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A medical themed CV template that would be perfect for a nurse, doctor or other medical role. Equally, the template can be tweaked for most other positions. The two column layout places heavy focus on skills and work experience.

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About this CV template:

Please make sure you have the three required fonts installed before editing the template - see below for links and other guidance.

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ALICE JONES | Clinical lead nurse

123, The Dairy, Swinton, Derby DE1 234 | (01332) 123456 |

Alice is a talented Clinical Lead Nurse with the ability to take pride in supporting individuals to live happy and fulfilling lives.” ~ CLAIRE FRASER, HEAD NURSE, SUPERCARE LTD

Alice successfully shaped & supported our individuals, built self-esteem and helped them to achieve their long and short term personal goals.” ~ BOB BROWN, CEO, FANTASTIC CARE LTD


I am a Clinical Lead Nurse experienced in working as part of a team to deliver quality care and support to adults with complex needs. I take a positive approach to support for individuals and their families professionally and in a way that I would care for my own family. I am looking for a new position in a similar role.


  • Positive, can-do attitude.
  • Person centred approach.
  • Proactive, professional and able to deal with people at all levels.
  • Great support planning skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Experience in mentoring, training or supervising others (desirable)
  • Excellent experience.


Clinical Lead Nurse
Super Care Limited ~ 2015 – 2018
Clinical Care including physical and psychological support, person centred support planning, auditing and quality assurance, staff mentoring and people management. I was made redundant in December 2018.

Fantastic Care Limited ~ 2011– 2015
Clinical Care including physical and psychological support, person centred support planning, auditing and quality assurance, staff mentoring and people management.

Uber Care Limited ~ 2009 – 2011
Clinical Care including physical and psychological support, person centred support planning, auditing and quality assurance, staff mentoring and people management.

Trainee Nurse
Reet Good Care Limited ~ 2007-2009
Clinical Care including physical and psychological support.


Degree in Nursing (2:1)
Super University Limited ~ 2007-2009

A Levels
Super College Limited ~ 2005-2007
Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Maths (A), Biology (A)


Knitting, Reading, Cooking, Jewellery Making, Photography, Scrapbooking.

Template details:

Here’s a full preview of this one-page medical CV template:

Medical CV template preview


This is a two column CV template that uses Open Sans, Open Sans Light and Acme fonts to create a beautiful medical-themed layout. All three fonts are free.

The CV uses a ‘molecule’ background, continuing the medical theme.

A grey rectangle adds definition to the first column which includes a stethoscope graphic.

Note that all graphics used in this CV template are used under licence and are copyright. You must not distribute or share the graphics they contain.

The headings of the template are bolded white with a coloured background. The relevant hex colour is #018d91 and RGB is 1,141,145.

There is a huge emphasis on skills in this CV template which are positioned, perhaps unusually, straight under the objective. However, this is very appropriate for the type of position. ‘Plus’ bullet points are used for the skills list which is again a gentle nod at the medical theme.  Note that the skills list is its own two-column table (see section on editing the template below).

The CV has space for two quotes which could also be used for achievements. Each of these is its own two column table to ensure easy positioning of the quotation mark (again, see ‘editing the template’ section below).

Who this medical CV template is for

Our free medical CV template is perfect for a variety of medical-type positions. The stethoscope and the top and ‘molecule’ background gives the template its theme. However, the stethoscope could be replaced with another industry icon or a photo and the background could also be replaced if the template was to be used for a non-medical position.

Template fonts

The required fonts for this template are:

Install the free fonts above before starting. Note that sometimes Word won’t apply the fonts correctly so you’ll have to highlight the various blocks of text and reselect the correct font (usually the name of the font will appear in the fonts panel at the top but the font doesn’t always actually apply to the text).

Note that Acme font is only used for the quotation marks.

Template graphics

Printing or saving templates with graphics in always presents some challenges. Firstly we recommend you choose the following option in Word:


Secondly, we recommend when saving to PDF that you either:

  • Use Adobe Acrobat to save the PDF (make sure you adjust the quality to print quality rather than e.g. web ready), or
  • In Word, select ‘PRINT’ and opt to ‘print’ to PDF.

If you do not follow these steps, you may find the images in the CV template don’t look as sharp as they should.

Editing this medical CV template

This CV template is built using tables. The simplest way to edit is to go to:

FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED and under ‘Show document content’ choose SHOW TEXT BOUNDARIES.

This allows you to easily see the position of the tables used, without going to the trouble of adding back in the borders.

Removing the background image

If you’d rather not have the background image, make an image file which is simply a white square (of any size) then go to:

PAGE LAYOUT > PAGE COLOUR > FILL EFFECTS > PICTURE and choose your white square as the background. This will replace the molecule background used for this CV.

OR in the latest version of Microsoft Office, simply go to the Design tab, click page colour and choose ‘No colour’.

Template length

Although the template is just a single page, it would not be difficult to extend it onto a further page if needed. The tables simply spill onto the next page as you expand them. You will just need to make a copy of the rectangle on the left and paste it onto the second page. Then, right click on the rectangle and under SEND TO BACK, select ‘SEND BEHIND TEXT’.

Filling out your medical CV – be inspired!

Before starting to fill out this template, you may want to review a job profile for your chosen profession. This can give you ideas of skills and experience that are valued, which may not be mentioned in the job advert. There is a comprehensive list of healthcare job profiles here.

We hope you love this beautiful new CV template and that it helps you to land the job you’ve always dreamed of!

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