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Box detail CV template

We hope you'll love the box design on this gorgeous, sophisticated CV template just as much as we do! Bold boxes - add eye catching detail to what is in fact a very simple layout, helping the template to really stand out. We've also used the Arial font and a combination of light grey, dark grey and black - a subtle scheme that helps you to stand out, without being fussy or overly complicated. For the best results, get this CV printed at your local printer shop, or use a very good quality printer and quality paper.

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  • CV ref: #106
  • File size: 80kb
  • File format: .doc (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: Doc7.doc
  • Fonts: Arial
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

Our Box Detail CV template was designed to be a little bit different. The little boxes that we created using the Wingdings font make for really attractive headers. We've also aligned your info to the right of the page, keeping the left hand side practically free apart from dates and skill levels. The idea of this is to make a really spacious design - lots of white space ensures your CV is easy to read and employers can find the information they are looking for. Of course, we've used the Garamond font - but if you 'Select All', you can easily change this to another font if you prefer. Check out our guide to using the right font on your CV if you're not sure what to choose.

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We’re very proud of our brand new Box Detail CV template and we hope you love it just as much as we do! Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your free download:

  • Don’t worry if your copy of Word is one of the older versions. We’ve saved this CV template as a .doc file (rather than the newer .docx format) so most people will be able to open it, even if their copy of Word isn’t up to date.
  • Make sure you have Arial installed on your word processing application. Otherwise this particular CV template won’t look quite as it is intended to.
  • Do you have a personal website? If not, it’s a great opportunity to provide more information about what you can do. Include it with your contact information (next to your email) and of course, make sure it is up to date and creates the right impression.
  • Always write in the first person – i.e. “I worked here … I did this” – rather than the third person – i.e. “Joe Bloggs has a great reputation for web design”. Writing in the third person is incredibly pretentious – it implies you’re too important to have written your own CV – and it won’t go down very well with most recruiters.
  • Most people have a misconception that CVs should contain language such as “I work well in a team” “I am hard working” “I am committed”. While the odd statement like this won’t do much harm, focus on facts and achievements. It is better to give an example of how you worked well as a team or how you have been a hard worker, than to actually tell people you are – which will often just be seen as fluffy meaningless words. With real examples, your would-be employer can reach the conclusion themselves from your example.
  • Once you’ve filled in all your details, get a few friends or family members to have a quick look few. A fresh pair of eyes is perfect for spotting errors or identifying anything missing that you might not have thought of.

We wish you every success finding your perfect job using our Box Detail CV template and we would love to hear about your successes!

NB: A new design for this template was uploaded 8th September 2018.

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