Blue Stripes Word CV template (free download)

Our "Blue Stripes" Microsoft Word CV template has some very subtle styling details that make for a beautiful design. The headings are in dark blue which provides the perfect contrast to the soft blue bands that divide up your sections of information. The CV template uses the stylish Garamond font, making your information easy to read.

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  • Fonts required: Garamond, Wingdings
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About this CV template:

Help your CV to stand out from the pile by choosing a CV template with a difference. This smart and well laid out CV template has plenty of space between the details, ensuring it can easily be scanned by recruiters looking for someone like you. The bullet points have been created using Wingdings and provide an elegant touch to your bulleted lists of information. The soft blue lines help break up sections that can potentially be lengthy and text-heavy which allows your prospective employers to easily scan through the page and find what they are looking for.

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How to customise the Blue Stripes CV template

Choose our Blue Stripes CV template if you want your CV to stand out for all the right reasons! We love this elegant design with its subtle styling details. This is an excellent choice for those that would like to add a little colour to their CV – but not too much.

The subtle light blue adds that all important colour, but doesn’t move the eye away from the important details. On the contrary, the blue colour attracts the eye to each section and makes it easy to navigate. With the hiring manager spending as little as a few seconds scanning your details, every second counts.

Here are our top tips for customising your choice of CV template:

Take your time

Take some time to carefully craft your CV and give yourself the very best opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the skills the employer has requested. Take the time to write a CV that showcases your best attributes, and how your current skill set can be transferable.

You should never underestimate how important it is to get this part right. For more information, please read our article on ‘The importance of a good CV‘.

Introduce yourself

One of the most important parts of your CV is the summary at the top. This summary is often titled ‘Personal’ or ‘Objective’ statement, and serves as an introduction to your CV.

Prospective employers tend to skip over your contact info and move straight to this section because it tells them so much about you. Read our guide to making your CV stand out and writing a great objective statement here.

Change the colour

You can change the blue bars on this CV template to any colour you want. This is helpful if (a) you don’t like blue, or (b) you don’t have a colour printer, or (c) your blue ink cartridge has run out!

The blue bars are table cells, so just click to the left of the cell, then right click and choose ‘Borders and Shading’. Then click the shading tab and you can choose any colour you like from there. Similarly, you can adjust the headings to complement your choice.

If you prefer, you can get rid of the light blue shading altogether. Just go to the shading tab, click the drop down colour menu and choose ‘No colour’ from underneath the palette.

Should I add colour to my CV? Why not click on this article to find out more.

Use important keywords

Make sure your CV includes important keywords – click here to find out more. These keywords are often found in the job advert, and are vital to your success. Getting an interview through your credentials alone is not always enough.

Using the same keywords as the hiring manager will instantly grab their attention. Keywords can relate to anything, from action verbs to specific hard and soft skills. Here are some examples of keywords you are likely to see from a role in the hospitality industry:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Organisation
  • Rapport

You should always use the same words on your CV as seen in the job advert. If you’ve already written your CV check back over it to see which words mean the same and can be changed accordingly.

Avoid silly mistakes

Check, check and check again! There are some blindingly obvious mistakes that job candidates ALWAYS make when putting together and submitting their CV – but they still keep making them!

Around two-thirds of applications will be rejected solely based on a mistake. Whether it’s a spelling or grammatical error, or even a formatting or presentation issue – don’t give the employer an excuse. With so many other highly qualified and error free CVs to choose from, the outcome of rejection is inevitable.

Read our guide on ‘5 ways to ensure your CV doesn’t end up in the bin’ if you want to avoid the worst mistakes.

Don’t tell lies

Are you considering telling a few little white lies to make your CV look a little more polished?

Avoid embellishments and lies at all costs if you want to be hired for the right reasons. The employer is well rehearsed when it comes to filtering out the truths from the lies, and you may be rejected without ever knowing it.

Our guide about lying on your CV will help you get the right mindset.

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