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Typeface Résumé Template (version 3)

Yet another version of our popular typeface résumé template, this template makess use of the Courier New font throughout for a quirky 'typed up' appearance. It also features a broken border around the edge of the page which is neat but has a 'drawn' appearance. Your name is featured at the top in 28pt/36pt Courier New which in the black and white colourway, really helps you stand out from the rest of the job applicants.

CV info:

  • CV ref: #79
  • File size: 26 kB
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word
  • File name: Resume-Template-Typeface-alternative-2.docx
  • Fonts: Courier New
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

Although it's a good idea to limit the degree of fancy fonts and graphics used in your résumé, we think this résumé template hits the spot when it comes to catching the eye. The quirky typeface is still very easy to read and the hand drawn border is a subtle detail that simply adds a nice finish to the page. There's just enough in little styling elements to make this résumé template stand out without there being too much to detract your would-be employer's attention from your key information. Neat, divided sections with clear headings make the résumé very easy to navigate, read and digest, giving you the best possible chance of landing the interview that you're looking for.

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The typeface and open border give this template an interesting and original look that is sure to catch the eye.

A busy mum would make a great office manager!

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