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This fresh two column, two page free CV template in Microsoft Word has optional room for a photograph which can simply be deleted if you'd rather not include a headshot. It uses two lovely FREE Google fonts - Open Sans Light and Cinzel Decorative, which you can download from the links provided (do install the fonts before you open up the template). There's a subtle coloured background for your name and the sections are divided with a soft grey graphic. We've included plenty of sections to get you started but it's very easy to customise this template which is built using a single table.

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This is a very universal CV template that would suit a huge variety of roles, from sales (as per the example content) to marketing and creative roles. It caters well for those who have an extensive work experience due to the one page table which can simply be extended further as needed to offer more room. It's a CV template that's so easy to use and makes a great impression with prospective employers. Be sure to follow the advice in the template about not compressing your graphics when you save it.

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123, The Street, The Town, The County NG1 234
01949 123456 |


I am a competent Senior Sales Executive with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, together with a proven track record of achieving sales. I have 5 years of experience selling face-to-face and a further 3 years’ experience of cold telesales. I am looking for a senior position within the software industry.


  • 8+ years sales experience
  • Proven sales achievements
  • Face-to-face & cold calling
  • Full clean driving licence
  • Willing to travel


  • Commercial awareness
  • Confidence
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • IT skills
  • Maturity
  • Numerical skills
  • Patience
  • Perseverance


Senior Sales Executive
ABC Printers, 2013 – date
My role was to win new business from cold accounts within the corporate market & selling the Company’s suite of digital solutions.
I was responsible for the entire sales process from prospecting from scratch, building and maintaining a sustainable and sufficiently large pipeline right the way through to client on-boarding. I exceeded my annual targets by 15%+ every year and was the second highest earner in our team of 30.

Sales Executive
XYZ Printers, 2010 – 2013
My role was to generate, sell, negotiate, close and secure new business opportunities through cold calling and achieve my monthly revenue target. I was also required to manage, maintain and develop a pipeline of opportunities, and build firm relationships with prospective clients. I exceeded my annual target by 25%+ every year.

Sales Representative
PC WORLD, 2008 – 2010
My role was to talk to customers, understand their needs and help them find the perfect solution from a range of pc and electrical equipment.

Food Services Assistant
SAINSBURYS, 2006 – 2008
My role was to serve coffees and fresh meals in the café, serve on the deli, meat or fish counter, or in the bakery.


Bachelor of Science : Software Engineering (2:1)
ACME UNIVERSITY, 2006 – 2008

ACME COLLEGE, 2004 – 2006
Maths (A), Physics (B), English (B), Sports Science (C).


I am a keen sportsman and play in a local 5-a-side team every weekend. I love going to the gym, jogging, hiking, climbing and generally keeping fit. When the sun isn’t shining, you’ll find me inside watching old movies or fixing up old cars – I’m currently restoring a Mazda MX-5.


References are available on request.

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Sales executive CV - page one

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Sales executive CV template - page two

Ways to get the most out of your new sales executive CV template:

We’re often contacted with little questions about customising our templates and so we know what sort of issues commonly arise. Here are some top tips for making sure your CV template looks just as good as the example:

    1. INSTALL THE FONTS FIRST! We can’t emphasise how important it is to have the required fonts installed on your PC before you open the file. Otherwise Word will substitute the fonts with something else and your CV template simply won’t look as pretty. If you install the fonts, open up the file and find that Word SAYS it is using the right fonts but actually, it’s substituting, just highlight the relevant area of text and select the appropriate font again.
    2. This CV contains images and MS Word likes to compress them so they look fuzzy. Why, oh why! Whilst you’re still in Word, choose FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED > DO NOT COMPRESS IMAGES IN FILE. The final file will look sharper. If then you’re looking at the file and the images look fuzzy, make sure the screen is on 100% and not a lot greater as the graphics are designed to be viewed at 100%.
    3. Want to make your CV into a PDF? USE ADOBE ACROBAT or a professional PDF programme to create the PDF from the Word file. Word’s built in feature isn’t great and you may find the graphics aren’t perfectly sharp.
    4. If you can’t use Adobe Acrobat or a professional PDF programme, when you go to SAVE AS in Word and choose PDF, note that an Options button appears underneath. Click this (see below) and experiment with toggling on and off the option to make the document ISO19005-1 Compliant – sometimes this can help.

    PDF options

    1. Another option that works for some people is to go FILE > PRINT then under printer choose ADOBE PDF. This then ‘prints’ the CV to a PDF and for some people, it does so with crystal clear graphics.
    2. Some people also suggest DoPDF which is a PDF file printer. This is a great free option if the option to print to Adobe PDF doesn’t appear for you on your system.
    3. To replace the picture in the CV template with your own, just right click and select ‘CHANGE PICTURE’. If you don’t want to include a picture, just select it and hit return. It’s more common to include a photo on your CV/résumé in the US than in the UK but it really depends on the role. If you do decide to include a photo make sure that it is a professional head shot, and that you look friendly and approachable. You might like to read our article Should I include a CV photo? before making your decision.
    4. We might sound like a broken record in saying this (see our careers advice blog) but it really, really pays to customise your CV template to the role. It’s not that you’ll be changing the information as such – you just need to make sure that you highlight the information that’s most relevant to the particular employer you’re applying to. When you read the job advert, you’ll get a real sense of what’s important to that employer, including particular soft skills, hard skills, experience and qualifications. No two employers are the same and every role is unique. By tailoring your CV to the job advert, you’ll give yourself the very best chance of getting an interview. For example:
      1. If teamworking is a huge part of the role, you’ll want to give examples from each of your previous roles for how you’ve successfully worked in a team.
      2. If the employer has asked for ‘proven sales experience’, they’ll want to see you back up your application with stats showing how you met or exceeded your targets in previous roles.
      3. If the employer is looking for someone who works independently and takes their own initiative, you’ll want to mention on your CV successful projects where you’ve done exactly that.
    5. Finally, don’t forget that it’s worth putting just as much effort into your covering letter and ensuring it spells out in a few lines exactly how you meet the job specification. Your covering letter does not copy the CV verbatim – instead you summarise how you meet the job spec, inviting the employer to find out more from the CV. So  for example if the employer is looking for 3 years of work experience, you state in your covering letter that you have this and they will then be able to review the quality of your experience on your CV. Click here to read more about writing the winning cover letter, with examples.

BONUS TIP: Being a member of a professional organisation (and mentioning this on your CV) can help show a real interest in and passion for your industry. Sales Executives might consider the Association of Professional Sales The Institute of Sales Management or the National Association of Sales Professionals, for example.

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