7 free CV templates to beat your October blues

“Two weeks of rain expected in wind-battered October washout”

~ The Mirror.

“Britain is set to be soaked again – and the deluges are set to last another fortnight”

~  The Daily Mail.

Whilst we usually LOVE Autumn (pretty leaves, Halloween, Bonfire Night and copious amounts of hot chocolate with marshmallows, anyone?), we can’t catch a break from these long dull drizzly days and it’s hardly surprising that so many of us feel about as gloomy as the depressing forecast.

One of the worst things about being caught in a wet weather spell is having to leave the house on a cold miserable day to do a job you hate. But if work is getting you down as much as Ben Rich telling you that you’ll need your wellies and umbrella once again, maybe it’s time to move on. A new job could be just around the corner together with a happier reason to brave the cold on these dark Autumn mornings.

Why do so many of us put up with jobs that make us unhappy? Often it comes down to two things: We think it’s an inevitability of working life. Everyone hates their job don’t they? Or we’re too scared to try and find something new. What if nobody wants us? So we try our very hardest to become happier at work. Or, we just continue being miserable. But come on – life’s too short to be unhappy.

~ James Ball, founder and owner of Coburg Banks

We’ve released or updated seven lovely CV templates so far this month so without further ado, here are our latest free designs for you to feast your eyes on. Happy Autumn job hunting and remember – all of these templates can be adapted to suit just about any role and industry you can imagine!

Click on a heading or picture to visit the template download page.

1. Electrician CV template

Electrician CV template

Our lovely super-fresh electrician CV features splashes of electric blue (of course!), font spacing and some zig zag dividers to keep the design on-theme. It’s a two page template that is ATS-friendly, without graphics, tables or columns. Simple, clean and attractive, it’s perfect for so many different roles.

“Use colour sparingly to add visual interest and highlight key information. Colour can be effective for section headings, bullet points, and/or lines separating sections.”

~ Claire Witmell, The Guardian

2. Mum returning to work CV example

Mum returning to work CV example

We originally published this two-page template in 2018. Since then, we’ve made the design ATS-friendly and added in sample content for Mums looking to get back into the workplace. Our ‘Mum returning to work’ CV shows how you might tackle the issue of an employment gap that results from taking time out to have a child. We’ve also included a CV writing guide on the download page which explains how to get the most out of this template.

3. Software Developer ‘Connect Light’ CV template

Software Developer CV

We published this immensely popular template back in February and since then, we’ve rewritten the sample content to work for a PHP developer. It’s the same awesome layout as before, with lots of nice features that will help your application stand out from the pile.

4. Mechanical engineer CV template

Mechnical engineer Cv examples

This two page super-smart CV template has a beautiful traditional design with a gentle splash of navy blue. It’s ATS-friendly, without any fancy graphics, tables or boxes, but it has just enough design flair to catch the eye. Filled out for a Mechanical engineering role, this template would suit just about any position at any stage of your career.

5. CV for internship

CV for internship
Applying for an internship can be tricky, particularly if you’ve only had a very limited degree of workplace experience. Here, we show you how to put a CV together based on placements and volunteering. You may also find our school leaver CV template handy for presenting alternative types of work experience.

6. Medical CV template

Medical CV template
This is a lovely CV template that has proved very popular since we first published it in June. We have updated the content both within the CV template itself and on the download page, to further help those seeking a medical or health position.

7. Bartender CV example

Bartender CV example template

This very smart CV has a clean, fresh look with a splash of orange to catch the eye. Smart headings, coloured dividers and an attractive yet simple font help to create a very modern layout that presents your information beautifully.

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