Professional CV template in Word : ‘Achiever’ design

Our professionally designed 'Achiever' CV template can easily be edited and customised in Microsoft Word. It's available for instant download and comes with instructions below, with helpful tips and tricks on making changes. The template uses the Garamond font - a free font included with Microsoft Word. If you don't have this font installed, the instructions explain where and how to get it for free.

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #130
  • File size: 139kb
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: CV_Template_A4_Prof.docx
  • Fonts required: Garamond (free)
  • Price:
  • Professional CV template in Word : 'Achiever' design
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About this CV template:

We've also included different versions of the template in case there are sections you'd rather not have.

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Template details:

Increase your chances of success with a professional CV template, spread over two pages with all the sections you might need. Here’s a full preview of the first page:

Professional CV template - page 1

And here’s page 2:

Professional CV template - page 2

Professional CV template : ‘How to’ guide

This guide has been designed to help you make some simple adjustments to your template.

This curriculum vitae template is easy to use and customise with most elements movable by dragging and dropping or simply typing in your own text. The guide below offers tips and tricks on customising your CV, including how to make sure everything lines up perfectly before you print. You can download this guide as a PDF here.

Sections in the full version of the template include:

  • Contact (phone, email, website, address) – version 2 (included) leaves out ‘website’. The guide below explains how to change any icon.
  • Social (LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, Google+, YouTube – version 2 does not have a social section. Again the guide explains how to change any icon.
  • Personal statement 
  • Work experience 
  • Key achievement 
  • Education 
  • Professional memberships (bullet points)
  • Hobbies and interests (bullet points)
  • Skills
  • References
  • Endorsement box

The feature boxes are very easy to delete if they are not needed.

We’ve also included a second version with some of the lesser used sections removed – see link below.

This guide explains how to remove sections, shuffle around elements and ensure that everything is properly lined up afterwards. We appreciate that everyone has a different version of Word and some of the options may not be as set out in this guide (which is based on MS Word 2010).

Which version of Word do I need for this professional CV template?

You’ll need a version of Word that opens .docx files. Most versions of Word after 2007 will open this type of file. You’ll also need Garamond font. If you don’t have this, simply click the link below to get it for free.

How do I change the headings/text?

Simply click on the heading or block of text that you’d like to change and your cursor will appear, allowing you to start typing.Changing the text in the template

A lot of the sections don’t apply to me…

We’ve created a simpler version for you – download it here. Our simpler version leaves out some of the lesser used sections, such as Professional Memberships and Social Media.

How do I replace an icon?

Your professional CV template comes with various icons for contact details and social media. If you’d like to use a different icon, right click on the icon you want to change, and select “Change Picture:

Changing an icon

You can then select the icon from your computer that you would like instead.

NB: If you are just changing one icon, you may wish to change the colour of your new icon to match the others. To do this:

  1. Right click on the icon and choose ‘Format picture’.
  2. In the dialogue box that appears, choose ‘Picture Color’.
  3. Under ‘Recolor’ choose the bottom left option as shown below:

How do I delete the achievement/recommendation box?

To delete these, and other, elements:

(1) Hover over the edge of the box until the cross hair appears:

Using the Cross hair in Word on your professional CV template(2) Right click and choose ‘CUT’.

I’ve deleted a section and I want to move everything up – how do I make sure it’s lined up?

You’ll see that all the elements can be dragged around and you might find yourself shifting headings up and down to fit your information  – so how do you make sure they are perfectly aligned afterwards?

If the element is an ICON:

  1. Right click on the icon
  3. Select the ‘POSITION’ tab.

From here you can ensure the Horizontal ‘Absolute Position’ matches all the other icons.

This is the setting for lining up the Contact and Social Media icons:

Settings for contact and social media icons on your professional CV template

There’s a slightly different way to do the same thing for the other elements in the  template (horizontal lines and text):

  1. Hover over the edge of the element until the cross hair appears.
  2. Right click and choose “More Layout Options”.
  3. Navigate to the position tab.

This is the setting for lining up the Contact and Social Media text:

Settings for contact and social media text

This is the setting for lining up the headings, lines and text in the right column:

Settings for headings, lines and text

Another very useful tool for lining up different elements (such as Vertical alignment) is the grid. To display this, go VIEW > GRIDLINES:

Using gridlines in MS Word

This is really helpful if you’ve moved a heading and the line underneath up the page. You can’t easily use the Absolute position settings above so instead you  can simply compare the spacing to other headings to make sure it is the same.

How do I add another text box to this professional CV template?

If you’re using Version 2 of the template, there’s space for more text if you  need it.

  1. Click on the area where you want the text box to go.
  2. On the INSERT tab, choose TEXT BOX then ‘DRAW TEXT BOX’
  3. Click and drag to draw a new text box.

You might find Word gives you a border or fills your new text box with a colour. If this happens, hover over the edge until the crosshair appears then right click and choose FORMAT SHAPE.

Then choose:


and then


Use the Absolute position settings above or the grid to ensure your text box is lined up with the other elements.

I don’t have the Garamond font!

Don’t worry, it’s free.

  1. Close down your CV template.
  2. Go to Font Palace:
  3. Click the relevant download button (Windows or Mac)
  4. On the next page, click the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and then click the small green download link underneath:

Downloading Garamond free font - step 1

Downloading Garamond free font - step 1

Take care not to click on the adverts that look a lot like download links!

TIP: Now that you’ve created the perfect professional CV, check out our guide to writing a winning cover letter! A tailored CV and cover letter are essential if you want to increase your chances of being invited to more job interviews.

We really hope you enjoy using this professional CV template. We’d super appreciate a review or a social media share! 

Originally published 13th March 2018.

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Jen Wiss-Carline has been a Senior Manager and Consultant for several sizeable companies which included dealing with all aspects of staff management and recruitment. She is also a Solicitor and Chartered Legal Executive, having been admitted as a Fellow in February 2006.

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