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Retail sales CV/résumé template/example

A neatly laid out résumé filled out for a retail sales position, ideal to use as an example of how to complete your own CV. The template is divided into two columns, with your name and personal details on the left. On the right you have the usual sections you'd expect to find in a résumé such as work experience and accomplishments, together with some additional sections at the top for an overview and skills. These are really important sections as they allow you to showcase how your experience, qualifications and achievements relate directly to the position you're applying for.

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Our retail sales résumé example will be a great tool for you when you're putting together your own résumé for a sales position. It is packed with dummy information that you can use as an example of the sort of things you need to write in your résumé. You will notice that the top part of the template includes a section where you can summarise the best reasons why you're suitable for the role in hand. In this section you should avoid fluff and be as specific as possible - you will note for example that in our template we have put "Two-year record of dedication and dependability reinforced by consistent 'exceeds expectations' ratings on performance reviews and multiple 'Employee of the Month' honors". This is far more specific and detailed than putting, for example, "Dedicated and dependable person with good customer service skills". Your reference to specific achievements helps your prospective employers see evidence of the particular qualities that they are looking for, for the role.

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