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A super-clean basic CV template that uses one of the most popular CV fonts and a really simple layout. Suitable for all types of position.

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About this CV template:

Whatever type of role you're going for, this basic CV template has all the features you'll need. The clean layout, great font choice and simple sections are just some of the reasons why this template is perfect for so many job applications. It also uses the header space to store your personal details, giving you more room (remember, your curriculum vitae should be no more than 2 pages for most job roles!). An additional feature is the use of subtle soft grey dotted lines to enclose the contact details and break up the different curriculum vitae sections.

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Template details:

Points to note:

When you open up this curriculum vitae template, you’ll notice that the contact details look slightly greyed out. Don’t worry – that’s just because they’re in the header. Click on them and you’ll see that they spring into focus. When you’ve finished customising your template and you print it, it will look exactly like the one on the preview above.

Why choose this basic CV template?

Features of this basic CV template include:

  • Header only on page one
  • Soft dotted border around contact info
  • Soft dotted lines dividing up sections
  • Employer/job title and year are spaced using a table
  • Very easy to copy and paste additional sections

Further ways to customise this CV template:

  • Make the headings a different colour (use a single colour for all headings, e.g. blue)
  • Add page numbers
  • Add a border
  • Add fancy boxes to highlight achievements
  • Add drop caps as a style detail
  • Add a photo
  • Change the font (we recommend that you read our article “What is the best résumé font or best CV font to use?” first)

Check out our YouTube channel to see how to customise your CV template further.

Drafting notes:

It’s not just about layout – when it comes to creating a great curriculum vitae, it’s about content too. Our top content tips are:

  • Take care to write a snappy, eye catching objective (opening paragraph) that sets out what you have to offer and what you are looking for.
  • Review the job spec of each individual job you’re applying to and tailor the objective carefully.
  • Keep the objective to the point. Prospective employers typically get tens or hundreds of applications for each role and only spend a few seconds reviewing each CV on the pile. If your objective is too long and you make it difficult to spot the key things that they are looking for, they may overlook your CV in favour of other more obviously suitable candidates.
  • If you’re applying for different types of job (for example, makeup retail, clothes retail and electronics retail), tailor your experience where possible. For example, if you’re applying for a makeup retail job, provide more detail about any past experience in this area and less detail about any other experience.
  • For electronic applications (i.e. when you email the CV over or upload it online) scan the job advert for appropriate keywords then scatter them in appropriate places through your CV. For example, if they are looking for someone who is “CIM” qualified, make sure you use both “CIM” and “Chartered Institute of Marketing” in your CV. Where there are a lot of applications for a position (as there so often will be in this climate), employers will often search through a folder of documents for the main keywords to pick out the most promising applications.

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