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Joseph Anthony Bloggs | Actor

123, High Street, Euston E1 234 | Email: | Website:

Agent: Super Acting Agency, The Street, London N1 2DY | | 0121 123456

Height: 6ft

Weight: 170lbs

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Blue

Build: Athletic

Age: 34

Role playing ages: 24 – 39

Location: London

Full driving licence

Spotlight number: 1234

Equity no: B1234 56788

Accents: London, Geordie, French, Standard American, Australian

Languages: English (native), French (fluent)

Singing:  Soprano, musical theatre, pop

Instruments: Piano Grade 5, Violin Grade 3 (plus good folk/Irish player), blues and jazz guitar,

Sports: Horse Riding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating

Dance: Latin (Corridos. Cumbia. Duranguense, Forró)

[Space for photo]


The Beggar and the Thief (2019)Lead (Ian)Universal Pictures
Zombies, Get Me Outta Here! (2018)Supporting (Jim)Focus Features
Who’s Afraid of Dr Kennedy? (2018)Lead (Michael)Working Title Films
121 Reasons Why Not (2017)Supporting (Jimmy)Lionsgate


Casualty (2018)Supporting (painter)BBC Studios Cymru Wales


Nike Air (2017)Runner in parkToast TV
Colgate (2016)DadSpace City


The Big Scoop (2015)Co-presenterAll3Media


Hansel & Gretel – Panto (2019)HanselTheatre Royal, York
The Phantom of the OperaPhantom of the OperaHer Majesty’s Theatre, London
WickedDoctor DillamondApollo Victoria Theatre, London
Les MiserablesJavertSondheim Theatre, London
Tina (The Tina Turner Musical) ErwinAldwych Theatre, London


Training2019Improv (short form, long form), Jessie Wickstaff
 2016 – 2019Post Graduate Diploma in Acting, Hillview Theatre School
 2011 – 2015BA (Hons) Drama, University of Warwick (2:1)

Template details:

This is a fresh, simple one-page acting CV template with an appropriate font size, perfect for UK actors and actresses looking to land more auditions. Here’s a full preview of this easy to read CV:

Acting CV template

More guidance:

How to write an acting CV

Now that you have an awesome free acting CV template, it’s time to find out how to write it. Creating a curriculum vitae for an acting part is very different from a standard CV, so read on to find out more.

How long should my acting CV be?

The standard length for a CV is two pages. However, an acting CV should aim to just be one A4 page. Similar to the résumé format that is commonly used in the United States, your acting CV should keep things brief and to the point.

Sections to include:

There is some leeway as to what you include on this CV layout, depending on the career you’ve had to date. Typically an acting CV will have these sections:

Contact details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Website or link to portfolio
  • Agent’s name, address, email and phone number

You might also want to include social media handles if they add value to the CV – for example, a LinkedIn handle where this provides more information as to your background.

Personal details

Unlike a regular CV, directors expect to see your height, hair colour and eye colour. It’s also a good idea to give your role playing ages (based on past work).

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Build (athletic, slim etc)
  • Age
  • Role playing ages (the age band which you can realistically play – depending on the age you look)
  • Location
  • Whether you have a full driving licence
  • Spotlight number
  • Equity number

Skills and abilities

Don’t hold back on your talents. You should detail any accents you can speak or sing in. Be specific if relevant – e.g. New York/Brooklyn is not quite the same as Southern American. If you have several, make it clear which is your native accent. You should also state your style of singing e.g. Soprano.Detail any skills that could be an asset to your work. Examples include playing a musical instrument (give grades if you have them), dancing and sports. Be specific – for example, if you can dance, say which styles. Languages can also be an asset – list them, with your fluency.

  • Accents
  • Languages
  • Singing capabilities e.g. soprano, pop
  • Instruments you can play
  • Sports you can play
  • Dance capabilities e.g. waltz


You should list productions you’ve appeared in, including the production title, the year, the acting role you played and the producer. Separate these into sections such as:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Commercials
  • Hosting
  • Theatre
  • Voice over


This might include both academic achievements (such as a degree in drama) and training under industry professionals.

Include a professional photo

You wouldn’t typically be expected to include a photograph on a standard CV, but for a career in acting this is essential. Your CV must include two attached professional photographs. The first one is a 10” by 8” image of yourself. The second one is a headshot (called a ‘white photo). However, don’t forget that you need to also have an image on your CV as per the above template. This is in case the two attached images get lost.  If you’re applying for a presenting job, you also need to include a full length photo.

Publish your acting CV online

You should add your CV to as this is the first website directors go to when casting for a role. You should also add your Spotlight page number to your CV. You may also like to create a profile on Equity and give these details on your CV.

Create a website portfolio

Giving details of your website is an opportunity to show off far more than what can be included in a one page CV. You can add short clips and show reels, more photos and anything else. Consider what will be clicked on first and ensure this is your best work. Remember, if casting directors don’t like your CV, they won’t bother visiting the site – so make sure it entices them to want to know more.

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Originally published 30th August 2019.

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