training course
RTITB Reach Truck Operator training course
UK Industries Training
April 2017 – July 2017

City and Guilds:
City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Warehousing & Storage
City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing & Storage
City & Guilds Level 1 Warehousing & Storage (extended version)
New College Nottingham
May 2009 – August 2010

9 GCSEs including Maths (C) and English (C)
Arnold Hill Comprehensive, Arnold


  • Ability to operate and handle Forklift and High Reach trucks safely and efficiently.
  • Accustomed to complying with safety regulations/best practice when moving, handling and packing/unpacking products manually or with equipment.
  • Able to work individually or as part of a team, handling pressure and meeting tight deadlines.
  • Able to safely and efficiently load and unload items from vehicles/buildings/containers/vans/crates.
  • Able to select and use appropriate packaging materials to ensure items do not get damaged whilst minimising cost & waste.
  • Competent user of a range of IT applications and relevant technology and systems, including warehousing management, data capture, radio and barcoding systems.


Member of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK)


I am a keen road cyclist and when I’m not working, I’m usually out on my bike come rain or shine. I also regularly climb at Nottingham Climbng Centre and occasionally outdoors (weather dependent).


My current and past employers will provide references on request.

Template details:

NB: This UK Warehouse Operative CV was originally published on 10th February 2016 and has been completely updated for 2020!

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How to get the best from your Warehouse Operative CV example:

There is no single correct way to put together and present a CV but the following basic rules always need to be followed:

  1. It is targeted on the specific job or industry you are aiming for and highlights the most relevant skills you have.
  2. It is meticulously and neatly laid out, logically ordered, legible and not crowded.
  3. It is thorough but concise.
  4. It is without grammar, spelling or punctuation flaws. If you note attention to detail as a skill, be sure your grammar and spelling is excellent.

As well as to these ‘musts’, here are our top tips for personalising this template:

1. Keep evolving

If your curriculum vitae is put together the wrong way round on fluorescent green paper and it lands you regular interviews, why consider modifying it? At the end of the day if it is generating results, don’t be too eager to meddle with a winning formula. By contrast, if it’s not getting you results, ask people you know to look it over and offer their thoughts. Having said this, if you go with the template on this page as your starting point, you shouldn’t get it wrong.

2. Incorporate keywords

If you have uploaded your curriculum vitae to a job web site so employers can find you, keywords are especially essential. Job titles together with job keywords will help the search engines pick you out from the pile. To get inspiration for keywords, carry out a search on the web and see which words are frequently mentioned when you put in your target role.

3. Keep it real!

Normally a curriculum vitae ought to be no more than two pages – and that is two pages of A4 sheets of paper. Employers take, typically, just eight seconds looking at any one CV, and a surefire way of landing your application on the rejected pile is to give them your whole life history. Maintain your CV punchy, concise, and save the detail for the interview.

4. Add some spice

Image is everything nowadays, and that also goes for your CV. Make an effort to perfecting how the curriculum vitae looks, in addition to your content. Make use of bullet points where it makes sense to do so, and always keep sentences punchy. Make use of the graphic design trick of allowing enough of white space surrounding your text and around sections to make the CV easy to read.

5. Personalise it

It’s a pretty common trick. Sending the same curriculum vitae to a bunch of employers to save time. Blanket messages offer small results so never fall into this trap – put in the time to modify your CV for each position that you apply for. Study the business and use the job posting to figure out exactly exactly what skills you should point out to them. They will recognise the effort.

Read more: Tailor your CV to the role

6. Put together a personal statement

Never just assume an employer will see how your experience applies to their position. Instead, incorporate a short personal statement to clarify why you are the best person for the role. This should be indicated in your cover letter too.

7. Be honest

Outright lies on your CV can get you in a heap of trouble when it comes to employers checking out your references and background. The last thing you want is to begin work and then lose your new job for lying. Furthermore, you might get caught out at the interview stage when you suddenly can’t answer questions on things you claim to know. It’s never worth the stress – don’t do it!

8. Never leave gaps without an explanation

Leaving obvious gaps on your curriculum vitae immediately makes recruiters doubtful – and they won’t give you the benefit of the doubt. If you’ve been out of work it can be a concern but just put a positive spin on it. Did you study for a qualification, do some volunteering or develop soft skills eg communication or teamwork? If so, make it very clear. Never presume you will get the opportunity to clarify at the interview – as the gaps might deter them from giving you a chance.

9. Clean up your errors

Employers do scour for errors on curriculum vitae and if they should spot them, it makes you appear sloppy. With many recruiters dealing with massive volumes of candidates right now, giving them the excuse to dismiss your application due to avoidable typos and grammar errors is not going to assist you to secure an interview. Even if you believe your spelling and grammar is awesome, use a spellchecker and ask another person to double check what you’ve prepared – the ‘sanity check’.

10. Keep it up to date

You should always keep your curriculum vitae updated whether you’re looking for a job or not. Every time something important happens in your career, record it so you don’t later forget something that may be important.

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