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Our Functional grey CV template is one of the most downloaded templates on our website. We felt it needed a refresh and so here's a new, clean and crisp version! It has a similar functional look - no fuss or graphical elements - but we've made a few changes so that it's fresher and more printer friendly. Sample information is included for a Customer Services Manager.

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Our functional CV template - one of our most popular templates - has gotten a refresh. The big grey boxes are gone and replaces with subtle soft grey headings that most reasonable quality printers should be able to handle.

* Every effort has been made to design this CV template according to best practice so that your information can be read by ATS software correctly. However, all Applicant Tracking Systems are different and no guarantees can be offered.

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Joanna Bloggs
Rose Cottage, 13 Down Street, Nottingham NG1 2DY
0115 9123456 /


I am a Customer Service Manager with 3 years’ experience leading a team of 15 at a busy services company. Previously, I have had Customer Service roles in busy call centres and I have a strong understanding of how to deliver exceptional customer care. Having relocated to Nottingham recently, I am looking for a full time role that is closer to home.


  • Strong customer service skills, developed both from my customer service and management roles.
  • Strong IT and administration skills, including fast accurate typing.
  • A calm patient manner with the ability to handle highly charged calls and stressful situations.
  • Experience giving both on-the-spot and quarterly appraisals with the ability to both give and accept constructive criticism.
  • Experience with both induction and ongoing training.
  • Good commercial awareness and firm understanding of business needs and competing interests.
  • Accurate and thorough, with good attention to detail.
  • Ability to use own initiative, spot potential problems and create practical solutions.
  • Ability to get along with people from a wide range of different background and to motivate a team to work the ability to achieve their best.

Work experience

Customer Service Manager – March 2017 – date
British Gas

  • Leading a team of 15 Customer Service Advisors.
  • Supervising responses to daily emails and calls from both engineers and customers.
  • Supervising accurate booking of appointments to ensure engineer productivity.
  • Ensuring that the team updates all internal work systems accurately in a timely manner.
  • Initial and ongoing training for every member of the team to ensure they have a genuine focus for doing what’s right for the customer.
  • Handling escalated complaints and authorising refunds.
  • Developing effective customer service policies and procedures.
  • Keeping up to date with customer service developments.

Customer Service Advisor – March 2014 – February 2017
British Gas

  • Answering emails and calls from customers and engineers, booking appointments and booking in engineers.
  • Updating internal systems.
  • Using MS Word, Excel and Outlook effectively.
  • Maintaining a positive and enthusiastic outlook even under pressure, with a willingness to assist my team members at all times.

Customer Service Advisor – March 2012 – February 2014
Severn Trent Water

  • Resolving customer queries with a positive and empathetic approach.
  • Maintaining self-control and a friendly demeanor in difficult situations and under pressure.
  • Questioning and gathering accurate information from customers regarding issues.
  • Identifying errors and inconsistencies in information, making decisions on own initiative and generating practical solutions.
  • Working closely with the rest of the team, sharing knowledge and providing support.


Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service – March 2018

This NVQ covered topics such as maintaining a customer-friendly attitude, promoting additional services, monitoring and solving customer service problems, applying risk assessments, leading a team and analysing customer feedback.

Microsoft Office Diploma – April 2017

This diploma provided a good business standard level of knowledge in key Microsoft Office programmes, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint.

GCSEs – June 2011

9 GCSEs including Maths (B) and English (B).

Hobbies and interests

Walking, climbing, cycling.

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Simple and straightforward, this CV template is free from fuss. The grey headers divide up your details and are easy to replicate if you need different sections.

Job candidate explains he is trying to get his resume around - unconventionally!

What is a functional CV?

A functional CV is a CV layout that puts key skills first. It may be contrasted with other types of CV which focus more on your employment history or qualifications. Some functional CVs actually group together skills relevant to the job rather than giving a chronological work history. However, it would be uncommon to send out such a CV in the UK. We therefore recommend for UK candidates that whilst they place the skills section first, they still include a chronological work history (as in the downloadable CV template example).

What is the purpose of a functional CV or resume?

The purpose of a functional CV is to show the employer that you have the specific skills and experience that they are looking for, as required by the job role you're interested in. Whilst traditionally, candidates would 'show' employers they were competent to do the job as a result of their past experience or qualifications, there is an increasing appreciation amongst employers that just having 'done the time' doesn't necessarily mean you have the skills. A functional CV therefore goes beyond merely listing job posts and details the skills you've acquired whilst working and/or learning. It can therefore be a good choice for candidates who don't have a lot of work history or formal qualifications.

What is the difference between a functional and a chronological CV?

A functional CV places the emphasis on skills. The skills section may appear close to the top of the CV - typically under the personal statement. Some candidates use the skills required by the role as headings and detail underneath how they have acquired or demonstrated those skills. They would then include a reverse chronological work history but with no detail about the individual roles. This approach is less common in the UK.

A chronological CV by contrast will list work history with some detail about the duties required by each role. Following this it will list qualifications in reverse chronological order. It may also include a small skills section lower down, typically where the employer has requested specific hard skills (such as use of a software package). The chronological CV demonstrates to the employer that you have the expertise to perform the role, by virtue of your past work experience and qualifications. By contrast, a functional CV shows the employer that you have the specific skills to do the role which you might have acquired through a variety of means (eg. formal work experience, voluntary work, education etc).

Candidates in the UK may wish to take a combination approach, to avoid confusing employers!

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NB: This template was originally published in 2011 and has had a complete refresh for 2020.

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