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Basic CV template – 2016

We've taken our original Basic CV template and given it a refresh for 2016. We've changed the font from Times New Roman to Garamond and increased the font size to make the text more legible. The double section lines have been replaced by more subtle single dotted lines. We've also updated the sections so they more closely reflect what recruiters expect to see on a CV nowadays.

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  • Fonts: Garamond
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About this CV template:

Our basic CV template has always been a great choice for a clean, fresh and simple job application with no fuss or clutter - but the template was starting to look a little outdated. The new version for 2016 has some subtle changes that have helped to bring it in line with modern day recruiters' expectations. A more up to date font (although still traditional), neater and subtler lines, and a better choice of sections, makes for the perfect CV template where simplicity is key.

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This is a clean, straightforward CV template that will work for most job roles. It’s easy to customise and make your own by adding and deleting sections to suit.

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Why your CV needs a makeover 

If you’ve been working for many years and still have the same tired old CV – then now’s the time for a makeover!

In the good old days you only had to add work experience to your CV every time you moved jobs, but that isn’t good enough in today’s competitive job market. A CV created many years ago, and even just a few years ago, is going to look tired and outdated when compared to the more streamlined, focused CV’s and covering letters that are being written today.

Don’t be afraid to start again 

If you want to truly make a difference to your old CV it’s always recommended to just start again from scratch. Although this sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, it’s going to ensure you get a fresh new look to your CV.

If you choose to update your CV you run the risk of keeping too much of the old look, and by starting from scratch you guarantee to end up with something far better than the original without falling into the trap of keep outdated information on an outdated layout.

Use a CV template 

Searching through the many hundreds of CV templates CVTemplateMaster has to offer will make life much easier. You don’t have to sit for hours trying to create the perfect template when the work has already been done for you.

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