3 things a recruiter wants to see more of on your CV

You may be ticking all the boxes when it comes to creating a great CV, but there are many instances where a recruiter would like to see more of something. Now that there is an abundance of free online information to assist with writing a CV, the quality has risen dramatically in recent years. This means that getting ahead of the competition can be very difficult.

The hiring manager may have a huge number of fantastic CVs to look through, so what can you do to make yours unique and stand out from the rest?

Here’s our list of the 3 things a recruiter wants to see more of on a CV:

Don’t be afraid to inject personality into your CV 

CVs are often boring and lacking in personality, so don’t be afraid to let yours shine through and make your application more unique and memorable. For the most part your CV has to be professional and to the point, but there is nothing wrong with throwing in a little creative flair to liven things up.

You can imagine how dreary it can be reading hundreds of CVs all day, so if you want to be remembered you might need to consider splashing some of your awesome personality into the mix. Recruiters love to see the odd Easter egg thrown in there now and again!

However, do keep in mind the job you’re going for. The more creative it is, the more flair you can get away with – but equally, it may be inappropriate for a very serious job.

“Your resume has to dress the part. Just like you wouldn’t wear a miniskirt to a job interview, you need to match the resume to the job you’re looking for.”

~ Career counselor Lynn Berger speaking to Business Insider

Using a CV template that isn’t run of the mill is a great way to show a little creative flair. Check out our Designer CV template, Achiever Professional CV template or our gorgeous Elegance CV template for examples. Our CV template page has even more to choose from!

Include links to websites 

Websites like LinkedIn are a great way to add a lot more to your CV without taking up another page. You don’t need to provide too many links, but certainly a few will get the hiring manager clicking away – which is exactly what you want.

Make your URLs easy to click on if you send your CV via e-mail, and don’t hide them within your application. You want the reader to click on them and explore your skills further. This will have an instant positive impact on your chances of gaining an interview, as the more time a recruiter spends reading about you, the higher your chances of getting to see them in person.

Mention personal projects and hobbies 

Making your CV more personable is what’s going to make you stand out. A manager isn’t just looking for someone who has the right skills and can do the job; they also want to build up a picture of how you would work in their team and conduct yourself in the work place.

“This is your time to shine and share some of the quirkier aspects of your personality that other, more traditional companies may not appreciate.”

~ Alicia Glenn

It’s always interesting to read what people like to get up to in their spare time, and if you simply state that you like to read books and socialise on a weekend, you are not going to come across as particularly passionate about your free time. If you play in a band then why not add a link to your latest gig on YouTube or your website?

Let the recruiter into your world and allow them to see what you are passionate about outside of work. Being part of a local sports team, playing an instrument, or volunteering for a local charity are all great avenues into personalising your CV.

“If there’s a chance your hobby makes you stand out as a more attractive candidate, you’d be wise to include it. When a potential employer sees a candidate’s hobbies, it provides insight into personality traits, industry knowledge, and can make you more attractive for a role. But remember: Anything you include on your résumé is fair game during an interview, so make sure you can really talk about your passion for the hobby and why you included it on résumé.”

~ Alyssa Gelbard, founder and president of Résumé Strategists, speaking to Business Insider.

Here’s a video from Self Made Millenial illustrating the point – although note that for many jobs we wouldn’t advise you delete the skills section (i.e., where particular skills are a prerequisite for the job).

In conclusion…

Overall a recruiter likes to see personality in a CV, and by opening up about other things than just your awesome skills and qualifications, you are going to be much more memorable and more likely to get an interview.

It will also make for a great conversation starter as you will often get asked about your hobbies if you clearly show how passionate you are about them.

Can you imagine talking about your band for 10 minutes before the interview even starts? By the end of it you’ll be feeling more relaxed and confident before the important questions follow!

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