Latest free CV templates : Jan 28th 2019 – Feb 3rd 2019

Last week we uploaded four gorgeous new free CV templates for you to download – and here’s a roundup of the new designs. All use columns – some split straight down the middle, others a smaller and larger column in the more traditional layout style. We’ve got a mix of one-page and two-page templates and as usual, we’ve filled them out with example information for some popular careers. Remember, although we call our templates after the example information that’s used to create them, you can adapt most of them for just about any career.

Every single page on the website now also has a link to our comprehensive CV editing guide to help you make the template your own. If there’s anything that we’ve missed in the guide, please do use the comments box to let us know.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions, both on the website and through our various social media channels (links at the bottom of the page). Keep telling us what you want to see and what we can do better – it helps us build a better CV template site for everyone. Thank you for your support!

28.01.2019 : Legal Executive CV template

Free legal executive CV template

Above: This template is a one-page design with two columns split down the middle and some gorgeous fade-in headers.

29.01.2019 : Accounts and finance CV template

Free accounts and finance CV template

Above: This template is a two-page design with two columns (a smaller and larger, using a more traditional layout). There’s space for quotes from references or achievements. It also uses a fantastic font to add a little flair – the Jenna Sue font which we totally love!

30.01.2019 : Retail sales themed CV template/resume

Free retail sales themed CV template

Above: This is a great one-page template for a variety of retail roles, although it could be adapted for other positions. The lovely use of space at the top really catches the eye and it manages to cram in a fair amount of content, without feeling cluttered.

3.2.2019 : Free Administrator CV template

Free administrator CV template to download

Above: A really lovely template with lots of great features including vertical headers and attractive icons. This is a one-page template that makes good use of the footers for extra information.

Here’s what you should do after choosing a free CV template

Now that you’ve chosen a free CV template it’s time to get down to the final stage – your credentials. The presentation and layout has now been taken care of, but your CV content needs to be inserted. Feel free to go straight ahead and add in your CV content, but make sure you do this before you apply for a job…

Tailor your CV to the role

One of the most important pieces of advise we would give to a job seeker is to tailor their CV to the role – and even the company and industry. Every single employer is unique, no matter how similar their product or service is. This means that you will need to write a unique application for each job that you apply too – even if the job titles are the same!

The employer wants to feel wanted and that you are applying because you like the company. They cannot get that feeling from reading a CV that has been written with a generic approach. This type of CV can be spotted from a mile away, and will not make a memorable impression. But tailoring your CV is not just about making the company feel wanted or special, there is also a lot more to it.

By customising your CV you are ensuring lots of things are covered. For example, if the company has requested a specific set of skills, qualifications or experience, you can focus in on that when writing your CV. You should always use the same keywords where possible, and try and match as many skills as possible on your CV. This will make it much easier for the hiring manager to see that you are the right person for the job. A generic CV will fail to do this and will not make a great first impression.

Ask someone to read your CV before you apply

Most CV writers decide to check their application with no outside help. But using the spell checker is not going to be enough, and mistakes are still a common problem for employers.

The best way to ensure your CV is completely free of errors is to have it checked again by someone else. A second person would also be another safeguard if at all possible. Depending on their experience you can ask them to check the following:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Layout
  • Sections are present
  • Overall presentation
  • Ease of navigation – sections are split accordingly
  • Quality of content
  • Focus on job description
  • Relevancy

Provide the job advert with your CV so your checker can look over the focus of your CV. Is it tailored correctly? Have you addressed the job spec? Is it appropriate for the company?

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