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Cursive free CV template

A really fresh, smart CV template with an optional background, space for a photo, some great fonts and lovely features such as the achievements section and neat little icons. Very customisable and easy to use, this is a lovely layout that allows for a good amount of information, without becoming too cluttered.

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A super CV template that is just ready for you to add your own personal touches! Download the fonts and install them before you start making this template work for you. With some great features, it's easy to make this template fit the role you want to achieve!

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What you shouldn’t include in your CV

We’ve all scoured the internet to find out what should be included in a CV, but what’s not always clear is what you should leave out. Sometimes what you don’t say can be just as important as what you do!

Here are a few things to consider leaving out of your CV as well as things you should avoid…

Irrelevant information

A great example of information which is just not important to the employer is when you have an extensive list of previous roles, along with an additional huge list of tasks and responsibilities on your CV. The hiring manager is really only interested in jobs that relate to them in some way, and the skills and experience you’ve obtained that can transfer over to the new role.

Keep the irrelevant roles and details short, and highlight and expand upon the ones that you know will be of interest. This will make the readers life much easier, and will also allow you to stick to the standard two page CV.

Remove any personal information

You only have to provide your name and contact details on a CV, so don’t worry about anything else. You don’t have to state if you are single or married, your religion, height or age.

This kind of information has no bearing on whether or not you are suitable or capable of working well in the role, so there is no need to include it.

Never tell lies or embellish information on your CV

This is by far the most important out of the three, and can have a serious impact on your career. Giving false information on your CV or making false statements about your qualifications and abilities is a bad idea for many reasons.

First of all, you may get caught out very quickly in the interview when questioned about these things. You could be instantly excused from the interview, or just be rejected at a later date. This not only wastes the employer’s time but yours also, which could be better spent focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t.

Not a lot of people realise that you can also be dismissed from the job if you are found to have lied on your CV. Again, this causes a lot of stress and hassle for all concerned and another reason why this should be avoided.

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