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Social worker résumé example / template

A clean CV template filled out for a social worker - a great example of how to prepare your CV if you are seeking a social worker position. The template uses classic Arial Black and Arial as a font to ensure your information is presented neatly and in a way that can be easily read by prospective employers. The info is divided into two columns, with your personal information such as name and contact details on the left, and your work experience and qualifications on the right.

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About this CV template:

If you're applying for a social worker role, this CV or résumé template is the perfect place to start. Not only does it have a nice clean layout that's easy to customise with your own information, but it also contains all the inspiration you need to help fill out your own details. Particularly relevant to a social worker role, this CV example has a 'skills' section on the second page where you can fill in particular training you've completed or certificates that you've achieved in your work. There's also a good sized objective section at the top of the first page where you can give a summary of who you are, what you're looking for and your main achievements. This section is the best place to summarise the skills and experience you have which directly match those that your prospective employer has detailed in their job description - think of it like your sales pitch!

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This was really helpful for a similar role. It is more of a CV example than a template.

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