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Divided Word CV template

A clean, fresh CV template using the Garamond font. This smart design keeps the focus on your info while adding some very subtle style elements. The slightly larger title makes your name stand out from the pile, while the grey line and bolded headings helps keep everything neat and organised. The CV template actually uses a table so if you need to, you can add further rows to any section - or simply delete to suit your needs. You can also add your own sections, change the font if you'd rather not use Garamond and even add a splash of colour if you want to. This CV template is super adaptable and perfect for a whole range of different job roles.

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  • CV ref: #117
  • File size: 15kb
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: Divided-Word-CV-template.docx
  • Fonts: Garamond
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

Our 'Divided' CV template is a fresh, clean template that splits the headings from your key information with a subtle grey line. We're really proud of this design as it offers so much versatility and strikes a really good balance between minimal and creative. There's certainly no graphical elements bar the grey line, but there's enough to ensure your CV really stands out from the huge pile that your would-be employer will have to wade through.

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Very nice.

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very neat, looks very nice

Make this CV template your own:

  • Change the font – there’s no need to stick with Garamond! Wondering which to choose? Read our guide: What is the best résumé font or best CV font to use?
  • Add some colour – on this CV template you could change the colour of the dividing line, change the colour of the headings and change the colour of your name. Don’t go overboard – choose one subtle colour that’s easy to read!
  • Add your own sections – the sections we’ve included are the most common but it’s easy to add more. The template was built using a table so you just need to add additional rows to suit your needs. For example, you might have professional memberships or publications that you’ve written and want to include.
  • Include your social media profiles – if they reflect well on you! A link to your Twitter or LinkedIn profile will allow employers to see if you’ve stayed on top of industry news in your area of expertise!

Don’t like this CV template? We have hundreds more to choose from! Check out our full CV template collection.

Happy job hunting!

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