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Contact Icons CV template

Look at how absolutely cute the icons are on this brand new fresh CV template from! We've used four icons to highlight your contact information, drawing attention to your address, phone, email and website (if you have one). This attractive CV template also has a number of other design features to ensure your information catches your prospective employers' attention!

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About this CV template:

We've divided this CV template up using neat double brown dashed and dotted lines, to give it a really original look and feel. The additional benefit is that this creates lots of space, making your information easier to read for your employer. The brown dividers are mirrored by brown accents throughout the CV template - your surname, your website address, the dates and the headings for individual entries. This CV template actually spans two pages - with the second page having room for further information such as interests and hobbies, references and memberships. Like all of our templates, it's really easy to customise these sections - you can add more by copying what's there and pasting it onto the page, or you can delete or rename sections that aren't relevant to you.

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Getting noticed is more difficult than ever with so many candidates going for each job these days – but a smart, attractive CV will always help you make your case. Our Contact Icons CV template or Résumé template would suit a wide range of roles and allows you to offer as little or as much information as you like – just copy and paste extra sections or use the tab key to create extra rows in the tables.

Here are a few tips for customising your free CV template:

  • Keep it concise – your prospective employers’ time is precious and usually limited – so just a couple of pages is the perfect length for most job applications.
  • Avoid waffle and filler words – instead, stick to the facts and provide evidence wherever you mention soft skills. For example, rather than say ‘I am a reliable person’ (which anyone could write), you could say ‘I have only had 2 sick days over 5 years in my current role, and I have never once been late.” To take another example, rather than say “I am good at solving problems”, you could say “During my time with XYZ Company, I noticed XXX issue which was costing the Company time and money. I solved it by….”. Real examples show your employer that you have the skills they are looking for.
  • Provide explanations for gaps in your employment history where possible – even if these are simply “I left work for a year to have a baby” or “I was made redundant from XYZ company” in which case your employer will understand that it can take some time to find a new position.
  • If you have moved from one position to the next quite frequently, provide an explanation. Employers don’t like to see this on a CV as it suggests if they invest time and money in training you, you might not stay with them. Sometimes, however, there is a simple explanation – such as working temporary contracts, doing part time work to fit around other commitments (which you now don’t have) or completing placements for work experience.
  • If you are still working, provide a simple explanation for wanting to leave your current role, but be positive. For example, if the real reason is that your boss requires you to work ridiculous hours, you could say that you are looking for a new role with a better work-life balance. If the reason is that you find your current job monotonous, you could say you are looking for a new challenge. This is far more positive than saying that you find your job boring!

We hope you love the Contact Icons CV template as much as we do and we wish you every success in finding your dream job – let us know how you get on!

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