6 beautiful CV templates for your Spring job search

Spring is officially just around the corner – and if you’re thinking this is the perfect time to switch jobs, you won’t be alone. According to Resourcing Solutions, whilst January is renown for stirring up those feelings of moving on to pastures new, Spring is actually the most popular time to start a new job. With this in mind, we’re sharing 6 beautiful free CV templates in Microsoft Word that are the perfect starting point for your Spring job hunt.

1. ‘Wave’

Wave CV template

Our very latest template, the ‘Wave’ design is both highly professional and eye-catching enough to attract the eye of a prospective employer. There’s space at the top for a photo and our CV editing guide (see link on template page) explains how to get a rounded picture like the one used in the template. Contrasting headers are used throughout and you’ll find a second page with lots of room for all of your details. Click here to download this template.

2. ‘Flourish’

Flourish CV template

Another brand new design for our growing collection, ‘Flourish’ uses slashes of colour, headings and boxes to section off your information in a way that’s super-easy to read. Like many of our templates, there’s room for a photo – but this can easily be removed if you’d rather not include one. Click here to get this Word CV template.

3. ‘Accounts and finance’

Free accounts and finance CV template

One of our January templates, we dubbed this ‘Account and Finance’ based on the dummy information it contains – but there’s no reason why it couldn’t be used for just about any job application. There’s so many lovely little details in this template – from the scrawly invitation to connect, through to the subtle bullet points, soft shading and space for quotes or achievements. Click here to get this professional template.

4. ‘Retail sales’

Free retail sales themed CV template

Our ‘retail sales’ template is all about simplicity – with plenty of white space and a great layout for presenting your information. It’s designed so you can fit everything onto one page, so it’s best suited to those early in their career or those seeking more of a resume format. Although it’s dubbed ‘retail sales’, it works great for a whole range of professions. Get this Word CV template.

5. ‘Paralegal’

Free Paralegal CV template

This fresh one-page two-column CV template mixes up a formal font for your key information with a less formal font for reference quotes or achievements. The splash of blue is just enough to catch the eye without distracting the reader. Download this template.

6. ‘Connect’

Connect CV template with light grey header

Our two-page ‘Connect’ CV template is really all about having it your way. You’ll find no less than 3 different versions of this lovely template on the download page for you to choose from, customise and make your own. The original version has a dark header with a profile photo and contact info – whilst the alternative versions offer different headers and features. With a clear personal objective and a huge focus on skills/achievements, this template has something for you whatever stage of your career that you’re at. Get ‘Connect Lite’ (pictured above) now.

Want to see our full collection of free Word CV templates ? Click here.

Top tips for your spring job search

If you’re looking for a new job this spring, you want to give yourself the very best possible chance of getting an interview. Your CV may be up against a huge amount of other candidates, so anything but the highest quality of application will not stand a chance.

Follow these tips to help you land the perfect job this spring:

Keep your CV up to date

Over the years it can be easy to forget the skills you’ve learned along the way, as well as what you’ve achieved. Keeping your CV up to date whilst you are in work might sound like an odd thing to do, but it’s the only way you can keep track of everything.

Most roles change over time, and new skills may be acquired along the way. Add all of these new skills and additional responsibilities to your CV so it’s completely up to date and ready for your spring job search.

Did you receive a promotion or be asked to train new employees? This should go on your CV to showcase your progression and excellent performance. Don’t settle for an old and outdated CV that you’ve had for years, and make sure it’s fully up to date and tailored to the role you’re going to apply for.

Use a CV template

One of the best ways to create a great looking CV is to use a ready made CV template. Not only will this save you a lot of time and hassle having to create a template and structure yourself, it will also ensure it is modern and fresh for the employer to admire.

Come this spring you will be facing stiff competition from other candidates that will have the same skills and experience as you, and maybe even more in some cases. The only thing that could be standing in the way of you and an interview is your overall look and presentation.

To ensure you have all the relevant sections covered on your CV and what would be expected by an employer – use a professionally designed CV template. There are hundreds to choose from, and some templates have even been designed with a specific career or industry in mind, so you can’t go wrong.

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