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Construction assistant CV/résumé example

Get inspiration for your own résumé by looking at our construction assistant résumé template, which helps you understand how to lay out your information for this type of position..

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About this CV template:

If you're applying for a role in construction, our construction assistant template is just what you need. It's a basic format which has been prefilled with dummy information allowing you to see the sort of thing you might put in your own template or résumé. Sometimes, looking at other peoples' CVs or résumés can really help you format your own - and we hope this CV is exactly what you need to create your own winning format!

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The benefits to handing your CV in person to the manager 

The most common place to find a job is to search online through an agency. It’s quick and simple, and only requires a few search options to present you with a list of available work. You are then required to upload your CV to their website which will then be passed on to the employer.

Buts is this the best way to send your CV?

Hand your CV to the manager in person 

In the good old days before the internet you had to open a newspaper to find a job or you could walk into shops and stores and ask at the reception. You would often end up seeing the manager and personally handing them your CV – sometimes directly for an open position or for them to keep on record for the future.

This was obviously a lot more time consuming than clicking a few buttons online and applying for ten jobs in about five minutes – but was the extra time worth it?

The benefits of giving your CV to the manager in person 

Handing them your CV is a great way to get one step closer to an interview. You can smile, share a joke, ask more questions, and make a positive first impression – none of which you can do with just a CV. Applying for a job this way leaves a much better lasting impression, and when the manager finally gets around to reading through all the CV’s that have been sent, yours will stand out the most.

Remember, your CV is likely to matched and in some cases beaten by it’s quality, skills and qualifications of other candidates. You number one goal when sending your CV is to gain an interview – it’s as simple as that. Having any edge, no matter how small, over the rest of the competition will make such a huge difference.

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