5 beautiful free CV templates for 2018

2018 is just around the corner and the New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start. In fact, one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to find a new job, with more than 30% of UK workers considering making a change at this time.

Whether you’re fed up of being paid less than you’re worth (a motivation for 62% of people) or you’re looking to climb the career ladder (like 31% of other job seekers), finding a great CV template is the starting point for your new career search.

CV Template Master is one of the best places to grab your free CV template with no registration necessary – but with hundreds to choose from, which templates are the best? Without further ado, we present the top free CV templates from our range:

1. Featured boxes free CV template

Featured boxes CV template

With jobs in short supply, recruiters often receive hundreds of CVs in response to every job application. So often, one CV is almost impossible to tell apart from the next. In a world where everyone has a degree, achievements really matter. Our free featured box CV template is the perfect way to list your best achievements in each role, in an eye catching yet professional way that will stand out to prospective employers. Get this free CV template here.

2. Smart division free CV template

Smart division CV template

Recruiters spend just a few seconds looking at each CV and therefore it’s really important to make your CV easy to skim through. Our free Smart Division CV template uses clear headings, sub headings and bullet points to present your details in a clear, logical order that ensures none of your information will be missed. Download this free CV template here.

3. Creative Black and White CV template

Graphical black and white CV template

If you’re going for a creative role, you’ll need to show a little creativity on your CV – and our black and white creative CV template is perfect for the challenge. Making use of ‘Masterplan’, a free font which you can easily download and install (make sure you do this before you open up the template), this layout uses some smart icons and neat sections to present the information in a clear but eye-catching way – perfect to grab the attention of would-be employers. Grab this CV template here or click here to check out our other creative CV templates.

4. Helvetica CV template

Helvetica CV template in Microsoft Word

If you think that your choice of font makes practically no difference to your CV, think again. Studies have shown that Helvetica is actually the best font to use, with Garamond coming a close second. The key is to choose a font for your CV template that is easy-to-read and professional – with both Helvetica and Garamond ticking both of these boxes. Times New Roman is also easy to read but using a standard font like this can give the impression you haven’t made a lot of effort. Click here to view our Helvetica CV template.

5. Header CV template

Header CV template

If you’ve got a lot of information to include on your CV, this template is a great choice for you. There’s really no room lost to any graphical elements – and additionally, it uses the header space for your personal information. One thing to note when customising this template is that sometimes Microsoft Word will ‘grey out’ the header as you edit the main body. Don’t worry, it won’t print this way – it’ll print just as you see it if you click into the header box to make your edits. There’s a little colour in this CV template which you may love – you can of course print in greyscale or change the colour if you’d rather have something else. Click here to see the Header CV template and download.

Don’t like what you see here? Check out our full free CV template collection.

Now you’ve got your favourite template, it’s time to find some juicy job vacancies and begin your job search!

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