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Our fresh cleaner CV template includes example content for a cleaner or housekeeping role. This lovely, smart sample CV is ATS-friendly and works for a variety of roles besides cleaning. We've also included a guide under this template which explains how to write a personal statement for a cleaner CV.

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A two-page single column CV template that should present no problems for ATS software. It does not use graphics, tables or columns, allowing it to easily be ready by a machine - and the stylish design means it should pass the human test too!

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I am an experienced, hard-working cleaner who takes a lot of care and pride in my work. I am thorough with very good attention to detail and, having worked in this role for more than 10 years, I have excellent knowledge of surfaces and the appropriate choice of cleaning products (including COSHH knowledge). I am a friendly person that works well with others and in my current position I supervise a small team of 3 junior cleaners. This experience has helped me develop great communication and organisational skills. All of my employers will confirm without hesitation that I am a reliable, punctual and trustworthy individual. I am looking for a full time nearer to my home address and I am very flexible on hours.


Cleaner/Supervisor | May 2016 – June 2017

Working in a very large mixed use building, I am responsible both for cleaning and for supervising three junior team members. Our team responsibilities including cleaning the offices, shop floors, warehouse and accountant building to a very high standard. I organise the rota and ensure daily cleaning schedules are adhered to. Additionally, I provide training and feedback to other team members. I also conduct risk assessments and provide regular health and safety training.

Cleaner | April 2014 – April 2016

In this sparkling venue, the emphasis was on creating a real ‘wow’ factor of cleanliness. I delivered daily and periodic cleaning services in accordance with an agreed routine, and in line with company policies and procedures. I dealt with complaints which did happen from time-to-time as one guest would sometimes dirty an area and another would discover it before the cleaning team. These were always dealt with positively and politely, and resolved quickly. I was given extensive training in leisure-related health and safety and operating requirements which I followed meticulously.

Cleaner | April 2009 – March 2013

My duties here were largely cleaning a variety of rooms including classrooms, labs, workshops, food tech rooms, offices, toilets, hallways and corridors in line with a daily schedule, and in accordance with health and safety standards. A full DBS was conducted for this role.


Risk assessment for slips and trips, back pain & working at height Jan 2016

Level 2 Award in COSHH Risk Assessment Jan 2015

Level 2 Award in Principles of COSHH Jan 2014

GCSEs Jun 2008
8 GCSEs including English (C) and Maths (B).


  • Ability to conduct risk assessments for a range of health and safety matters including COSHH (hazardous substances)
  • Ability to train and supervise junior team members
  • Ability to prepare rotas and cleaning schedules
  • Ability to provide health and safety training
  • Ability to handle customer complaints politely and swiftly
  • Friendly personality with good communication and teamwork skills – able to get on with people of all ages and backgrounds


When I’m not at work, I enjoy walks in the countryside with my dog and spending time with my three grown-up children. I also like to swim at my local pool two or three times a week to help me stay fit and healthy. At the weekends I sometimes fit in a round of golf or on a sunny day, I take my cycle to the local trails and enjoy racing through the woods with the other local cyclists.


Available from current and past positions on request.

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Cleaner CV - page two

How to write a personal statement for your cleaner CV

Although a personal statement isn’t a mandatory requirement of a cleaner CV, most employers would prefer to see one. They act as a nice introduction to what would otherwise be a simple list of credentials and achievements. Also, other candidates will have written a personal statement as they are very common. So it’s important not to be the odd one out and get left behind.

Here’s how to write a personal statement for your cleaner CV:

Call it what you like

A personal statement can also go by many other names. Here’s a list:

  • Career objective
  • Personal profile
  • Personal summary
  • Introduction

The choice is completely up to you, but be aware that ‘personal statement’ is probably the most commonly used phrase. If you’re applying to a big company that uses ATS-software, they may scan for this phrase.

The three ingredients

Here are the three key aspects you need to cover for your personal statement:

Who you are

The first sentence will explain who you are and include a brief summary of your background.

I am a confident and hard-working individual with over 10 years experience as a cleaner.

Why you are right for the role

Focus upon one or two of your key selling points and how they will benefit the business. Here’s an example:

In addition to the cleaning skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years, I am able to train and supervise junior members, prepare schedules and rotas, and conduct risk assessments for a range of health and safety matters. I have a calm, friendly personality with strong communication skills that allow me to handle customer complaints politely and swiftly

What you are looking for and present career goals

Your final sentence aims to set out what you want to achieve. Look to get inside the mind of the hiring manager so you can align your current career goals with theirs. Here’s an example:

I am looking for a full time cleaning and supervisory role in a City Centre organisation which is closer to home.

Make a great first impression

The personal statement can be viewed as one of the most important aspects of a cleaner CV as it is the first real piece of content the hiring manager will read. If you fail to make an impact it could put a black cloud over the rest of your credentials. But make a positive impact and you have already grabbed the employer’s attention – they want to read more!

Your personal statement should go just underneath your contact details, which are always placed at the very top of the first page. Make sure your personal statement is easy to spot in a good sized font so it isn’t passed by. It’s just as important as the other sections and needs to stand out just the same.

Keep it brief and relevant

Your personal statement should only be around 3 – 5 sentences. As you can see from the above examples (and the Cleaner CV sample on this page) you need to get to the point, so don’t beat around the bush and write your life story.

The most important thing to remember is that it must be relevant to the role and the company. Write a personal statement that’s specific to the needs of the company, and include relevant keywords. Do not write a generic statement that you could use for any role. The employer will assume you have no real passion or interest in their organisation and simply want any job you can get. Find out more about tailoring your CV to the role.

Focus on the role offered

Your statement should tell the employer that you want the job they’re hiring for. Telling them you’re looking for something else will put the employer off from hiring you as they want someone to fill this role, and now. Keep any other career aspirations to yourself for now – you have plenty of time to prove your potential once you are hired.

Analyse the job specification for the role and custom write your personal statement to meet its objectives. Be realistic in your approach and state how you are suitable for the company with your current skill set. What you write has to match your CV credentials – so be positive and upbeat, but realistic and honest.

Don’t be too overconfident

Your confidence needs to shine through your personal statement – but not too much. Be careful not to write a statement that overly inflates your skills, and try to be modest with your words. If the employer reads your CV and gets an arrogant tone coming through, it could end in rejection.

You also have to ensure your personal statement isn’t too bland and boring. It’s supposed to make a positive impact and serve as an introduction to your CV. If the employer feels like you are lacking in self-belief, it’s doubtful they will ask you to attend an interview. It’s all about achieving a good balance.

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