12 beautiful CV templates for your 2019 job search

2019 is just around the corner and soon we’ll be welcoming in the New Year, determined more than ever before to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. High up on many people’s lists will be changing jobs – and for that reason, we’re sharing with you our favourite 12 curriculum vitae templates to kick start your 2019 job hunt. All of our templates are free for personal use and all are easy to edit in Microsoft Word.

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1. Acme

Acme CV template

The Acme font is a great choice for a bold header – helping your CV to stand out. The three columns for work experience lend themselves well to a bullet point format, keeping the info concise and easy to read – whilst the twin columns lower down place a huge emphasis on your skills. Whilst it can be expanded onto two pages, this template works very well as a snappy one-pager. Download Acme

2. Centred Focus

Centred Focus CV template

The use of Harlow Solid Italic makes for a gorgeous heading, whilst the Open Sans font elsewhere is clean and easy to read. Sections are very neatly divided by light boxed headers, with everything aligning to the centre. The template stretches onto two pages to include space for your interests and references, but could easily be condensed to a single page. Download Centred Focus

3. Certified / 4. Guided

Certified and Guided CV templates

The first page of our ‘Certified’ template (above, left) includes space for your personal details, objective, work experience and key points, allowing you to really focus in on how you meet the most important parts of the job spec. The second page has space for education, interests, references and skills. The Cinzel Decorative font provides attractive headers for each section: Download Certified

Our ‘guided’ template (above, right) really packs a lot of punch onto one page, with a huge emphasis on skills. It’s neatly laid out so you can include lots of information on one side without the most relevant details getting lost – however, it’s also easy to stretch onto a second page if more room is required: Download Guided

5. Developer

Developer CV template

The BK Cap font adds so much to this template, from the stand-out title to the cute page down and home buttons. The vertical headings add a nice touch which help to divide up the information creatively whilst taking up minimal space. It works perfectly as a one-page although will easily push onto two if needed. Download Developer

6. Highlight

Highlights CV template

The subtle soft grey background of this template coupled with white boxes is a great way to organise your information so it can be digested easily. Cinzel Decorative provides stylish headers, with shading to emphasise the sub headers. There’s room at the top to (optionally) include your professional title. Download Highlights

7. Lush

Lush CV template

Lush puts a lot of emphasis on design, with its bold choice of showy fonts and attractive adjustable skills sliders. It’s a great choice for roles where a touch of creativity and flair are a must. Created using text boxes, it’s harder to add a second page and the best way to do this should one be required is to ‘Save as’ and create the second page as a new Word document. Download Lush

8. Medical

Medical CV template

This template works exceptionally well for anyone looking to secure a medical position – however, replace the top left graphic and it could be applied to just about any profession. The objective and skills are a big focus – with the skills section perhaps unusually high up the CV. There’s also space for quotes or achievements in the left margin to further help your application stand out. Download Medical

9. Slick headers

Slick headers CV template

The slick headers template is pictured here with margins but it doesn’t typically print that way – the black border pushes to the edge of the page. The top header provides optional room for your professional title, whilst the remaining headers use subtle shading to divide up your information. A large skills section is provided but it is very easy to shift around the space and use it to your requirements. Download Slick Headers

10. Smart

Smart CV template

Smart is a two-page template which uses a classic divided layout – titles to the left and content to the right. Built with tables, it’s highly customisable to your needs. The top grey panel has space for including your professional title should you want to, whilst the second page has space for skills, qualifications, interests and references. All sections can be chopped and changed to meet your own requirements. Download Smart

11. Subtle

Subtle CV template

Subtle is just as the name suggests – an incredibly neat template with very subtle styling. Soft lilac panels at the top and bottom, coupled with purple headings and dividers, offer creative flair to this relatively simple design which relies on a crisp font, plenty of white space and a tidy layout to deliver. Download Subtle

12. Three columns

Three column CV template

The three columns, tidy headers, subtle shading and crisp font allow for a lot of information to be packed onto one page – without feeling crowded. Both skills and interests are presented as lists, with the skills using +++ to indicate competence. Work experience is given prominence but the sections can be chopped and changed for your needs. An optional ‘achievement’ section allows for either a key achievement or quote from a reference to draw the employer’s eye. Download Three column

Did one of our templates help you? We’d very much appreciate it if you left us a review on the individual template page or on our main CV template page. Good luck!

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